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I’m done! itch lets you play itch.io games

Posted by (twitter: @fasterthanlime)
Sunday, December 13th, 2015 10:57 pm

My entry for LD 34 is itch, a simple launcher for games hosted on itch.io — read the intro post to learn more!


Play any itch.io games with itch: Download now! (or see a list of all versions) — it should work on Windows, Mac, and Debian-based distros, and here’s how it looks:

Please leave bug reports directly in the issue tracker so it’s easier for us to track.

Congratulations to everyone who hit the compo deadline & good luck to all the jammers! I’ll be using itch to play and rate your games :)

Here’s how you play a game with itch

Posted by (twitter: @fasterthanlime)
Sunday, December 13th, 2015 1:16 pm

My entry for LD 34 is itch, a simple launcher for games hosted on itch.io — read the intro post to learn more!

In the last post I promised a public release soon, and it’s coming! In the meantime, here’s a set of complicated video instructions to guide you through the lengthy process of installing itch and launching a game:

Hopefully I’ll have time to add more complexity before the deadline! It seems a bit too simple as-is…

P.S: the “login screen” level is missing from this video, read the intro post to see it!

My entry for LD 34 is itch, a simple launcher for games hosted on itch.io — read the intro post to learn more!

My goal for today is to have a public release ready to make sure it works for everyone once the compo/jam ends.

One feature that’s going to be very necessary for people who want to rate games by the dozens is the download queue — previously the client just downloaded everything you told it to, getting quite slow when you were downloading 20 games at once.

Now it’ll only download a few at a time, here it is in action with a limit of 2:

Another important thing is for the app to be able to open `itchio://` URLs, so that, maybe… there could be buttons on web pages that let you install any itch.io game directly in the app with a single click? Anyway, here’s how it looks (old gif):

Getting a custom protocol like `itchio://` to work requires entirely different methods on Windows, Mac and Linux, so it took me part of the day to get it working :)

Everything’s going according to plan, yet as the deadline looms closer I’m sure it will all degenerate into mayhem! Follow me on twitter at @fasterthanlime to watch me slowly drift away from sanity, or hop into the forum thread and post cat pictures to cheer me on!

P.S: In the download queue gif, the bottom-left ‘Broken’ is because the game uses .dmg, which I’ll add support for soon

Building the best way to play everyone’s entries

Posted by (twitter: @fasterthanlime)
Saturday, December 12th, 2015 6:26 pm

My entry for LD 34 is itch, a simple launcher for games hosted on itch.io — read the intro post to learn more!

Installers are really important, it’s the first impression someone gets of your software!

I’ve tried to make it as friendly as possible on Mac:

On Windows:


And on Ubuntu:

I’ve also spent a lot of time setting up continuous integration (cf. forum thread part 1 and part 2) so that pushing a new version of itch is extremely quick and painless.

In fact, all the versions you see above are built, packaged, and code-signed[1] from itch build #119. (On that page, click the blue dots, then ‘Console output’, to peek into which machine did what).

From now on, releasing a new version of itch is as simple as pushing a tag to our git repository, and a few minutes later, everyone gets the upgrade seamlessly: Mac & Windows users have it installed in the background and can restart any time they want for it to be applied, and Ubuntu users get it with their regular OS updates, from the APT repository.

Tomorrow I’ll start hacking on the app itself, now that all the infrastructure is in place. You can follow me on Twitter at @fasterthanlime if you’re curious to see more as it happens!

[1] Code signing is important both for a good user experience and so you’re sure that what you download has been packaged by itch.io and no one else!

I’m in! Let’s make everyone’s games easier to play & rate

Posted by (twitter: @fasterthanlime)
Saturday, December 12th, 2015 5:46 am

I was almost going to not do this Ludum Dare edition, because work, but then I thought why not both?

The least fun part of LD to me is keeping track of all the games I’ve downloaded, figuring out how to run them, etc.

And at itch.io headquarters, we’re working on a program that does.. just that!

So that’s my Ludum Dare entry. It’s in the theme too! ‘Install‘, ‘Launch‘. Two buttons :) And it’s definitely itch.io growing up.

I’ll try to post regular updates both on here and on my twitter, @fasterthanlime (expect fascinating stuff like this! wouldn’t it be a shame to miss that?)

I’m in.

Posted by (twitter: @fasterthanlime)
Sunday, April 19th, 2015 7:07 pm

A little shy of 25 hours before the jam deadline, I have an idea.

Of course, I can’t say anything about it, because it would ruin the surprise — I don’t really expect anyone to care about my entry, but I can’t bring myself to let an LD pass without even trying something.

The following constraints are set:

  • Genre: choose your own adventure
  • Form: Alexandrines
  • Choices: of one word only
  • Endings: at least 3

I’ve dabbled before in story-based games, let’s hope this one quenches my narrative thirst even a bit. I bet it’ll be harder than expected, but that’s no excuse to shy away.

Up and away!

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