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No MiniLD this November?

Posted by
Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016 4:30 am

If I understand it correctly, we are going to have a break in November, right?

No miniLD this month?

A regular Ludum Dare will be back in December.

Uploaded! Yay!

Posted by
Monday, August 29th, 2016 6:05 pm

Yay! Finally uploaded a game!

And now I take a break, releasing a game is always very stressful…


You can play the game [HERE].

Still jamming…

Posted by
Monday, August 29th, 2016 7:55 am

Well, still working on the game…

Nowhere near finished yet, but at least i get (a bit of) scrolling working…

View post on imgur.com

Yes, I know it’s never going to be fully completed today (or have anything much resembles ancient technology), but I always wanted to make one, so LD is a good excuse. :)

I’m in (hopefully)!

Posted by
Friday, August 26th, 2016 8:08 am

Just a very short post to see if I still remembered how to write a post on LD.

This is hopefully my 3rd LD now! I wanted to do LD last August too, but this place got too hot. Hopefully this place wont get too hot tomorrow, and I have prepared lots of iced water bottles just in case…

Anyway, my tools will probably be (depends on the theme too):

  • notepad++ (writing code)
  • javascript
  • gimp (images)
  • irfanview (for post editing images)
  • (maybe) autotracker
  • and (maybe) some soundfx tool i haven’t found yet.

I’m really looking forward to do this LD!

PS. If your game needs some plays then you can find me on IRC after the LD jam has finished.

My Jam Game Pre- “Post Mortem” Post

Posted by
Wednesday, December 16th, 2015 6:22 pm

I forgot to make a post about the fact that I actually managed to finish a game, so here’s one.

Had to cut some corners, and ended up without any sound, or nice graphics, or something better than randomly generated levels, but I made it! (even if it’s a jam game now.)

15 squares left... almost there...

It’s not hard to reach the end from here. :)

Took me really until now before I’ve actually recovered from the feeling from furiously making a game.

And people are playing it too, and commenting! Thanks!

PS. You can also play the game here: http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-34/?action=preview&uid=63136

My first update post

Posted by
Sunday, December 13th, 2015 10:54 am

I should post something too, just as some progress. This is my first “in progress” post too. :)

I’m still stuck on how to continue and how to finish it , but I’ve got some gameplay fixed.

Also no sound or start screen or ending yet. But I thought I should show it first 😛

My 2 button control game for now:

View post on imgur.com


My First “I’m In”

Posted by
Thursday, December 10th, 2015 7:33 pm


This is my 1st LD, at least I hope so. I’m very excited about it!

I wanted to do the LD during summer, but it was so hot over here I was busy cooling down instead. At least this time it’s cooler. :)

Stuff I’m likely going to use: javascript (using my own very small javascript “framework”), notepad++, gimp, sxfr (or some similar sound program), mappy, autotracker, firefox, python  (and probably more that I can’t remember right now.)

It’s very likely to be a jam as I doubt I can make a lot of programmer-art during that time, but this depends on the theme. Perhaps I have nothing useful and have to make them new.

Also, I’ve got lots of food stored today. Still need to get more drinks, to make sure I don’t have to leave the house as much as possible. (Of course I have to go to a birthday party during the weekend, how’d you know?)

And hi to everyone on the IRC #ludumdare chat! Can’t promise I’ll be there all the time but it’s likely you can find me there. 😛

Good luck everyone!

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