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LD 35 – Post mortem Octomime!

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Tuesday, April 19th, 2016 3:39 am

I and my two other team mates decided to join the LD35. We couldn’t go all in, with different IRL stuff that needed to be done for all of us.
Saturday morning we started brainstorming Everyone for themself. In the end we elected the idea of making a videogame about a Mimic Octopus. Using unreal engine. I was the only one with a bit of knowledge of unreal but our other scripter quickly started to make nice Blueprints, it’s amazing how fast one can learn those!
On the other hand, we lacked the organization. The reasons reside in myself, I had the lead in this project, but I never had the chance to coordinate other people. It’s a skill I lack and I see now I have to work a lot on it! I’m pretty sure the lack of organization not only affected the production speed, but even more the overall morale of the team!
Always organize ahead the work that has to be done!

The biggest hit on our morale and work speed anyway was the source control. We never really used it before, and starting in a jam is a big no no no!: D Really, it’s best to just build on different things and then merge all the stuff together, especially if you are a small team!

We used unreal – svn (tortoise) combination. It’s a good thing, but still, it’s slow (especially if your connection is bad). After a while we simply disabled the internal unreal engine control and started to just commit outside of it.

But we pulled together something. It’s missing most of his features, it’s bugged but it’s ours and we made it from scratch by ourself!

So in the end two things i have to keep in mind for the future:

1)Plan for every feature before starting to work.

2)Don’t use new tools no matter what, stick to the old stable ones.


See you around testing all the games we made!:D


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