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Hi! I like making music. I'm trying to like making games and pixel-art.

Listen to my tunes here: http://soundcloud.com/fluidvolt


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I’m in~~ basecode too

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Friday, December 9th, 2016 9:05 am

i'm in!!!

I used this gif in my last “I’m in” post, but ended up not entering. I’m determined to actually finish something this time! I’m pretty excited.

I’ll be using LOVE with my own port of flashpunk on top, FL studio (probably) for music, labchirp for sound, and ASEprite for art.

Here’s my basecode. It’s a port of flashpunk for the LOVE framework, a general purpose level editor I wrote, and some odds and ends.

I’m in for LD35!!

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Tuesday, April 12th, 2016 10:07 pm

i'm in!!!

I’m gonna be using Godot for the first time in a game jam~

Here’s my basecode. (I may update it before LD begins.) It’s just a few scripts! It’s got:

“camerashake” — Ya gotta have camera shake. shared on the godot Q&A. Thanks!

“state” — I ported kpulv’s AS3 state machine over to gdscript. Super useful.

“input_help” — Only one I wrote. Makes it easier to check keys, flashpunk style. Feel free to use it, but there may be bugs!

EDIT: wrote another bit of code! Added it to the zip.

“music_player” — a simple music player that allows for crossfading between tracks and playing music between scenes. Not heavily tested yet but I think I squashed most of the bugs.

Other than Godot, I’ll be using ASEprite for graphics, LabChirp for sfx (love it!), and FL or famitracker for music.

Stoked!! Good luck guys and gals!


Post Mortem: Zen Jen

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Wednesday, December 16th, 2015 10:13 pm

zen jen art

If you haven’t checked it out yet, play Zen Jen here!

What went right:

Time management and setting realistic goals. In past LDs, I have had overly-ambitious games planned, only to waste time and scrap most of the plans — and have a really strung-together game as a result. This time I focused on the main game mechanic first, and then built around it. It’s still a modest little game, but I feel it’s the most cohesive and holistic game I’ve made in an LD.

Using LOVE for the first time in an LD was great. I’ve been learning it for a few months, building a codebase based on what I know, flashpunk. It was great. Only thing that stumped me was audio (see below).

Music was really simple — as a game about meditation, it’s lots of long pads and enveloping sounds. So I just had fun dialing in synth sounds and piling on the reverb. I left the melody out so the notes generated by the player had room to breathe.

What went wrong:

Only thing that tripped me up about LOVE was how it handles audio. Being used to flash, I thought it would create multiple instances automatically so as to not cut off already playing sounds. Thankfully I found a library (SLAM) that did the trick. Thank you!

The flipside of using my own codebase was that it still has its problems, so I had to wrestle with it a few times during the compo. Hopefully by next time it will have solidified into a robust little game making machine. Can’t wait!


Third Ludum Dare I’ve finished, and I’m having more fun with each one. The community is great, I’m forced to finish a game for once, and lots of good games come out of it. Love y’all <3

I’m In

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Thursday, December 10th, 2015 6:29 pm

Super excited for Ludum Dare.

This time around I’ll be using Love2d along with my incomplete port of Flashpunk: Here’s the basecode I’ll be using. It’s got a WIP level editor, a few classes to make simple typewriter-style dialog boxes, and the aforementioned Flashpunk port.

Besides that, I’ll be using Aseprite for visuals and FL or famitracker for music.

Good luck everyone!

Post Mortem: Sam On Tape

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Friday, April 24th, 2015 10:16 pm


Play Sam On Tape here!

What Went Right

Music was easy-peasy. Just grabbed some drum sounds, dialed in some synths and went to town. Might have spent a little too long on it though. Here’s the song that came out of it.

I kept using Flashpunk to develop, and I’m warming up to it. I’m not a good programmer by any definition, but the more I use Flashpunk, the less flailing around I do while trying to get the behaviors I want.

Using ASEPrite more since last LD definitely helped. The goal now is to learn all of the important hotkeys before next time. Micro-optimization and all that.

What Went Wrong

I’m awful at budgeting my time. Like, terrible. I’ll spend too long on something, trying to get it exactly right and everything else suffers. Don’t know what to do about this. Maybe start using a timer system or something?

Related to the last point, I need to set priorities better. I spent a lot of time working on getting dialog to work, and getting the music mixed right, and I ended up shirking the gameplay and level design… oops. Maybe next time I’ll write out a list of things to do, in order of importance?

Okay, this one’s not fair, but there was a huge thunderstorm that kept me from working for a few hours. That must be where everything went wrong! So remember: all the issues you spot in my game, if it wasn’t for that thunderstorm, it’d be perfect… :)

This is my second completed LD, and even though it was stressful and hectic it’s still hella fun. Hope to be here for another!

I’m sooo in.

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Friday, April 17th, 2015 7:03 pm

Gonna be using Flashdevelop with Flashpunk for coding, ASEprite for visuals, not sure what for music — depends on the theme, I guess. But I’m excited!

Have fun, everybody!

Dowser Postmortem

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Thursday, May 1st, 2014 2:09 am

Wow, Lucy! A Postmortem

This was my first Ludum Dare, and it was a success in the sense I most care about: I finished a game. The first real game I’ve made in a long time. So that’s awesome.

Give Dowser a spin!


“Beneath the Surface”

I think the theme was great. It left room for interpretation, both literal and not-so-literal, and ideas were ripe for the taking. I ended up settling on a dowsing game. I sketched out a few gameplay ideas on paper and drew the character designs on Friday, and left everything else for the remaining two days.

What Went Right

The Sound: This was the easiest part for me — it’s what I’m most used to. I just fired up my DAW, loaded in some synths and drum machines and banged away on my keyboard. It took a little under 3 hours to finish all of the music and sfx. I made sure to carve some time for this early on, I really wanted my game to have the sound I heard in my head.

The Graphics: While making art’s not exactly a breeze for me, getting to know Aseprite a few months before Ludum Dare helped tons. Instead of wrestling with shortcuts or tucked-away options in menus, I could focus on wrestling with my own art skills :) .

The Engine: Flashpunk ended up being a snap to use. I practiced with it for a month or two before Ludum Dare, getting the hang of the basics and finding out how it does things, and that ended up making all the difference. I didn’t have to look up a single reference or tutorial on it to get it to work and do what I wanted. I will keep using Flashpunk for sure, I love using it.

What went wrong

Organization woes: I ended up with files piling up in folders across my hard drive, breaking the pace when I had to stop and look for something or make sure I was moving/accessing the right file. Next time I want to have a more straightforward scheme set in place to keep things flowing.

Import woes: Even though composing the music went well, when it came to importing it Flash kept spitting out arcane error messages. This took me completely by surprise. I eventually got it working by tweaking export settings in Audacity, but I’m still not sure what I did! Next time I definitely want to get this sorted out and make sure I know exactly what Flash can and can’t accept.

Export woes: I have no idea how to write a preloader, nor how to embed an swf in a html file. I ended up running out of time so I opted to ditch the preloader and just linking straight to the swf. Not exactly ideal. Definitely need to fill in this knowledge gap.


In the end, I had a lot of fun and learned a great deal about making a game. There’s a lot I don’t know and there were more than a few missteps but I am extremely happy with what I made. And the LD community is awesome! I am one-hundred percent going to do Ludum Dare again.

First LD, first finished (?) game

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Sunday, April 27th, 2014 6:26 pm

I did it!


But what exactly did I do? I’m not so sure.

Give dowser a shot here!

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