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Uh oh… a PR guy is making a game for Ludum Dare.

Posted by (twitter: @QSE_Gaming)
Friday, April 25th, 2014 2:09 pm

And that guy is me. I’m working for a PR agency that as of December has been doing work for indie games. My skills are raising sales, pitching the news, establishing key message platforms and all that business garbage that has little to do with the games themselves.

To be fair, I’m also an indie game dev on the side. My friends and I are making a space themed strategy game (in an effort to combat our industry’s massive shortage of space games in recent years <_<). But I’ve only learned programming (C#) and 3D modeling (w. Blender) over the past year and a half and am still quite the novice at both. Worse yet, our engine is proprietary and incomplete so I can’t even use the skills I’ve been learning recently for Ludum Dare: I’m going to have to re-learn Gamemaker 8 which I put down years ago and haven’t touched since.

I’m entering because I think it’ll be fun, but I’m posting now because while making a game with the rest of you guys, I’m interested in seeing how our perspectives in making a game differ, and how that will affect our end results. Certainly my skills are far below most participants, but I’m more interested in seeing how my perception on gamedev, dominated by my constant thinking of media presence and exposure and whatnot, will change my experience. Doing Ludum Dare and following everyone else on Twitter/IRC should hopefully give some insight on how most game devs and their businessey counterparts differ in their approaches.

Hopefully some of you might find this interesting. If so, I’ll be Tweeting about how my game’s going with updates and pics throughout the weekend at @QSE_Gaming. You can also use that account to accuse me of doing a publicity stunt.

Good luck with all your games!



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