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Almost there…

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Sunday, December 7th, 2014 6:46 am

I’m again on a reflexion turn-based game.

This time, it’s roughly based on chess, but you can’t move pieces, you move the screen, and pieces are pushed by the screen edges. See the gif below, I pressed right arrow to scroll the board right, and everything else is played automatically.


All “required” code done. But of course some polish might help.

Half the levels are done.

I have to do the sounds.

So I’m pretty confident, it’ll be completed today!


BTW, check this Jamiroquai clip, it was my first source of inspiration 😉

A game of life variation to relax

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Sunday, December 15th, 2013 4:29 pm

It’s the first time I enter the Ludum Dare, and I’m quite satisfied with the result : my compo entry is submitted and everything looks fine.


The bad part was the theme that I really hated because it did not narrow the reflexion at all. I had to reboot from 0 on saturday afternoon, because my first proto was too far from the theme. And even my final entry seems quite far : you only get 1 cell to save them all.


The good part were: code, graph, sounds… everything else. It went smoothly on every topic.

I decided before the LD that I will try to make a game looking flat with no sprites (only code generated geometric forms), and that was really a good choice to speed things up and make it feel alive, because I’m so bad with graphics :-(

I had no major code issues, appart from some variables not being accessible where I needed them, but it’s the usual shit.

Sound was a major challenge as I did not use my drum machine for over 10 years, but it was like cycling : just 5 minutes and I remembered most basic features, and I just had like 1h of work overall to make an easy track + some sounds.


So, now have a look at my Game of Life and rate it please!


Screen1 Screen3


PS : I might do an android export next week if someone wants it (just need to make sure sounds, buttons and screensizes are OK)..

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