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Getting ready to inflict a Straight Ganking

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Thursday, August 7th, 2008 8:22 pm

This is the first LD announcement I’ve noticed in time to compete (last year I missed it by about three days).  While I can’t commit to anything until the theme is announced, I’m probably going to be using the following tools:

  • Pulpcore, a Java game framework – Pulpcore has great applet support, which should make trying this a lot easier (and friendly to those on Linux or OS X, which includes me!)
  • PulpFizz, which integrates JBox2d and Pulpcore into an easy to use physics-centric game engine (still in the very early stages, but it’s open source and available to anyone that dares to try it, so I believe that makes it legit for the purposes of this competition)
  • Garageband for music, Audacity for sound
  • Whatever I can find to make graphics, which might range from the procedural (Processing, maybe?) to the natural (a phone cam and the world) to the brutally manual (Gimp and paintbrush)

Oh yeah, and as I mentioned in the post title, you’re about to see a no-mercy free-of-charge straight ganking.

Er…I mean, I hope I finish my crap before the deadline. :)

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