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Dungeon Screener will wait for a Boss Battle (SONG)

Posted by (twitter: @FoumartGames)
Sunday, December 7th, 2014 8:03 pm

Will have to skip this Compo again :(

Tough decision, as I’ll have very little time tomorrow – will be attending at a Dying Fetus gig (death metal band) and will be traveling by train for three hours. Actually that 3 hours will be my total free time and will have to complete the game on a 10” laptop :D

Dungeon Screener (demo: http://www.foumartgames.com/dev/ld/2014-DungeonScreener/) feels somewhat playable, but without abilities, items, doors, keys and a final boss battle.

I spent too much time for the random dungeon generation and the engine – I had a lot of troubles with the screen wrapping of the dungeon rooms. Every time when I got stuck and nervous with something in the code I was punishing an old copy of Fruity Loops with some furious beats. Poor FL, I doubt it was ever used for creation of brutal death metal alike instrumentals, but who knows.. Here is a sneak peak of the track that was formed from various snippets of my anger :

(WARNING: this is really brutal)

So, expect a brutal boss battle for the Jam tomorrow :]

Participating for the fourth time

Posted by (twitter: @FoumartGames)
Friday, December 5th, 2014 5:55 pm

An year passed since my last participation – I was jamming last December and almost made it into Top 100 for innovation with my entry Burning Fridges

This time I’ll rise the bar entering the Compo (where my results are worse than average). Here are my shared AS3 scripts:  https://github.com/foumart/LudumDare

Hopefully will be able to squeeze something if I find the theme appealing, otherwise will search to join a team looking for an artist (as I was drawing a lot with my bamboo recently)

Good luck to everyone participating !

Good luck to the Snowman too, as he will certainly face tremendous melting, if chosen  :p

Burning Fridges post mortem

Posted by (twitter: @FoumartGames)
Thursday, December 26th, 2013 9:36 am

Hello all fellow devs and happy holidays!

I’m writting my first post-mortem, let’s hope I’ll not get only this one ahead :)

This is my third submission in Ludum Dare, and the game is somewhat connected with my first LD26 game Atrakt. Both using sliding puzzle mechanics and both telling story about the hostile alien race Litoxydes. (see image below)

Example of richening an solid color vector animation with a few filters

Litoxyde. (example of richening a solid color vector animation with a few filters)

What went right:

Game Concept: As always I didn’t struggled with a game concept much and in one hour had the basics laid on paper, even the title (that i’m not quite proud of) was figured out.

Theme: I had some doubts about the theme implementation, moreover I tried to incorporate two themes at the same time. There was a Flash Game License competition in parallel to Ludum Dare with theme “Freezing”. So I decided to go Sci-Fi and use the cold space and the ultimate urgency needed in a spacecraft disaster to implement both themes. In my oppinion I used the theme well, as the player have only one chance to survive each stage, but it was not so obvious to others.

(Next time I’ll name my submission by taking the theme string + some potatoe appending and voila : “You only get one … “, just kidding : )

Engine: I assembled a tiled display engine pretty fast and created almost all the tiles.  At the end of the first day I had a moving character and an animated enemy.

Enemy AI: Not that it went so right, but at least without much efforts, there was alot of randomness in the early builts thought.

Presentation: Even in the current advanced post-compo version I’m still holding the ALERT screen and the spaceship that I drew for less that a minute with my mouse : D In the post-compo timeframe I decided to backup my storytelling with some 3d renders exported with swift3d but at the end left that screen intact. The spaceship renders became fairly good, with a ship composed of just one duplicated and stretched in different ways object – I leaved that for the level complete screen, but that’s not something that went right haha:) Anyway here is a full rotation gif for you:


360 rotation of the infiltrated spaceship

What went the other direction:

Prototype: Being proficient in design/graphics aspect is a double edged sword. And it was difficult for me to postpone the art stuff for after the creation of the fully working prototype. So, instead of using some placeholder squares and figuring out the more important things of the gameplay in time, I spent too much efforts on the graphics the first day, which led to derailed rush at the end and not a complete game after all.

Level Design: started to think of levels too late and didn’t managed to create something interesting in time. My submission game is reeking of “this is just a demo with placeholder levels” notes.

Intuitiveness: The game is well handled by fans of Sokoban, but I observed that players which ware not familiar with Sokoban mechanics ware struggling to understand the objective. And obviously I failed to explain the game goal well enought. Will have to think of a better way for the tutorial.

Sound: Althought prepared a sound library prior to beginning I ran out of time even for the jam deadline to add sounds. I ended up using previously created sounds (from the Atrakt game) that I added just in the latest built (v0.6)  But as I hear it now the sound became harsh in general. PS also in the latest built I added an awesome sci-fi-electro track called Shapeshifter by Clearside (CREDITS), to backup the atmosphere of the game.

Score System: Besides being still incomplete with 8 levels from 12 previsional, the game is lacking a proper level complete screen and a leaderboard. The player is not aware of how well he is doing.

Community: This post-mortem is my first community impact in this edition of Ludum Dare. I definitely need to expand in this section and will have to define some time to spend for that next compo. I’ll try either joining forces with others or trying a simpler game in the upcoming competition.

And what is hurting your eyes now?

Burning Fridges Icon

Icon including one minute art

A Burning Fridges game link ofcourse : ) I hope you enjoy my game : ) See you in April : )

Inherity – a primitive strategy / simulation

Posted by (twitter: @FoumartGames)
Saturday, August 24th, 2013 5:29 am

More than 10 hours passed for only an idea, title and some script preparations..

Except the sketches in my notebook on screen I have only a 10 seconds counter lol !

Anyways I decided to go for a primitive strategy/simulation with 10 second battles. The gameplay will be tactical with crucial placement of army stacks (doh). During the battle time however player will have to wait and hope for his army to accomplish the goal. This will be my first time creating a strategy with lots of units and I’ll try to escape from the tower defence reeking around the idea.

Next comes the Engine…

Progress will be kept here: http://www.foumartgames.com/dev/ld/2013-Inherity/

I’m in!

Posted by (twitter: @FoumartGames)
Friday, August 23rd, 2013 5:28 pm

Yes, I’m in too! (so plug your noses:)

This will be my third attempt!

I’ll be using Flash and pure Actionscript 3 – no frameworks and other’s libs.

As usual I’ll give you advantage as I am starting with sleep again 😮 not before I see the theme (at 4 am : )

There is something special to think about theme and game concept while falling asleep – You wake up early in the morning before the alarm and you can’t wait to throw some pencil trails :)

Well, I’ll gona do this. Just prepared this soundFX tool – from my previous experience there is never enough time for integrating sounds.. It’s a singleton class that handles both sound effects and music loop.

Atrakt 4096 – Progress update

Posted by (twitter: @FoumartGames)
Sunday, April 28th, 2013 10:00 am

Atrakt 4096 alpha – Progress update before the last run (~32h)
Significant additions to the gameplay, i’m getting more and more confident – my stuff is getting playable already. The game needs sounds, level complete screen, AI tweaking, pathfinding and score system. I’ll try to add at least sound and an additional level or two more in the remaining couple of hours. Check the progress here.


Atrakt 4096 alpha

Posted by (twitter: @FoumartGames)
Saturday, April 27th, 2013 10:46 am

I’ve been quiet so far because I allready had the bad experience in the passed 24th LD to state something at the beginning and then fail…(this may happen again who knows:D) ..anyway this time i think I’ll manage to create something playable in the compo timeframe. That’s because I stepped on a hard ground extending my Attract 4kb engine. It’s true that the 4kb restriction kept my enthusiasm on developping that engine (its hardly acceptable as game) and that’s my main connection to the theme Minimalism – I’m forcing myself to keep the game in the same simple manner, while adding new features and functionalities.. What’s been done so far: a title page and some ui, created a base for the enemy and some specific abilities for the units, like EMP shockwave :p.. I’ll update my progress here.


Enlightenment (hopefully)

Posted by (twitter: @FoumartGames)
Saturday, August 25th, 2012 5:56 am

Hello! The contest started for me at 4am so i began with .. sleep.. but also with enlightenment :)

This is my first Ludum Dare attempt but not first game competition at all, here’s my recent: 4kb game contest on FGL

I’ll keep my progress here.

(for now it’s just some tiled display meaning some kind of puzzle made in 2 hours)

Good Luck all !!

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