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2.5D Metroidvania inspired by Bloodborne!? #LDJAM

Posted by (twitter: @EmotionTheory)
Saturday, April 18th, 2015 3:16 pm

I’m Adam Thompson AKA @EmotionTheory and I’m in!

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I’ll be participating in the Jam since I’ve lost a bit of time, and since I appreciate the more lax approach it takes.



I love Metroidvania games – who doesn’t? – and have been wanting to make one for some time now, so I’m taking this chance to do just that!

I’ll be using Unity 5.0 & ProBuilder (I’m putting off learning some Blender yet again), and Photoshop for 2D stuff.

The idea

From brainstorming:

  • An underwater metroidvania with free 2D movement ala Aquaria
  • Basic controls of moving & dashing
  • Abstract character art as seen in @thatgamecompany‘s Flow
  • Silhouette / flat shaded environment elements
  • Bloodborne inspired map layout! Checkpoints (anemonies, you can fast travel between each), unlocking shortcuts, non-linear design (I’ve got a map drafted)
  • A handful of interactive elements; mines, blowfish, currents, etc
  • A handful of collectibles; starfish? Heh.

This might sound like a lot is going on, but I absolutely want to simplify *everything*. I’d like to prototype the absolute core elements of a metroidvania game and truly explore what I find magical about the metroidvania structure.

As such, there is no real *combat*. There will be dangers you must avoid like in VVVVVV, and the challenging Bloodborne inspired checkpoint and map system will encourage players to explore and locate shortcuts.


Here’s my todo list, ordered by priority

  1. Get player controls (arrows, analog, mouse) + camera follow working – Left click to move + right click to dash (also keyboard + gamepad controls)
  2. Create sandbox environment – greybox playground
  3. Create checkpoint (anemones) + fast travel system
  4. Construct map layout (very very basic – entirely seamless)
  5. Create + add in walls (shortcuts) that can be opened up
  6. Create + add in collectible starfish prefab
  7. Create + add in challenge elements
    1. explosive mine prefab – static + moving variant
    2. ???
  8. Create “underwater feel”
    1. background colour gradient
    2. particle effects – bubbles, light rays
    3. color tint effect
    4. wave effect
  9. Make some additional art
    1. generic background rocks
    2. some plants + stickers
    3. ambient fish

I’ll admit this sounds like a heck of a lot to do – but for a prototype I’d be happy if I simply get a character moving in a non-linear world with checkpoints and fast travel. 

That’s my goal!

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Submitted my MiniLD58 entry!


About a year ago I’d been toying with the idea of a rotational pong game that played like Super Hexagon & Bit Trip Beat mashed together; I called it Super SHIELD.


For the jam I thought, hey, why not resurrect the idea and reboot it for Unity 5? I’m a much better coder than I was a year ago – so refactoring and rebooting wasn’t a huge deal.

Here is the game! Play it, share it, and let me know your thoughts!


Site: emotiontheory.com

Twitter: @emotiontheory

Blog: emotiontheory.tumblr.com

Streaming your Ludum Dare games!

Posted by (twitter: @EmotionTheory)
Saturday, August 30th, 2014 1:22 pm

I am STREAMING LD games on Twitch soon at exactly 9PM GMT (9AM NZ) for 2 hours!

Click here to watch me Stream!

If you’ve made an entry, I’d love to play it!

Click here to submit your game for me to play!

Click here to see the spreadsheet of games

If you wish to tune in while I play it, don’t worry – I’ll only play your game if you’re watching! Follow me to get an update on when I go live!


Hey! I’m Adam Thompson, creator of Dream Epoch for this month’s Ludum Dare, and developer behind indie game studio EMOTION THEORY.


For LD30 I made Dream Epoch – a little adventure rpg demo

Please play and rate it if you haven’t already!


Cheers everyone, and see you on Twitch!

Dream Epoch – adventure / rpg [LD30 jam]

Posted by (twitter: @EmotionTheory)
Tuesday, August 26th, 2014 2:29 am



Original post (and game you can play) can be found here

Ludum Dare entry page – click here to comment and vote!

This game began with me toying around with a basic top down RPG.

The dialogue system is a reworking of the one made for my previous game jam entry.

There’s no real objective, it’s just a little demo made in 48 hours for KiwiJam 14 and Ludum Dare 30.

I want to make a world with other NPCs, implement a full dialogue and cutscene system, inventories, party members, a journal, and a map system. Your typical RPG, minus the combat. Using the engine, I’d like to create an engaging world with characters, colors, and atmosphere, and fill it with beautiful little tales the player can immerse themselves in.

This demo is just a precursor to that lofty vision.

Remember to play it in fullscreen!




dream epoch adam thompson emotion theory

dream epoch adam thompson emotion theory

dream epoch adam thompson emotion theory




Click here to Watch!



Click here to Listen!


How to Play

Use WASD / Arrow keys, or even better, click and hold your mouse to move around.

Click on the other fellow to talk to him.

Click on the door to open / close it.




Click here to Play!


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