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Tomb Robbers Post Mortem

Posted by (twitter: @InbornKiller)
Thursday, September 1st, 2016 11:26 am

So after skipping LD34 and LD35 I’ve finally participated again. I was afraid not to make something as fun as I made for LD33, but my wife inspired me to overcome this obstacle and make a freakin’ game =)
And here it is – Tomb Robbers.

My experience with both Unity and C# grown a lot since the last year, so I thought it would be a lot more easier to make something more complicated.

I couldn’t be more wrong =) Idk if Tomb Robbers is a better game than Zombie Rush or not, but here is a lot more content in here actually. Not graphical, but logical.

What went right:

1. Finite State Machine. I used State pattern for the first time in the way I liked it (read: without huge switch-case). Every state for every entity has its own logic and can be easily changed without any changes in other code. Raiders have pretty complicated FSM (walking, climbing, hit, dead, stunned etc.), but every trap have its own state set either, but a simpler one (ready, acting, reset).
It’s the most righteous decision I made in this LD since it was a pleasure to implement separate logic for every trap.
2. Gameplay mechanics. I’m sure I nailed it the second time ) Again, the game feels good, offers some satisfaction for the player and some tactical and strategical challenges which is good in term of replayability. Yeah, I know, not many people played it more than once, but personally, I played it about 20 times finding the most optimal strategy. And it was fun.
3. Visual accents. I’m not very happy with the visuals, but in was a total lack of time for it, and it still works well. Traps and raiders are highlighted enough to see them easily.

What went wrong:
1. No goal. Again. Maybe it’s because I’m a programmer and I always want to build some kind of system instead of player experience. This time I planned to make three levels with different themes (Egypt, Aztec, etc.) but I barely made one. And of course no win state, like in good old times ) Ancient times.
2. No narrative. It relates to the previous issue, but I want to separate it. I’m sure for the next LD I’m going to make something heavily narrative-based. Not sure if I will succeed, but it’s what I really want to learn.
3. No sounds. Epic fail. Hadn’t got time to add even a single sound. Game lost a lot of depth because of it.

I also hadn’t got time to polish the game overall. Wanted to add some funky FX, screen transitions etc, but again – run out of time completely.

I hope to do better next time.

And guys, thank you all for the feedback! It’s the most important part of LD =)

Tomb Robbers

Posted by (twitter: @InbornKiller)
Monday, August 29th, 2016 6:36 am

So ancient Egyptian tombs it pretty popular theme here, so there is another one =)


Submitted it in 4AM local time, just seconds before the submission hour. I’ve completely forgot there will be this additional hour for submissions, so I was so stressed submitting it, thinking I almost got late =)))

Haven’t done a lot of things I planned. Haven’t got proper playtesting, only one level (I planned three), no sounds (at all =(((), and again no final point in the game. Just play until you lose =( But still, the game is here!

Finally I used some kind of state machine for game entities. I really glad I decided to do so, I would be a nightmare otherwise.

So congratulations to you all guys! We’re all winners already since we finished our games! Yay! =))) And good luck for all Jammers who’s still working on their games! )

Some of my works

Posted by (twitter: @InbornKiller)
Wednesday, August 10th, 2016 12:20 pm

Hi everyone!

It’s been a long time since I’ve been here, but I hope I’ll manage to participate in upcoming LD.

Meanwhile, I spent some time messing with Unity3D Custom Editor stuff. It’s really interesting topic since Unity allows to customize pretty much everything. I wanted to make something useful so I decided to implement my own Behavior Tree system with visual Editor. That’s how it looks like when you editing a tree.

And it really works!


Just wanted to share my joy with you =)

Hopefully I’m in!

Posted by (twitter: @InbornKiller)
Thursday, December 10th, 2015 4:24 am

So, the previoue LD was the first one for me. It was stressful, I was frustrated at the beginning and totally exhausted after 48-hours of coding, but it was so much fun! The game I made was the first real something I’m proud of. I recieved a lot of feedback here, got to top-50 in “Fun” category (it’s insane!), and then my game was featured at newgrounds.com (thanks, Tom Fulp!) and I recieved even more feedback. Now it’s 9K+ views and I even got about $11 revenue =) It’s awesome!

I don’t know if I’ll be able to perform as good as the last time, but I’ll give it a shot! =)
I’ll be using the same stuff as always:

  • Unity3D/C#
  • Piskel/Gimp/Paint.NET
  • Bfxr/Audition

Good luck everyone!

My first LD results for Zombie Rush!

Posted by (twitter: @InbornKiller)
Tuesday, September 15th, 2015 8:20 am

So, it’s first time I’m participating in Ludum Dare. And I want to say thank you everyone, my scores are way higher than I expect.


Yeah, I know, nothing too special, but I wasn’t even sure if I can do something in 48 hours. But I made it and people found it’s pretty fun! I really proud of taking #45 at Fun category.


See ya in the next LD!

Great thanks for everyone!

Posted by (twitter: @InbornKiller)
Monday, September 14th, 2015 5:33 am

It’s final hours counting, so I just want to say thank you for everyone. For those who played my entry game and for those who didn’t just because you all guys are the greatest community.

It was my first Ludum Dare and the first gamejam at all. I don’t have a lot of experiece in gamedev (but I freakin’ love games and really passionate about making them), but I recieved very positive feedback and it’s the great inspiration for me to move on.

I don’t think I will get somwhere near the tops here, but it wasn’t the point. The point was to make a game that would be playable and somewhat enjoyable. You know how it’s hard to make something complete and LD gave me enough motivation to make something really cool.

I wasn’t sure if I’m able to make a game from scratch in just 48 hours. Now I know for sure – I can do it.

So thank you all game lovers for making this LD.

Thank you all who rated and commented my game – you gave me a lot of inspiration to move on.

Thank you youtube (and twitch) guys who made a reviews:

Fire Gaming

Jupiter Hadley

Game Jam Weekly


It’s really exciting to watch other people playing your game. Never got experience like that before!

You all guys gave me enough self confidence so I posted my game at Newgrounds and it got pretty good feedback as well. So I think I’ll make bigger game from this LD entry! =) And of course I will participate at future LDs!


And if you feel like playing my game, here is the link

Zombie Rush post-mortem

Posted by (twitter: @InbornKiller)
Monday, September 7th, 2015 6:50 am

Hello everyone!

Just one week left before LD33 judging ends, I’m back from vacation and finally have a chance to play some games and look back at what I’ve made for my very first Ludum Dare (and the very first gamejam at all).

You can try my game here


The idea

I’ve never been good at original ideas or revolutionary gameplay mechanics. I really like simplicity in games but with good execution. So I decided to make something maybe ordinary, but make it as good as I can (taking into account my lack of gamedev experience).

Soo… You’re the monster. Okay, let it be a game about zombies. Why? Well, zombies are funny. Yes, I don’t think about them as about creepy scary monsters trying to eat your brains. They’re actually funny because of enormous amout of games/movies/etc made about them.

First hours

I was sitting with a pen and a pile of paper sheets trying to make something from a simple idea of “game about zombies” for about two hours. Or maybe more. The biggest problem was to not try to make something too complex. It’s only 48 hours and only me with no experience in commercial gamedev.

Finally the vision was formed. A game about running around with a horde of zombies, making more zombies, dying and playing as another zombie.

But I was so scared about “what if I just can’t do it?” so I was sitting with zero lines of code fore another couple of hours. I also didn’t knew how will I do art (I’m not good at it), would it be 3D (I know nothing about making 3D models) or 2D (I can draw something simple at least). But then suddenly the “programmer flow” started and I can remember only one thing – me sitting with a pile of code and art about 36 hours (or so) later. Exhausted but proud of myself. I did it – the game was finished =)


What went right

The art

It was very good decision to combine 3D with 2D. 3D for environment (simple and cubic without textures) and 2D for characters with super-simple art style. I’ve recently watched some Super Bros games letsplays and thought I could make something with the similar style.


I don’t have a lot of experience making games at all, but I was messing around with Unity for the past year, so it was enough for me to not suck with it completely.


AI is super simple. And it fits the setting and game style completely. Zombies are stupid. Scared people are stupid. And military have guns – so no one will call them stupid even if they are =)

Horde mechanics

I didn’t expect this tiny little feature about playing as another zombie when your zombie dies will get so much impact on gameplay. It was really good idea and I’m glad I’ve come to it.

Dat cat

My girlfriend asked me to add a cat into the game. And I added it =) Some people found it pretty funny how the cats watching a zombie apocalypse without giving a f… =)


What went wrong

Unity + Pixelart = Pain

Everyone knows it =) Now I know it too. But my game not a completely pixel-artish, so I just decided I can sacrifice pixel-perfectness.


There is no goal except of getting score points for killing people. It’s kind of boring, I know. I wanted to make something like growing your horde -> breaking through military base. But I wasn’t sure if I can make it in time, so I decided to make it in post-compo version a couple months later.


The sound in game is awful, I know =) I messed with it, made some mistakes about tuning it properly in Unity. Sorry about that =)


In the end

I’m pretty happy with what I’ve got. I never thought I’m able to make a game in 48 hours, but I am. I’ve got a lot of positive feedback about my game, so it’s a perfect motivation for me to go on.

Thank you all!

You can try my game here

I made it! )

Posted by (twitter: @InbornKiller)
Sunday, August 23rd, 2015 4:09 pm

Submitted for my first LD ever. And the very first gamejam. I’m so excited! =)




You can play it here

Almost done

Posted by (twitter: @InbornKiller)
Sunday, August 23rd, 2015 6:22 am



One sleepless night and I’m almost done. I think I did good for my first LD ever =)


I’m in LD 33

Posted by (twitter: @InbornKiller)
Monday, August 17th, 2015 10:29 am

Hello everyone!

It’s my first Ludum Dare and the very first gamejam. I don’t have much experience in gamedev, but I’m really going to complete something this time! =)

I will use:

  • Unity 5
  • C#
  • Paint.NET (and/or maybe Piskel)
  • Bfxr
  • Pulseboy

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