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Tuesday, March 14th, 2017 7:31 am

Hello eweryone! We are Formless Adventure devs. We wrote here earlier, but we decided to write here again, because we have something to tell you. Let me remind you a little bit about us.

Formless Adventure – platformer that will allow you to spend a few hardcore hours emerged alongside. Your hero – Mr. Blubstache – a shapeless mass, and he can change shape as you want. He has a variety of forms, which have different characteristics and abilities.
Dude, there are five, and they are awesome: speed, sticky, slippery, fire and stone!
Mr. Blubstache is so formless! At your disposal 50 balls, do with them whatever you want: you can jump to the fire, or press on the plate.

So we have great news : Formless Adventure started a campaign on the Indiegogo! https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/formless-adventure/x/15707634#/
Now you can pre-order the game for only $ 4. Also for those who are ready to donate more, we have prepared a lot of other rewards: the exclusive desktop wallpapers, your name in the credits, access to the beta test, the level based on your sketch, even handmade toy from the developers, and much more. We would be very grateful if you support us! Thanks to you, the game can release much faster and better!


Formless Adventure Demo!

Thursday, January 12th, 2017 9:55 am

Hello, indie game fans!
Do you like platformers? May be hardcore? Or low poly? Everyone will find something for yourself in “Formless Adventure”.
Well, now to the point.

The main feature of our game is ability to change form of the hero. There are only five forms: speed, sticky, slippery, fire and stone.
The physical properties of the protagonist body depend on forms. For example, you can accelerate from a hill in a slippery, at the end turn to stone and knock the door.
Oh yeah, I forgot to say that our hero – a formless accumulation of balls.

Well, you can look at it yourself.
Just download the game from a convenient source to you:
Itch. io



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Thanks for playing!

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