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Well.. obviously, I’m in

Posted by (twitter: @FredericRP)
Friday, December 16th, 2011 2:46 pm

I didn’t have time to make a video I’m in, but it’s obvious if you are on twitter : I’m in !

My chosen tools :


Align Editor 1.7 for unity3d (5$ for you, free for me as I did it)

ChronoEgg for unity3d to record the timelapse and to check the dead line every second 😀

– Ableton Live (well.. a friend’s one)

And that’s all, I wish you all luck, very weird ideas and don’t forget to take time to submit your game at the end !

On the 32nd of October – Count your time !

Posted by (twitter: @FredericRP)
Tuesday, November 15th, 2011 12:53 pm

Okay, even if October had some more days, the ski camp wouldn’t be opened on the 34th of October, as a little polish takes way too much time ! But it was really fun and the game is already enjoyed by all the beta testers we got, so we released it online and will continue ! For the next Ludum Dare, or any project if you want too, I made a count down window that you can display right within Unity (of course, that assumes you use Unity). Between wolves and timer, the post continues here after… (more…)

Why can’t we ski together ?

Posted by (twitter: @FredericRP)
Tuesday, October 25th, 2011 1:55 pm

I posted about how we arrived at ski camp yesterday, and I forgot one important thing to tell you : Why isn’t the game available yet somewhere ?

That’s indeed a very good question ! The reason is quite simple : I’m a little perfectionnist (that’s an euphemism) and I couldn’t just upload a version where there is still some tweaking to do before I find it entirely playable : mainly the difficulty progression has to be changed a little bit, but some other missing details as a “pause” button are not included as it was only one day of development. And finally this is a very special ludum dare challenge: the october challenge ! It’s not one weekend but a full month to release a game and earn One dollar with it (I’m not sure how exactly I can do that without releasing the game though ). In this particular case, we started last saturday evening and I think this game deserve a little more time before any release, but that will happen, I’ll make sure of that.
If I can have some opinion from the video and description above, that’s a plus, and I could even include some of your thoughts or remarks in the game, that is if it’s possible mainly, not only if I’m willing to do it.

Thanks to have read this so far  !

How we arrived at Ski camp in 24 hours

Posted by (twitter: @FredericRP)
Monday, October 24th, 2011 11:55 pm


I shout it on twitter : last weekend we did a game jam, and it was about time ! In a room full of boxes and a temperature a little too low to stay in it all night, we were two with our computers, and the third one was reachable at home on saturday afternoon. We didn’t know what we could do in 48 hours, and by the end of the day, we had more questions than ever, but we produced something not so small, and if you care enough to read, you’ll see pictures and the first video of the “Wildrose at Ski Camp” game.

No fun, no game – the idea

Saturday noon : all computers are installed and we just ate our first pizza (jam food !) : a hard and late start, but let’s begin ! We took the theme of the september Ludum Dare as we couldn’t participate last month and the october challenge has no theme : the october challenge is “make a game and earn 1 dollar with it”. Quite a challenge, but not restrictive about the game scenario : there’s more fun when there’s a constraint ! I won’t describe the whole afternoon but here’s the thing : at 5:30PM we had two prototypes made from the two main ideas that we came up with. Even if we did our share of paper design and brainstorming at the beginning, we needed those prototypes to face the actual fact : these are NOT FUN. Hell that’s a hard lesson to learn during the jam, but you can’t finish a game jam if the game you create is no fun. Without a good idea by the end of the afternoon, we almost thought the jam was compromised. But fortunately for us, our third team player would be reachable one hour later, and he would save the day !

The opposite of a tower defense – game type


A quick phone call and a few minutes later, three new detailed ideas were in competition. We discussed each of them and voted for our favorite : it came up from the “opposite” theme and another game that was a tower defense one, the idea is the following : what if the player does not build towers to defend its house but controls the incoming characters and must reach the house ? A tower attack ! After deciding also what characters we wanted on this game, what kind of environment, we started to explore the possibilities in this kind of game. We wanted to add a lot of features, tons of actions for the player, animation and cartoons every where, but it was saturday night, and there were only a day left ! So we decided to take the most important ones to have an actual game, and started to work on it.

Does it matter if it’s cold in the room ? – environment


I don’t know if this is a parameter, but the room was a little hotter the second day and we produced more stuff that day. And I can say more about that, talking about the landscape style of “Wildrose at ski camp” : it wasn’t the first idea but we went from a city landscape to a mountain landscape : does the temperature in the room influenced that ? I’m glad we came out with it : the game looks definitively cool (!) and is quite corresponding to the weather right now, and by the way, I like skiing (ok, that’s not even relative to the topic).

Let’s share the title – story


Aside from the game jam, the three of us are developing another game not released yet. It takes place within the little riding hood universe, her granny would be named Wildrose. I will share more of this game later on, but let’s focus on this jam game : the goal is to allow the wolves to bring flour bags to the grand mother Wildrose so she can cook pies. The player is able to do that by acting on the wolves snowboarding : stop them, make them move again or double their speed. Once beyond the ski-lift, they are safe and can throw the bag to the grand mother chalet, where Wildrose is cooking. So the title is simply taken from that : “Wildrose takes her vacation in the Alpes”.. well, let’s shorten that : “Wildrose at ski camp”, that’s better.

The return of the game type

We ended up on sunday evening, around 11PM, with a game that got a title screen and a playable game level that is also replayable as parameters change over time to increase the difficulty. Let’s take a break and watch what we got : a game that is FUN to play, so can we send it now ? Well… it’s not really a game jam that takes place on the weekend, so maybe if we could tweak a little bit more, add some features, it would be good ? The first question is : the gameplay has got somehow a feeling of a “dĂ©ja vu”, but is it enough not to send it ?

The first video ever

Here’s the video of the actual gameplay, please tell us what you think from this video !

Wildrose at Ski Camp – YouTube

Dirty Things Tracy, the cleaner

Posted by (twitter: @FredericRP)
Monday, May 30th, 2011 3:44 pm



I finally found the bug that caused Tracy to shoot the wrong way the first time after changing direction : it was, of course, the use of the wrong variable. That’s what you’ve got when you do not sleep on a bug !

Well, it’s uploaded now and I also modified a little the level design so you can’t jump into the fire if you’re not careful. If you use the web version, empty your cache before reaching the link ! (the MacOS version is now a zip file as the windows version).



Posted by (twitter: @FredericRP)
Sunday, May 29th, 2011 4:31 pm

Finally, I’ve got a full level running, with music, sound effects, fully playable, traps, dirty things… Ok, I’m going to bed, I’ll tell about the timescale later…

Just before I go : here’s the link to my entry : http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/minild-26/?action=preview&uid=4277

Mini LD#26 – D.T.Tracy works well

Posted by (twitter: @FredericRP)
Sunday, May 29th, 2011 12:56 pm

It’s almost done, but I wanted to share some progress during the evening lunch : I used Unity3D for 3h44 minutes now, MonoDevelop for 45minutes,  SeaShore (pixel graphism) for 1h 8 minutes, and GarageBand for 27 minutes so far. That’s a little more than 6 hours of work for the current progress of Dirty Things Tracy.

What did I do ?

Tracy has got a single level with a 4 screens size. The old-school scrolling works very well : reminds me of Rick Dangerous, so it’s a little bit more than expected: well done ! :)

The dirty t-shirts monster are there, with a very limited sprite animation, 2 pictures : done ! :)

The “compactor” works well, even if there’s a weird bug that cause the weapon to fire the wrong way just after you’ve change direction : done ! :)

No sound FX nor background music are done for now, I didn’t find the right sound to make it during the little half an hour in GarageBand. Not done ! :(

But, I did more than that : traps are present and you’ve got a full playable level with a second weapon : the mega block. The mega block is made from four compacted dirty t-shirts that you have compacted with the first weapon and then retrieved by walking through them. Then you can use this mega block on the level to be able to walk over a trap !

Before releasing it, I will/would like to :

– add sound effects and background music,

– fix the first weapon bug,

– add a graphical GUI for the compactor and mega blocks

Here are some pictures (remember I’m not a graphist !)

MiniLD #26 – Dirty Things Tracy

Posted by (twitter: @FredericRP)
Saturday, May 28th, 2011 10:51 am

Hello everyone ! It’s saturday evening here (almost 20pm) and I’m starting the MiniLD, I’ve got 1 day and some hours left to finish my game, that’s why it’s called “mini” right ? #ohwait …

Ok, so Dirty Things Tracy, that’s how I call my game, and there’s no -that- kind of dirty things in it. It’s a 2D platform game where you’ve got to destroy dirty things  (like the evil dirty t-shirts mawning at you) by using two weapons : the compactor and the water spray. The compactor can reuse compacted dirty stuff to help you cross a trap or a gap. I’ll try to make my design with a Rick Dangerous inspiration.

Here are some drawings I made before going home to start the MiniLD (should I call it tinyLD for me ?) :

ideas coming in...

It will be Done if there’s at least a Tracy character able to cross a level with a 3 screens size, Dirty T-shirts monster, a weapon to destroy them, with sound FX and a background music.

It would be a Well Done if I’ve got graphisms that make the game look like a real game, with two weapons and traps on the way.

It would be Awesomely Done… in another situation/life/dimension (strike whichever does not apply) ?

8 hours of 72 hours

Posted by (twitter: @FredericRP)
Wednesday, May 11th, 2011 11:24 am

Okay, that was a first and that was quite short, but I did participate ! From the 8 hours I had left from the week end (3 hours saturday between diapers stuff and few hours monday evening, before throwing all I had eaten, no no, no more details), it was interesting to think what idea and what game could possibly be done from the theme “Its’ dangerous to go alone ! Take this !”.

From knowing the theme, in the night (3 or 4 am where I live), till the morning (yes, while I was asleep), I thought about the game idea, and what came out was obvious for me: the player must not be alone in his quest, and I do not have time for multiplayer ! Soooooooo.. let’s play multiplayer with one player ! (this guy did not sleep at all, or did he fell on his head ?) And that’s what I wanted to create : other players, or ghosts as you can see them in car race game, that will do exactly as you do, but not at the same time. And to make it useful, the goal is to make THEM shoot the enemy, not your main character, that will be defenseless.

I use Unity3D, it’s very easy to make a prototype with this engine, but I did not use the physics engine a lot, but I tried to use it anyway, that’s the goal of a Ludum Dare, try new things ! So let’s put a first character, let’s control him with arrows, from a side point of view (2D platform like) and make a whole bunch of ghosts linked to this character: as a chain, or a rope you could say. Many tries later (did I mention I did not use the physics engine a lot ? :s ), I had a functional chain following the main character. Quite… not fun ! All the player moves were repeated exactly by the chained elements, with a spring effect, some axis constraints for the position or rotation, but the effect was.. not there. So I tried something else: from the player controller, let’s send the moves and jump events to another controller with a delay, and from this controller, send the events to the next one with a delay, etcaetera, etcaetera.


Ok, this works better ! It’s fun to see the ghosts do the same moves as you do but with a delay, that’s little pets following you, wait.. following not every move ! Okay, key touches are not exactly the type of events you can store and send very easily, and even if it’s working well in most cases, all pets do not follow the main character, and more important : how can they do exactly the same moves when there are mountains, jumps over rivers, and so on ? Let’s add a simple AI: tell the pets to move closer to the main character if there are too far away, and that’s the new target !

Quickly, this first prototype worked well, I was pleased to see the result: all the pets moving around the main character :) But there is no goal at this game ! Erh.. Wait, it’s sunday evening and I have to change my new born son diapers.. okay, let’s say the compo is over for me, I will post it tomorrow evening, after my work day.

It’s quiet in this world, there is nothing to hear, and the built terrain from the wonderful terrain builder in Unity is shiny ! Let’s create some music, oh wait: I’m no musician ! Okay, I’ve got garageband on my mac, let’s play with it ! Cool, there’s some very good sample, at least I like them, and that’s create an “ambiance” that do not fit at all with the environment I created. Let’s start over… the environment, that will be faster than recreate a music ! Dark sky, new terrain, new Island ambiance, I like that ! But that’s not enough to have a playable game…

It’s dangerous, so there must be monsters to kill ! It had some so freaky smart monsters (red cubes that jumps and goes towards everything near it) and a simple counter, and voilĂ  ! Hum, okay, there should be a portal to the next level or something to make a good transition, let’s add a particules system, let’s make it red first, and it will turn green when all monsters are killed ! That went well, it’s easy with Unity, but it was already late, and I started to feel very tired, so the green portal has never been coded, but at least I could add a “title screen”, a “game over screen” and a “you won screen”.

That was short : I tried a few things new, I enjoyed doing this and I submitted a game: that’s something I’m proud of, even if I do not like very much the result (there is no polish. at. all.).

So, let’s put the right link for the web playable version, and here’s some instructions :

– turn on the speakers,

– use the arrows to move,

– use space bar to jump,

– kill all monsters,

You’re done !

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