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Ancient technology, from the future!

Posted by (twitter: @_fabsy)
Monday, August 29th, 2016 10:04 pm

This was my first jam and it was by far the most I’ve learned in a while.

The idea for the “Mothership” came about simply through the need to experiment with mixing simulation with exploration and, of course, SPACE. Using obvious inspirations from Dwarf Fortress, EVE Online and the like, I wanted to try something with all the stuff I like most from each one.

The scope of this project is larger than what can fit in a jam, and yes I may have spent 50% of the time on the building system alone (but only because it was fun), but hopefully I can consider this a prototype to a future project!

Any feedback is appreciated, and please notify me if the mac or linux builds are unplayable because I didn’t have the opportunity to test them. Thanks!



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