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LD29: Apologeticum Post Mortem

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Tuesday, May 13th, 2014 9:48 am

Well, this was my first entry into Ludum Dare and my first somewhat serious attempt at making a playable game.  I named the game Latin for apology, because I didn’t polish the game very well.  I used only 48 hours, but did enter this as a Jam submission.  The game’s main mechanic was that it reverses gravity if you fall “beneath the surface.” You can play the game here: Apologeticum.

Tools Used:

  • Language/Framework: Haxe/Openfl/HaxeFlixel
  • IDE: FlashDevelop
  • Map Editor: Ogmo
  • Sounds: Bfxr
  • Drawing tools: Fireworks CS6, Pickle

What went wrong:

  • Lack of interest towards the end.  There was just something about the first night, I felt unstoppable.  I was coding rapidly and coming up with new solutions to problems quickly, the process was fun and exciting.  Not so much on the 2nd day.  Maybe it was because I had some wine on the 2nd day.  Possibly my stamina for these kinds of tasks aren’t built up yet, and maybe the process does slow down quite a bit towards the end.
  • My health implementation.  The way I used health and other things were not focused.  For example: players take damage when they flip from “Top World” to “Bottom World.” The main reason I did this was in  case a player got stuck bouncing back and forth, they would just die and restart the level.  With more thought a better solution would have been found.  In other words: I don’t want to use mechanics to fix flaws in design.
  • The boss… I really just half assed this one.
  • Picking up bombs and throwing them wasvery glitchy.
  • So right before the compo I saw HaxeFlixel was recently upgraded to 3.3.0, so I decided to get into  PowerShell and do a $>haxelib upgrade This was a bad idea.  I don’t know what it was but trying to use tilemaps was bugged and didn’t work.  I wasn’t quite sure how to go back to the previous version, so I just went to the dev branch of HaxeFlixel instead.  This solved my problems.

The Good:

  • I FINISHED!  Wow, it’s a really good feeling to finish something.  I’m the type of person who typically just buys stuff and doesn’t produce anything.  Even at my job (nurse), it’s not like I’m making anything.  It’s a new feeling (for me) to make something.
  • Ludum Dare community.  Very constructive.
  • I think my initial concept was interesting at least, even if I didn’t implement it to the nines.

Summary of what I learned:

  • I need to make more games.
  • It’s ok to spend more time figuring out design solutions.
  • It’s ok to trash some ideas if they’re not working out.
  • Don’t use mechanics to fix design errors.
  • Expect issues when upgrading software or libraries.
  • It’s good to make things.

Thank you everyone, who tried my game.

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