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We are a multidisciplinary team of six friends who love video games.

- Manuela Ruiz Montiel
- Francisco Moyano Lara

- Antonio Zamudio Pérez
- Alberto Allegri Rodríguez

Level Designer:
- Esther Páez Sánchez

Music & Sound:
- Oliver Moya Bueno


Ludum Dare 33

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Sweet Home

Posted by
Tuesday, December 13th, 2016 6:26 am

It’s my pleasure to introduce Sweet Home, a game in which you have to put out the flames of your home before it’s too late. However, do you have any other choice…?


Drunkula: A Post-Mortem.

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Thursday, September 10th, 2015 4:10 pm

Hi! 😀

This is Drunkteam, the development team behind Drunkula, which is our first project for a LD ever.

titulo 1

If you are curious, you can play it here right now.

Although we had never worked together, development came about smoothly. In many ways, you could even say we were relaxed, the most difficult part of the process being to choose the kind of game to work on. We discussed for more than 3 hours, unable to reach an agreement until Antonio, one of our  artists, who had been pretty much silent during the debate, jumped into the ring with the idea of using a drunk vampire as the protagonist. From that point on, the idea of making a point-and-click adventure out of it came pretty much naturally and we all begun working on our parts and expanding the concept.


What went great:

  • First, and most obviously, we all learned a lot from this experience: for our programmers it was the first time building a game from the ground up, working with the Love2d framework and Lua language; us artists learned a lot about photoshop and the basics of animation… In general, this was a very good experience to enhance teamwork.
  • The aesthetics, music and sfx were spot-on and established very well the kind of dark, yet wacky and confusing atmosphere you would want in a game about a drunk vampire.

OST-Drunkula by Oliver Moya Bueno

  • The difficulty curve was also well established with 3 levels, the first of which was to get people to realise the basic point-and-click mechanic of the game, and a more challenging final level.

What didn’t go so right:

  • For us artists this was our first time animating. It was really fun and we learned a lot from it, but we would have liked a little more time to experiment with the basics.
  • As prety much all of us were new to this, we prefered to keep the game short and simple but as many people acknowleged it ended up being way too short.
  • As much as the music and sfx were great, some people reckon they get jarring the longer the game lasts.
  • The ideal situation would have been having a playable demo on the first day, but due to the fact that all of us were learning our part on the spot, we couldn’t see how the game played until the last minute, which made for a bit of a buggy experience.

Anyway, this was a great experience and we are really glad of the result and the learning process and would me most thankful if you took 5 minutes of your time to try our game out and rate it, which you can do right here.

Thanks! 😉




Drunkula submitted!

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Monday, August 24th, 2015 8:53 pm

After a big deal of effort, we made it at least! Don’t hesitate to try “Drunkula”, a puzzle adventure where you’ll have to prevent a drunk vampire from killing himself as well as guide him back to his coffin.

Try it here

Captura de pantalla 2015-08-25 a las 3.46.08

Starting the game!

Posted by
Saturday, August 22nd, 2015 7:59 am

We have been on a brainstorming session all along the morning. Now, we think we may have something and it’s time to get down to work!




I’m In

Posted by
Monday, July 27th, 2015 3:30 pm



This is going to be my first Ludum Dare, and I’m really excited! I come from the south of Spain and I’ve published a couple of games for iOS and Android. However, I’ve never done something like this before, so it’s going to be a daunting (though exciting) challenge! My plan is using the Love2d framework, because I’m interested in gaining more expertise in Lua.


See y’all!

Francisco Moyano, Drunkteam programmer


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