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I've been working in brazilian gaming industry for over 2 years and have recently moved from publishing into developing. Just founded Flux Game Studio to develop all the games I can!


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Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 7:20 pm
Image of World #2

I could go on for weeks building these tiny worlds

As a first-timer in LudumDare events, I figured I’d go through lots of difficulties – and I certainly did. But I feel very pleased with the results I got in Space Music Quest (Ludum Dare Link)!

With the theme Tiny World, I instantly remembered two “World” games: Solar Jetman, for the NES (main inspiration here); and fan-favorite Toe Jam & Earl, for the Sega Genesis. I decided I’d go with the ida of exploring several different tiny world in search of something that would make you able to go back home.

Then I threw music into the mix: having each part of the puzzle add a music layer into the song being heard is something I really enjoy. So I used it here more as a test for future projects, and succeeded in that. I surely can now adapt this project into teaching music theory (chord creation, harmonic fields) in my Music & SFX classes.

For music, I used Propellerhead Reason, a powerful software I already use, so no problem here. I have version 5, that does not record audio, but has almost endless MIDI resources. All songs and SFX in the game are indeed mine.

For Art, I  picked up some theme-related Memes, grabbed this nice tutorial for a ship and drew some quick stuff with the mouse for the worlds and BackGrounds.

For programming, I chose Construct 2 – it is so awesome I bought the full version before finishing the project. It really makes creating games simple, since all you have to use is programming logic, not programming languages. And that, my friends, is something to be happy with. I had trouble with several things, from creating the bars to adding time counter that would reset on each world (I kinda cheated on this one), but I had no huge dramas on the logic part.

The overall result was a fairly decent action game, with good controls, nice Music & SFX and an OK challenge (even though lives reseting per level anyone can reach the end). Art could be a lot better though. Also, Time Leaderboards would have helped a lot to increase the game’s replay value, but there wasn’t time to try that out.

The experience itself was very good. I slept normally (8 hours per night) and accomplished to learn a load of stuff and finish a version of the game. I enjoyed a lot this event!

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