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I'm indie developer, as a hobby :) .
Programming games in C++ and DirectX, also java and lwjgl.
Programming also with Objective C, C, Python and also likes making web games using javascript, php, html and css.


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Soundtrack from my entry “Catapult”

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Saturday, September 3rd, 2016 3:04 pm


It was nice playing and participating in this LD.

I got lots of feedback about how I should improve my user indication and guidance, yet it seems that most people actually liked the soundtrack and thought it was the strongest point of my entry.

So if you want to, you can give it a listen through soundcloud and I now allowed downloading it, so feel free to use it in whatever project you want. =)

Catapult Web Version

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Monday, August 29th, 2016 8:40 am

I just uploaded my entry’s web version which you can play from the entry page <

Catapult is a Tower Defense Puzzle thingy, very short and now there’s no need to download it, you can play it from the web.

Even though you do so it’s still configurable and you can change into stretch mode into your resolution or mute the soundtrack (if you so desire) and so now it’s extra simple and comfy to play it.

Just as a note: all of this I’ve done during the compo because I feared it’s not cool to add it afterwords. If you know wether it’s acceptable to do it later please do comment so I’ll know and stop wasting time haha.

Hope you enjoy =)!


That’s it! (phew)

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Sunday, August 28th, 2016 9:03 pm


Starting with this tough of a theme already got the tone set to a not so light hearted LD. The brainstorming poped into my head the obvious stuff – alien weapons and rogue-like games.But then something interesting came into my head. I’m going to be laughed at but oh well…

Catapult – A Puzzle Tower Defense.

>Click to visit entry<

That’s what “Catapult” is about. It’s VERY short!

Still, in order to get through the couple levels there one gains understending of the mechanicsthat can be evolved even further later. This is… a prototype if you may.

Why is it a puzzle? Well… I can’t put my finger on it exactly but if it was “just” a tower defense you’d expect it first of all be a bit more complex than placing your weapons in one axis and enemies who walk foreward all the time. the purpose of “Catapult” is to demonstrate mechanics and hopefully also to bring interesting mood with it.

I think you should just try it yourself rather than trying to explain 5 or so minutes of gameplay that took 48 hours to build.

The challenge of making it

Yeah okay I know I would agree that honestly I didn’t do THAT much with the game, otherwise it wouldn’t be just the small game-prototype thingy it is. Still, it wasn’t also THAT easy to make it.

First of all I was using my newly built and still in unstable development stages JSCF – library for canvas with vanilla javascript.

So it was basically the firs real game I made to web. (like with graphics and all)

Also, I set myself a goal to make the game polished this time, and it’s really not that easy. (especially considering all of my previous entries were quite the opposite).

And last – it’s my first time programming something even close to TD or similar strategy games. So all in all it was really fun but also challenging.

All in all it’s short and I believe even user-friendly and I guess the entry I’m so far most proud of because he’s sorta polished compared to my previous entries.. so yeah.

Happy Ludum Dare 36!

See ya’ll when ratings will return ! (oh and in the entry comments of course)

Never mind

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Sunday, August 28th, 2016 8:29 pm

I think I found my solution.

It’s alive! It’s alive!!

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Sunday, August 28th, 2016 6:59 am

At last!

I was sorta taking lots of breaks thinking there’s no way I’d finish the mechanics in time…

it seems like the gameplay is kinda ready and structured good enough to add cool stuff

and start some levels going on! 😛



Gameplay isn’t ready yet… but it starts to form!

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Saturday, August 27th, 2016 4:38 pm


“good derivative” they say, be inspired they say

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Saturday, August 27th, 2016 1:39 pm


If only it was that easy..

(the image is from wikipedia)

At last something starts to form!

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Saturday, August 27th, 2016 5:08 am



After a hour of thinking and two hours of sleeping

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Friday, August 26th, 2016 11:32 pm

I resorted to reading about ancient weapons on wikipedia…

It’s actually helping me! Half an hour of learning a bit about it could bring even more ideas and help me develop my main idea specifically 😛



Catapult from wikipedia. Stop worrying I’ll make in time goddammit! Probably..

I am in despite it all :P

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Friday, August 26th, 2016 11:08 am


After I felt pretty awful about LD 33, feeling like it’s my last LD (because I started working full-time) came a depressingly lame attempt to attend with only 10 hours of LD 35 which led to me quitting in the midst of it. (the post)

After realizing I have the time to do a LD this time I got hyped and then… bummer!

PoV decided not to make LD and let some people take control and make a biased poll that made me argue and post stuff to a very political degree and annoying as hell. The result?

No ratings.

But this is actually the first time I’m doing it out of a habit. I’ve been in LD for some years now (I entered 4 times over the years, had 3 entries) and I felt like I just couldn’t stand another 4 months without a Ludum Dare. It’s the first time I’m doing it for me and because I need this like any good vacation other people might have on their minds.

Of course, this is going to be the only time I’ll do it like that. Getting a good feedback is important to me and so one time is more than enough iterations for making LD for myself alone with no other incentive.

Hope this community will wake the hell up but until then… I’m in as usual – just another game dev hobbyst! 😀

And these are my tools:

Art: My usuals

  1. GIMP
  2. Blender
  3. darkFunction editor
  4. Spriter
  5. PyxelEdit
  6. pixlr


1. Audacity

2. musagi

3. Instruments at home – Yamaha keyboard, Court electric guitar, Pedals..


1. My new JS Canvas basic library – JSCF (GitHub)

2. C++ DirectX 2D simple framework (GitHub)

3. Blender Game Engine


Happy Ludum Dare #36

Are we really sure to give up on the ranking system for this LD?

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Friday, July 22nd, 2016 4:31 pm

I know there’s been a poll but I don’t think we fully discussed it outside the context of “Let’s make PoV happy/give him a break”.

After all, WE ARE doing a Ludum Dare and it’s also WITHOUT his participation. We are the ones who are going to deal with PoV’s choices and making LD on our own. (nothing mean spirited)

There IS itch.io to consider, there IS the old ranking system, there ARE options.

Yes I know we already voted this thing – but perhaps we rushed on the decision?

* The importance of the voting system *

I mean – what has driven LD and it’s amazing feedback? We are being naive if we think that the voting system has no value here. It’s the voting system that complements the social perception of what is an entry in Ludum Dare, how good is it, and in turn – giving attention to those who stand out. Isn’t it a huge part of this? Why do people even bother to give feedback? Yes, some people are nice and give comments but honestly the rankings are a promising part of the incentive to do so.

The coolness system, the ranking comitment – you have to rank to get ranked, and rank about 20 for the ranking to be vast and informative enough to calculate the final rating of each entry as a “fair” feedback. You have the responsibility and personal interest to do so.

Yes, your prize is your product, but without feedback doing it together as a part of a jam is almost meaningless.

I mean, do it in your free time. It’s the same – you still have your product. There’s no particular reason for doing it while tons of others are doing it as well. It’s actually pretty inconvenient.

I mean – I hear that the system isn’t really working well, and that the new site should be the representitive of Ludum Dare and so on… but if so far people didn’t notice. Perhaps, it wouldn’t be that bad to have it just once more working.

So once again – are we sure we want to make this Ludum Dare without the rankings?

Must we really prevent the use of it in all costs?

(I believe there IS time to change this!)

I have decided that I don’t have enough time to participate…

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Saturday, April 16th, 2016 8:14 am

This Ludum Dare I knew I didn’t have time .. I was limited to about 15 hours of participation.

I thought I should give it a shot anyway but I think I’ve already made up my mind I’m not doing this at this point. I wasn’t prepared enough for this 15 hours challenge and I don’t feel like resuming.

Also I had no base code so everything is moving extra-slowly…

Still I’ve managed to learn something new, which is programming to canvas with JS.

Here’s the progress I’ve made so far:


If you’re interested in looking at where I stopped (for code references or for adopting the idea [i don’t really care], or even if you’re just VERY bored) here we go:

Click Here

(This is web-based)

So yeah so far I’ve participated 3 times… but this time I’m not participating..

I hope I’ll get the chance to participate once again in the future.

Have lots of fun and good luck!


I have a question for you guys..

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Friday, April 15th, 2016 5:34 am

Unfortunately, I can’t make it to this year’s Ludum Dare.

To be more specific, I can enter for about 10 hours annndd that’s it. I don’t have any more time.

So my question is – have you ever got into a Ludum Dare you knew you barely had time to?

If so – how do you feel about that now? Do you regret it? Do you like the spontaneous-ness of it?

Can you link the entry you made?

I presonally think I shouldn’t try to get in, but if you were in my place – what would you do?

Yay I fu*ed up XD

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Tuesday, September 15th, 2015 4:48 am





The Reckoning

Hmmm… yup not charming at all.. I had much better times before

It’s my 3d LD, my first time making a 3D game for Ludum Dare and my first time using Blender Game Engine. I know I AM pleased with the result – I achieved more mechanics than I imagined in 48 hours. I didn’t polish the game on the other hand, and.. IDK I thought it’s not much of a factor in LD judging so I left it as the last task and since I had no time left – I didn’t.

Through the bugs crashes and the impossible use of BGE, I feel like I succeeded moving foreward, still it seems like I still need to work on my sh*t XD

Minimal 3D graphics seems like didn’t impress much, so I must conclude that my minimalism falls short. Honestly, this is bad.. that’s the worst thing a minimalistic design can have.

Or maybe my problem is not being user friendly. I mean, I made a mini game that barely explains itself, because I thought color-mechanics correlation is something one can discover itself and would be much more fun this way. Well, this fell short once again. My guess is that only one folk got to the last level.

My last guess isn’t very mature but WTH I’ll just leave it for you guys to discuss – do you think being “harsh” with your judging would result in deducting points? Do you think people who write nicer and less honest comments would get better results?

Well, either way, I think even if my game is sh*tty, I learned a lot and made a crazy ride just as I planned – making something with a tool I never tried, made some cool mechanics I’m honestly proud of considering the time frame given and the theme.

My entry was “Being a Video Game Monster“, and I want to thank everyone who played it.

70% coolness is the most I had ever before, so in that regard – I’m reasonably happy to finally figure how to behave in this coolness system.

I hope I can participate next year as well, though chances are I’m gonna be really bussy; this honestly has nothing to do with the scoring, I knew this even before entering. I don’t really care about the score as much as I care that this might have been my last LD. Hopefully, this isn’t the last one. Gonna try hard to find time to making an entry once again, it’ll probably suck since I’ll have even less time to prepare than THIS time, but even with sh*tty score I would be able to enjoy a break from everything and living the dream of making video games while asking NO ONE’s permission!

That’s what’s LD for me.

And, as always – Have a Happy Ludum Dare (bitter smile). =]

Post-Compo? (or Mortem? What’s up with the latin here XD )

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Monday, August 31st, 2015 5:13 am

Well, first thing first how do you do a post-mortem on your own?


Second thing is – how do you do a post mortem to a short game as mine?

I think I still have lessons to share though so … call it the irrumabo you want!


How To Begin

Well, try anything! Just make something! How I usually begin, and how I began this LD is like that:


Plan vs Result – Close enough

Write any idea! Even silly ones! It might turn upside down!

For example – I wrote “Anti-cheering”. This is of course a maybe wierd maybe dumbest idea ever – A game about getting down on the player (the computer). Next I wrote 3D Pacman. Sounds good at first and than you realize all pacman monster do is following the player hoping to touch it. Not that intereseting. Key rule: Never make the player do something you (the programmer) can do yourself. If you can make the character pathfollow pacman, unless you add some punch this isn’t a game, this just sucks. Among other ideas were “Clumsy Situations” which apperantely was taken so I’m happy I didn’t use this. The wierdest thing was “getting hit or acting cute or nerdy gets you points”. OK what? XD

Okay maybe not EVERY idea is good, but bad ideas can turn into things later – for example the anti-cheering became a mocking laughter in the beginning of each level, to help the mood. Try to use the ideas even if you won’t make the game around them! You spent time thinking about them, so use that effort!

Know Your Tools

My claim this LD was that I can accomplish making a game with a tool I don’t know. I took two-three days to study it and that’s it. Finito. Ut ‘eam.

Making it worse I chose Blender Game Engine – a very unconventional, undocumented annoying engine which has all the tools just hidden in its core offering no help getting them. Unpolished, lacking simple and trivial operations like making a copy of an object to another scene without loosing it’s logic. Indeed very annoying stuff, and I’m not talking about the bugs, crashes and BSODs yet.

My point is – get to know your tools a little more than three days since this means you practiced less than the time of one LD to prepare to LD. If the keynote this year wasn’t clear – KNOW YOU TOOLS!

Sleep Before-hand

Beacuse tiredness is never good at LD. It’s better sleeping than writing buggy code or having struggle to concentrate.

Do DARE, but Don’t Get TOO Ambitious

There’s always a cost. In my case – I was making a simple AI using the tools blender gave me but even with the help of an engine – getting to do an AI that have over the game two different weapons with different mechanics, having him following coins,  aiming at you and retreating when you’re too close is kinda a long thing to do when it’s basically my first time making an animated 3D character, and don’t forget you have to texture all those. This gave me though LOTS of mechanics to play with but don’t forget – there’s always a cost (as I stated in the beginning of this paragraph). In my case it was the length – lots of gameplay but merely 6 levels. It made the game basically a prototype of something that could have more levels, and it might make you lose some points.

The Good: Learn, Enjoy & Make a Game You’re Proud of

Oh I surely learned a lot. I DARED this Ludum Dare, even though it had its cost I’m pretty proud of the amount of gameplay I achieved in 48 hours, knowing this is my first time making a game with this tool.

I think the game is pretty fun once you get the goal and controls – it’s a puzzle platformer based on color-mechanics correlation. Obviously you’re told nothing in the beginning about this but Shhhh keep it a secret! The players need to figure stuff for themselves and I think that this is one aspect I might actually done right. Making a vague beginning might draw some people in! Not too vague though cause then you’re just making ’em all go away!


Playing My Entry 

We all know that’s why we actually make this thing – shmeless advertising. But I hopefully shared with you my lessons and also explained myself – why the game came out so short.

A mini-game, A prototype, call it whatever you want. I had an idea in mind and even though I procrastinated I actually managed to transfer it into something playable!

So.. it was all worth it =]

>Play “Being a Video Game Monster”<


So.. that’s it! Third LD: “Being a Video Game Monster”

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Sunday, August 23rd, 2015 9:12 pm

Soooo that’s it!

First 3D game character I ever animated

 >My entry (clickable)< is about being the bot who plays the delibarately weak monster (like minions or other sorts of snack enemies), and the player this time is the bot 😉

Lots of the times the player gets the cool attacks because the game designers want to indulge him, but this time, your opponent will have a wierd bomb gun and a friggin kamehameha! But worry not as you’ll be able to find a way to win anyway. How? Not gonna say… lots of the game is figuring out what is what  – as said: lots of mechanics, not enough levels (+ I think I rushed when doing them)

Still, as every monster should – you need to kill the player. (no that’s not an oxy-moron, and no this wasn’t pun-y).

This LD I was honestly procrastinating a lot, in addition to the theme which I didn’t quite like and the fact that blender game engine sucks (but well, now at least YOU know – don’t enter the compo with a tool you’ve tried merely three days before it).

So… after who knows how many BSODs and crashes from that awful game engine, and after lots of effort in which I learned a lot (like making my first animated 3D character! making 3D weapons & more!) I think I’ve got a relatively stable result considering the mechanics (did you know kamehameha is actually plasma (forth state of matter)? -though I faked something out instead haha), a short and easy puzzle platfomer mini-game (I’d like to see it as prototype since it’s got merely 6 levels, so it’s a preview of sorts but includes lots of mechanics that could’ve been featured in new levels).

Good Luck =]

And as always – happy Ludum Dare (#33)!

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