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AWoRaFED now on windows as well

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Monday, April 20th, 2009 7:13 pm

Thanks to Cymos who ported my game to windows and are hosting it.

Windows and linux version (in the same download && with source code) can be downloaded from:



http://www.cymonsgames.com/pages/aworafed/FourEyes_ld14_aworafed_rc2.zip (and you can check out rest of Cymos site while there)

AWoRaFED rc1

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Sunday, April 19th, 2009 6:25 pm

Final entry, for linux only. Will have to see if I can/have time to make a windows port later.

The goal is to survive as long as possible, with the help of a few spells. how to play are in the readme.txt file.

Game depends on the ncurses library.

To make your own map, just make a text file and give it a one character long name (which is not q) and place it in the levels folder. There are some issues with large maps.

Download:RC2 – Rapidshare(Linux)

http://files.filefront.com/13631588 (linux/windows)

http://www.cymonsgames.com/pages/aworafed/FourEyes_ld14_aworafed_rc2.zip (Linux/windows)

edit: after some playtesting it seems the game take some time to get hard. a smaller map should help on that :)

edit2: rc2 is finished, features less health, less mana, less space, more zombies. just waiting for firefront to actually let me upload….

edit3: forgot: you will likely have to start it trough the terminal. at least me and my test person had to (in linux)

edit4: download for windows up. thanks for porting it Cymon

aworafed alpha 1 done

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Sunday, April 19th, 2009 11:59 am

been a bit lazy today, but so far I have come up with a name, added health pickups and made the zombies slow.

The game is called Advancing Wall Of Rotting And Flesh-Eating Doom, or aworafed for short.

Currently there is no aoe attack to remove zombies, just run around as long as you can. Health pickup gives you 2 health and is shown as a blue * normally or as a green * if theres zombies in that square. zombies are green 1-9 and + (+ meaning more than 9 zombies). You can move trough zombies and they got 75% chance of dealing 1 damage each.

http://files.filefront.com/13624742 if there’s anyone interested in trying. requires linux and the ncurses library.

it’s alive.

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Saturday, April 18th, 2009 3:09 pm

Finally, after going trough lots of trouble (mostly cause by myself :( ) I got a playable game, sortof.
still not much of a game in there. The zombies can’t hurt you (comment ftw), but they are moving and there are nothing to pick up or spells to use.

-make zombies slower. I plan on the player having 3 moves per zombie move. There is gonna be a lot of them after a while though.

-player attacks. sort of aoe spells that move the zombies to other parts of the map. plan on having a blast in front, a blast centered on the player and a straight line ahead or something like it.

-pickups. Health to stay alive, mana potions to be able to use the spells. Maybe i’ll do scrolls to power up your spells, making them cost less and/or affect bigger area/more zombies

-random map generation. atm I’m doing them by hand, but hopefully i’ll have a random generation by release.

-tweaking. will have to see about player vs zombie speed, spawn rate of power ups and zombie spawn rate. I might go with having the zombies spawned each turn be dependent on the size of the map. Also thinking about having zombies being drawn towards the player, instead of randomly shambling around. will have to see.

SS of the game. the red @ is the player. the green numbers are zombies, with the number being how many zombies is on that square

Zombies and dead or alive

Posted by
Saturday, April 18th, 2009 3:17 am

decided to go with having zombies as the wall of doom, kind of like Zombies!!!. I decided to use ncurses (should probably have at least tried it out last night) so you will control @ and try to get away from zombies marked from 1 Р+ (the numer of zombies on a square or just a + if theres more than 9). You will probably have some kind of AOE attack that doesnt kill zombies, but move them to either a random place on the  map or to graveyards or something, will have to see.

So far I only got a basic drawing and halfway map loading done, but it’s coming along nicely.

Also for some reason I have gotten addicted to Dead or Alive – you spin me round (youtube link), so it will be interesting to see what happens when I combine sleep deprivation and You spin me round on repeat for 48 hours

Sombrero Runner(s), now with less restarting of game

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Monday, December 8th, 2008 8:06 am

changed the game so you came back to the main menu when you die and you can start a new game from there, instead of having to launch the game over again every time you die. Found this to be really annoying before I delivered, but could not think of any way to do it as I was too tired.


Sombrero Runner(s) is finished

Posted by
Sunday, December 7th, 2008 7:44 pm

Got it resonably finished. Menus was something I remembered about 10 minutes ago, so they are not any good.

You will find the F5 button (turning off sound) to be very useful. The beat going besides the music itself is supposed to be footsteps, but I have never made any music/sound before. hey, at least it is sound.

The game can be downloaded from:


Edit: got a new version. Only change is that you don’t have to restart the game everytime you die


If you feel it makes too much change when judging (or simply like to launch the game several times a minute) or wan’t too see if thats really all I have changed the old game is also up at the old link

Screen shot:

Points are scored for simply staying alive.

Controls are on the startup screen, but i’ll post them here anyway:

Player 0:

Control keys to move, right shift to sprint.

Player 1:

WASD to move, left shift to sprint.

I plan to add support for a couple of more players, but thats coming later.

Gonna post this now and head to bed. Being pressing ctrl + s for every second word I have written in this post, which is a good sign of being tired.


Visual C++ express.

SDL library

Paint for art

Musagi and sfxr for sounds

First Entry. Food and programming

Posted by
Saturday, December 6th, 2008 2:42 pm

Gotten an, at least in my opinion, good start. A susurprisingly good start, as I always have problems when it comes to starting. Also having a good time, though my head is starting to hurt a bit from the hours.

Good Things:

Most of the needed art is done. Still need a car though.

Gameplay DESIGN is done. Decided to do it simple, so ended up with frogger only you are running down the road instead of trying to cross it.

Got a, sort of, backstory: While in town you where jumped by all the townspeople because they want your fancy sombrero. Because you, our hero, is deadly afraid of grass you had to run down the road with heavy traffic to get away (with your sombrero).

Got most of the basic programming done

Not good things:

Only got most of the basic programming done. Still have to finish up the controls (got a temporary solution to test movements), add collision, add cars, add scoring, add extra stuff.

No sound. Guess I have enough to do later tonight and tomorrow.

No menu’s yet.

Things I want to do, but dunno about time:

Visual variety. right now its 1 road piece on loop, 1 grass background and 1 obstacle (the grass on the road) and 0 (but soon 1) cars.

Add 2 player. Don’t think this is going to be too hard to make after I get the rest of the game mechanics done.

Highscore. I plan to have scoring based on how far/long you manage to run before getting hit by a car (our sombrero wearing hero is very allergic to getting run over by cars, in addition to his grass phobia).

SS (cars hopefully  coming on next report):

The yellow circle is the player characters sombrero, which was easy enough for me to make and still look decent.

Food so far have been bread for breakfast/lunch (which was the same meal). Dinner ended up being Spaghetti with Laban Seigmenn on the side. For those who don’t know Seigmenn, which probably is everyone not from Norway, is sugarcoated jelly shaped like small men. Don’t have any camera’s so no food shots. Will try to see if I can get one taken using the built in webcam on my laptop next time I eat however. Also got 3*1.5l soda ( 2 * cola rippof and 1 orange taste ) so I probably won’t run out.

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