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Post Mortem: Aeons Rest, the programmers view

Posted by
Wednesday, April 20th, 2016 1:50 pm

Hi all,

I’m one of the programmers of Team Fumiko and would like to speak about our game.

What it is:

When we heard about the theme, at least me wasn’t that happy, but we soon came up with two concepts matching the theme. The first one was about a wizzard who shifts the faces of others on requests by others and it would have been your duty to choose between different shapes of heads, ears and so on … the other one was Aeons Rest.

Aeons Rest is an action game with 3D isometric camera. You play as a hero who has to fight through multiple trials to proove he is worthy this title. You are placed on a magic shrine on a floating isle and the first thing you see are other floating landmasses that drift towards you until they crush into your start. Then the trial begins and fearsome enemies change into existance ready to fight you.

The game is designed around the theme of a shapeshifting level, which we focussed on primarly to get right.


What went right:

We had two modellers and one animator who were producing some really highquality low poly meshes and animated them, therefore we had a multitude of really goodlooking assets for worldgeneration.

The world generation and transitions between each trial came out very nice in the end, which took me some time to accomplish, although.

We hadn’t found any really gamebreaking bug right now, which for the timepressure is a really good outcome, i think.

We finished the game in time and had a lot of fun.

We got some really awesome feedback from the comments.


What needs improvement:

We used most of our time on the world generation and forgot about the gameplay a little bit, so the generation looks awesome, but the fighting and jumping could need some improvement.

For next time we will try to get an additional programmer, so we can get more polish and features in our next game.

Some of the assets didnt made it into the game because we hadnt enough time adding them to the game.

Next time I would like to start with a bigger codebase, so i dont need to programm basic systems like a thirdperson character controller again.

We used Unity Cloth simulation on our enemies which lead to big lags on the webGL version, so it had to be disabled on it.



In the end I’m very happy about what we achieved together and am looking forward to the next Ludum Dare we can enter together.

Lovely low-poly game now with webbuild

Posted by
Tuesday, April 19th, 2016 8:58 am

Our Game Aeons Rest now contains a web build!


Try it out directly on our page:

I cri evry tim

Posted by
Sunday, April 17th, 2016 11:15 am


I put way too much detail into a mesh which takes up about 100px screenspace.


Spawning Shades

Posted by
Sunday, April 17th, 2016 6:42 am


Slaying melee units like this spearwielder will grant you Orbs to change the biome of the world generation.
They’re defended by thos little neutral shades.

Also we’re momentarily adding a messaging system, which enables you to find lore snippets around the world.
Y’know as a substitute for generic loot. :)

Team Fumiko back at it

Posted by
Saturday, April 16th, 2016 6:52 pm

Heya Friends

We’re going for some isometric Hack&Slashing with shapeshifting environments against mostly harmless enemies. (Except they like to shove you gently into the deep abyss of the unknown)


We started the day with creating a level generator, which would randomly put tiles all over the place and then shove them together. It’s creating a nice floating Island character, which compliments the style we were going for with our environment props.



Good progress was made during our first day – we even got most animations done and were having a blast with the Unity-Cloth simulations. Besides Camerasetup, programming the playercontroller and some postprocessing-magic these cute lil’ buggers already have been learning to spawn at determined points ontop of geometry, to pursue their floaty business.

LD35_4 LD35_5

What’s missing for day 2 or even day 3 are to create some way of hurting those shades, creating enemy behaviour, put out some more shades to fight and implement the spawning of different biomes.

Also it wouldn’t hurt to get rid of the scatterbraining to write better blog-posts.
I guess we’ll catch some sleep to porbably go into a little more detail tommorow.




Ludum Dare – an amature artists point of view

Posted by
Wednesday, August 27th, 2014 4:45 pm


Team Fumiko here – we just wanted to let you all know that we were happy to take part in this ludum dare. We are a loose team of about 4 people. Two programmer, an artist and a levelbuilder – while the other three were already working together on a game I (artist) kinda just dropped in.

This was the first GameJam I did 3D for and even though I’d probably would have felt more safe in a 2D environment I’m glad I took the chance to test out my workflow.

At first we didn’t really like the theme and where about to make something like a spacetrader or infinity runner. Ironically I saw many games like that – so we kinda dodged a bullet when our lead-programmer and master of design came up with a new concept on a hunch.

Let’s make a dungeon crawler in which you compete for the loot. This was our new base idea. Our leveldesigner turned rad and built a level in blender which by no means was fitting for a dungeoncrawler. However the obstacleparcouring plattformer-madness that was this level gave an enitrely new flair to the concept. We went with a digital design theme and created our connected world.

While programming made big steps on the first day, I started a way too detailed character for my skills as an 3D-Artist – since I never really did hardsurfacemodelling it took me even more time and at the end of the day I had nothing else to show but one character (which I got padded on the back for though! So yay! :) ). Coremechanics were programmed only with cubes (dem bouncy cubes, man…) – however everything seemed to get along well.


The second day I started to get productive and meshed out most of the enemies, chests and coins in just a few hours. Sadly some of the team had to take time off for personal matters and we had some trouble because some found nothing to further contribute to the project while our two programmers shouldered all the pressure. This was before we knew that there was a Jam/Relaxed type of entry – so we thought we were on our last day already and because we did everything from scratch and most of us couldn’t resist trying out new stuff – quite some things were buggy. On the later evening programming became the ol’ tryanderror procedure – which as many of you will know does NOT make anyone happy. We fell behind schedule (not that we had one – but we regulary recapped what was done and what HAD to be done) so that we couldn’t really relaxed when we got the information about the knew deadline. (I’m kinda at fault because I asked our programmer to help out with animations – stripping him of time for his other work)

The last day was tough. Moral hit rock bottom – however we forced all the manpower we had available into this – as all art was done for the game and even additional stuff like handdrawn bumpmaps (because yaay! /o/ ) I downloaded Unity and got told how to help out with filling the level with entities and later on assigning every triggerable thing with a unique ID – which are a staggering amount of about 3oo units.


In the end everything depended on our leadprogrammer. All the features existed but had yet to be implemented into each other. He got it all working just minuts before the final deadline and the beginning of the extra submission hour. Done. He wasn’t happy. I tried to cheer him up – but his mood was shitty. He gave it his all and we both knew some things were still bugging out.

However after a day of him being grumpy he surprised everyone by having fixed the onlinescript for the game today and we’re happy to announce that our game is… pretty darn fun.

It is an online plattformer with emphasis on collecting coins during a ten minute match with an solid drop in drop out mechanic. To experience our vision of the game come join us when we play in the server – or invite some friends to try it out. We compiled a stable web-build which makes dropping in pretty fast and fun. Collect coins, find the fastest routes to chest and slay your way to being the player with the most coins. Join me at 5 – 6 PM GMT+2 when I try to beat my girlfriend in the game I worked on. You’d be very welcome to check out our game during that time to experience the multiplayer (or any other time for that matter)

tl;dr: try our game – it’s great!

+ don’t give artist accountrights to presentationplattforms – we’re way too much attentionhuggerly (totally a word) to be left without proper supervision.

Team Fumiko last day in #relaxed

Posted by
Monday, August 25th, 2014 7:08 am



finally everything is coming to shape.

10 hours to go

Fumikos Third

Posted by
Sunday, August 24th, 2014 3:21 am



Dammit – this morning i got pestered by a real annoying fly – essentially it stripped me of 3 hours of sleep. :/

Anyways used the early hours to mesh out some assets.

Last Boss probably is gonna be a monstrous fly.



Team Fumikos second entry and the end of the first day

Posted by
Saturday, August 23rd, 2014 4:13 pm


The character is finally rigged and is ready to be animated tomorrow. The Pic on the left shows the playable map.

We develope a sci-fi semi-online multiplayer hack&slay plattformer. We host the map and about sixteen players can join in – the trick to our game is that you can’t see other players, but only the effect they have on the shared world. So if someone loots a chest it disappears for everyone – if someone activates a trap that trap is hindering everyone – if someone killed all the little data-goblins – lucky him no one else gets that loot no more. After 15 minutes the game announces scores and resets the level.

We actualize a small 100 character data every second to keep the up-/ and downstream low enough to not stress our little raspberry pi server too much.

The game currently features running, turning and jumping + the basic netcode.


Team Fumiko first entry

Posted by
Saturday, August 23rd, 2014 9:41 am



Firsttime doing 3D for a GameJam. Did way to much detail. But alas rest of the team makes better progress. :)

There we go, where we never were before

Posted by
Friday, August 22nd, 2014 12:25 am

Hi there,

So this is our first LD-Jam we gonna take part in. Hoping for some really cool experiences and hopefully a working and finished game.

What we will use:
Unity, GIMP, maybe Blender and Techno5.

We wish everyone best luck and a lot of fun,
See you at the rating =D

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