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Developing a game or application takes a hell of a lot of your time, in most cases this is down to the fact that you want your code to be flawless, as you’ll know better than I do that having bad code will make your product bad. The same applies to music and sound effects. I can’t stress enough on how important it is to have specially written music for your game or application, it really can make or break it.

If we work together we make make sure that your game or application sounds amazing!

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We did it!

Posted by (twitter: @HelloFarcloud)
Thursday, November 1st, 2012 12:39 am

After 31 days of hard work we have finished our game… and we have made our dollar!

So much to talk about yet so little time as I want to spend my dollar on a horrible cheap coffee. It has been a great experience! I think the only thing I would change looking back is coming up with a more original name.

I knocked together a very rough looking trailer here.

Feel free to check the game out here.

Good luck to everyone else!

October Challenge Update

Posted by (twitter: @HelloFarcloud)
Wednesday, October 24th, 2012 3:35 am

Yikes, not long now. I better stop watching ‘Sons of Anarchy’ and get some work done! For the ship, I thought to myself “What would a Formula one car look like in space?”. Small hull with big engines! Unfortunately I wasn’t overly happy with the look due to the engines looking like rubbish bins, plus it didn’t look brilliant shrunk down. I was fairly happy with the sleek body of the ship though. I decided to make the engines shorter and more angular to make the ship look more ‘evil’. “The new design looks kind of like a swooping bird of prey” as Brad put it. I added some detail to the hull like extra scratches and lights. I used blender 3D for the final design so that the left and right animation would be easier to create. Here is the original and new design side by side:

I was really big on the idea of the ship having lights that affected the asteroids, so I kept pestering Brad to create some kind of lighting system. I sent him a bunch of images of the same asteroid being affected by light from each side to help him test it out. Read about how he got on with that here.

Musically the app is almost finished I think. The merging of styles and genres worked very well with the increasing speed of tempo. Below is a sample of the progress thus far:


My main focus now is sound effects and space backgrounds. An update on them in my next post.

October Challenge Update

Posted by (twitter: @HelloFarcloud)
Thursday, October 11th, 2012 5:51 am

11 days in, 20 days to go. Brad (PrePixel) and I have made some great progress. Brad has been tightening up the controls and graphics code, while I’ve been making some fast paced music and designing graphics for the game.

The music

The music needed to be full of energy and varied enough so that it wouldn’t be repetitive. The original idea was something quirky and almost comical. I loved the idea of starting the theme with a lo-fi retro melody, similar to something you would hear in an old adventure game, like Space Quest or King’s Quest. Then quickly dropping into something dirty like dubstep.

The first idea:


As the game evolved, so did the music. I soon realised that I wanted the music to be darker and more serious, to create tension and a sense of urgency. We knew we wanted the game to accelerate in speed the longer you survived to add challenge and variety. Because of this, I decided that the music too should increase in tempo with the game. This also made me realise that as the tempo increased, the style of the music could change and evolve.

I am currently working on a piece of music that starts at around 120 bpm, and ends at 170 bpm. Starting with a classical piece for the first 120 to 130 bpms, from there I will start to add a dance beat. I can nicely add in genres as the tempo increases. Dubstep is almost always 140 bpm, Hardcore Techno is around 160 bpm (although can reach up to speeds of 300 bpm), and Drum and Bass is averaged at around 170 bpm.

Next week I’ll talk more about designs and graphics for the game!

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