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Hexshaper Postmortem

Posted by (twitter: @excaliburjs)
Sunday, May 8th, 2016 11:02 pm

Hexshaper gif

Play the LD version of Hexshaper

Ludum Dare 35 is the fourth in the series for the ExcaliburJS team. We piled five to seven people into one room for four days to make another game.

What went well

Workflow and Toolset

We’ve continued to refine and improve the way we build games for jams. It’s important that everything “just works” as much as possible. We maintained the same continuous deployment process that we’ve used before to push to a live site, so it could be tested and played within a minute of being checked in. We also used a watch-and-compile task in Visual Studio Code to gain the same benefit while developing locally.

Art & Sound

Hexshaper art asset samples

We had four people putting together art assets on and off throughout the weekend, and it turned out great. We used bfxr to create the sound effects, and a set of littleBits components to compose the background music. Once we had settled on the theming for the game, everything fell into place.

littleBit setup

Event Scripting

We initially had a grand plan for introducing elements of Hexshaper, and as usual we had to set that aside and come up with a more practical solution that could be completed in the time remaining. We ended up pausing the game and moving the camera over to each portal as it opened and as the player successfully closed it, which ended up providing most of what we wanted.


We only encountered a few bugs in Excalibur this time around, and they were all relatively straightforward to test and fix. It feels better to use the engine each time we do a game jam.

What didn’t go so well

Minimum Viable Game


The game on Saturday


We didn’t have a very clear vision of what we wanted the game to be this time around. Uncertainty translated into not really having a playable game until Monday. This delay was a stark departure from the last couple of games we’ve made, where we made a point to have something relatively complete by Saturday evening so we could iterate on it through the rest of the weekend.


There were a number of things that made interacting with the Excalibur animations API painful. Luckily, we didn’t lose too much time to them, and we now have an opportunity to improve that experience for future users.


  • Build a playable game as soon as possible
  • Look for alternative solutions that create most of what you want for much less work

Special thanks to all of the people who worked hard to make this game possible!

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One Jam Day Remains

Posted by (twitter: @excaliburjs)
Sunday, April 17th, 2016 10:45 pm

Here’s a bit of our protagonist during a test flight.

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End of Day 1 – Clearing Away Pests

Posted by (twitter: @excaliburjs)
Saturday, August 22nd, 2015 11:04 pm

Sweep Stacks Postmortem

Posted by (twitter: @excaliburjs)
Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014 5:40 pm

Play and rate the LD version of Sweep Stacks

submission_1     38404-shot0

This jam was the second Ludum Dare we’ve participated in. Our goal with Sweep Stacks was to build something fun and see how well we could work with a larger team (five people instead of the usual three).

What went well


Sweep Stacks for iOS (mobile Safari)

Posted by (twitter: @excaliburjs)
Friday, December 12th, 2014 6:46 pm

We’ve fixed an underlying issue with how ExcaliburJS handles pointer events in Safari, so you can now play Sweep Stacks on your iOS devices!

Check out the latest (post-jam) version at http://excaliburjs.com/sweep/

For the Ludum Dare version, head to http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-31/?action=preview&uid=38404

Sweep Stacks


End of the Second Day

Posted by (twitter: @excaliburjs)
Monday, December 8th, 2014 12:10 am

The game is coming along nicely.

The current build of the game is live at http://excaliburjs.com/ludum-31/

Tomorrow we clean up the UI, add some more polish, and wrap things up.


End of the First Day

Posted by (twitter: @excaliburjs)
Saturday, December 6th, 2014 11:03 pm

An indication of our current progress:

The current build of the game is live at http://excaliburjs.com/ludum-31/

Tomorrow we start tightening up the mechanics and improving the look & feel.

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