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Some research for our unnamed jam entry

Posted by (twitter: @elisee)
Saturday, April 18th, 2015 3:43 pm

Here’s some art by Pixel-boy and NoirAcide for our jam entry. We spent over 4 hours trying to come up with a game idea, and finally we decided on something!

It’ll be a multiplayer top-down shooting game, made with our Superpowers HTML5 game maker.




Hunt The Yeti, the first Superpowers game

Posted by (twitter: @elisee)
Wednesday, December 10th, 2014 4:08 am

Hi! You might remember me from CraftStudio, the cubic cooperative game-making platform. While CraftStudio is almost finished (can’t wait to take that beta tag off for good!), I’ve been working with my two new teammates Bilou and Pixel-boy on what comes next…


Follow @SuperpowersDev for updates on our progress

Over the past few months, we’ve been designing an entirely new collaborative game maker called Superpowers. We’re taking the core ideas of CraftStudio (real-time cooperation & ease of use), dropping the cubic/low-res look and porting them over to a new extensible HTML5 platform.

While we’ll strive to be accessible to everyone, we’ve got a new focus on “pro” indie game developers (as in, people making games for a living). We want to build —and let you build— commercial-quality games with shaders, great 2D animations, real 3D models and all that jazz. All asset editors in Superpowers are just plugins (yes, all of them!) and you’ll be able to write your own as well as improve or replace those we provide. We’re shooting for a 2015 release.

Hunt The Yeti!

Anyway, we just got the 2D tools ready in time for Ludum Dare 31 so it seemed like the ideal time for a smoke test!


I really wanted to make a winter/snowy game so when the “Entire Game on One screen” theme was revealed, we combined the two ideas and after a little bit of brainstorming, we came up with this cool mechanic of digging through ice then bashing enemies into the water:


Pixel-boy, with some help from Rosalie, did an amazing job with the graphics and Bilou scripted most of the game while I slept throughout the jam.

We had to jump through some hoops with the very green scripting language as well as fix some bugs, but overall Superpowers worked out very well and the various editors (sprite, map and scene) were great to use. With the experience gathered over the week end, we’re going to improve various parts of the software before our next stop: the Global Game Jam happening in late January!

Play Hunt The Yeti!

Also, while we focused on 2D for this Ludum Dare, we’ll now be getting started on 3D tools… Can’t wait! 😀

Inspector Badass goes underground!

Posted by (twitter: @elisee)
Monday, April 28th, 2014 8:21 pm

Here’s our submission: Inspector Badass. It’s a rogue-like made for the jam with CraftStudio in 72h with our team of 7 people!

Special thanks to BaerTaffy for voicing the inspector! Gameplay video over here.


Play Inspector Badass!



Posted by (twitter: @elisee)
Tuesday, April 30th, 2013 3:53 pm

PaperCoaster is our group Ludum Dare jam entry for LD  #26 made by 10 people with CraftStudio!

A game about drawing rollercoasters on paper… how minimalist is that? 😀

You can play & rate it here:


There were at least 8 other games made with CraftStudio for this Ludum Dare edition, which is awesome! I’m trying to gather them all over at the CraftStudio forums.

I’m in, and so is the CraftStudio community!

Posted by (twitter: @elisee)
Thursday, April 25th, 2013 5:47 pm

As I did for the last two editions, I’ll be taking part in the Ludum Dare 72h jam along with my buddies Canardu57, pixelboy, schouillette, bilou84, Xael (and probably some others) using CraftStudio, my coop game-making platform (who -totally not a coincidence- just happens to have hit beta status).

Screenshot from our first try at a game for LD25 (idea ended up scrapped)

Schouillette and I have stocked on food as a bunch of our teammates are coming to jam together in person! I’m looking forward to having great fun designing another wacky game with friends in definitely-not-enough-time! I’ll try to livestream at http://twitch.tv/eliseegw

Others in the CraftStudio community have announced they will join too: Erwan0fil and friends, Adam Clarke, Van Merwan and possibly NexxCR.

Free CraftStudio week-end!

If you’d like to try out CraftStudio this LD but are still on the fence and don’t want to shell out the 20 € just yet, I’m running a 5-days long free week-end (yeah, that doesn’t make much sense to me either) for the occasion, starting… 15 minutes from now! Just create an account, download it and you’ll get access to all features for the duration of the jam and then some!

CraftStudio comes with a physics engine, Lua or visual scripting, a built-in model & map editor and real-time cooperation support!

You can check out a bunch of games made with it over here: http://store.craftstud.io/games

The Grand CraftStudio Jam #1

Posted by (twitter: @elisee)
Monday, March 4th, 2013 9:12 am

Hey all,

While we’re all waiting for the next Ludum Dare… Dan Dias will be hosting a CraftStudio-centered game jam on March 22-25 (72h, in team or solo)

Info, sign up and theme voting here:


Doomsday Carrot Rampage Porté par le Vent FoodyFast Coding Beach, please!

For those who haven’t heard of it: CraftStudio is a project of mine, it’s a real-time cooperative game-making platform based around 3D boxes and pixel art (it costs 15 € during the alpha, runs on Windows & Mac with Linux coming soon). I’m furiously working on the beta version but the latest alpha works very well already :)

I used it with a bunch of friends for the last 2 LDs, we made Porté par le Vent (ranked 4th overall FWIW) and Beach, please! (ranked #7 in Fun).

Beach, Please! timelapse video

Posted by (twitter: @elisee)
Monday, January 7th, 2013 6:59 pm

Just realized I hadn’t posted this timelapse of our jam entry recorded by Toinane (thanks!) here yet:

The first 16 minutes show us working an infiltration game (first 24h), but then as we realiezd we weren’t going to be able to do something fun and complete in the short time left, we decided to switch to a simpler, more directly fun project involving a dictator shooting tourists hogging his beach. You can start watching at 16:45 if you want to see the second project directly.

The software we used to work together in real-time is called CraftStudio (I’m the developer of it), it’s a blocky, pixelarty 3d game-making platform with a strong focus on being easy to use for people of all backgrounds / ages and featuring fully collaborative editing tools over the Internet.

If you haven’t already, you can play Beach, please! here. It’s fun, I promise.

Beach Please - Title screen


Beach, please! – Extreme Tourist Management Simulation

Posted by (twitter: @elisee)
Monday, December 17th, 2012 7:33 pm

I just submitted our jam entry: Beach, please!

Protect your island from those pesky tourists by shooting them in the face with a machinegun and sinking their boats with a rocket launcher!

Beach Please - Title screen

Made by 10 people with CraftStudio, the cooperative game-making platform :).

And since it’s 3 AM here, I’m off to bed!

Porté par le Vent is SUBMITTED!

Posted by (twitter: @elisee)
Monday, August 27th, 2012 6:07 pm

We finally settled on a title: our game is called Porté par le Vent which is French for… “Carried by the wind”.


You can play it now! (don’t forget to tell us what you think in the comments and/or rate it, thank you!)

First video of “unnamed game featuring airplanes and stuff”

Posted by (twitter: @elisee)
Saturday, August 25th, 2012 12:44 pm

So we’ve been working on and off for about 12 hours now on our entry. Our team is very organic, people join and leave all the time but I think there are around 5 people who made most of what we currently have.

Here’s a screenshot of our main menu and check out this little gameplay video.

Click to see a gameplay video

The link with the “Evolution” theme might not be very apparent yet, but we’re getting there! Stay tuned :)

I’m in… at long last!

Posted by (twitter: @elisee)
Friday, August 24th, 2012 5:26 pm

In October of last year, I joined the October challenge to try and make one euro with CraftStudio, my project of a real-time cooperative game-making platform. Didn’t make it in time.

I set out to have a usable build of CraftStudio for Ludum Dare 22 in December. Missed the mark.

A chest made with CraftStudio by @ThomasFrick

Made my first euro in March when I launched a crowdfunding campaign (which ended up being quite a success!) but couldn’t make it to Ludum Dare 23 in late April because I was still busy getting scripting & export working. I finally launched CraftStudio Alpha in early june, which allowed me and a bunch of friends to make the first ever CraftStudio game, called CraftStudioKart (made over the course of a week-end, now we’re talking!)

So, just over a full year after starting CraftStudio, I’m finally able to enter Ludum Dare with it \o/ I’m not sure yet whether I’ll be doing it alone (jam) or with a team (compo) but I’m very excited!

In order to celebrate, I’m running a free Premium week-end so that all of you can take CraftStudio for a spin and make a game with it for Ludum Dare. Mind you, it’s still very rough! Also, there’s no sound yet. But maybe you can cobble up something cool with it anyway.

Whatever your tools, have fun and see you all on the other side!


Iron Man made in CraftStudio by @Crealinkarts

Progress report #1 on CraftStudio

Posted by (twitter: @elisee)
Sunday, October 16th, 2011 5:53 pm

2 weeks ago I presented my project for the October Challenge: selling the first copy of my “multiplayer game making tool” CraftStudio, by the end of the month.

CraftStudio is built in C# using XNA and Lidgren. The client runs on Windows only (for now!). The server runs on pretty much any platform with Mono support.

People have been building & painting some dragon models to try and see if the modeling tools are good enough to build a complex model. And to see if we could do better than Notch :P. Here’s one of them:

A dragon model by @schouillette

So, what have I been up to code-wise?

  • Spent a lot of time improving model editing. There are now transform handles which allow editing models by dragging stuff around. I had to go through lots of matrix & projection stuff, but it was worth it :).
  • There’s now an integrated news system in the client. It pulls news from the master server (which itself gets them from a SQLite database).
  • Lots of improvements to the UI framework: smooth scrolling, text layout performance improvements, splitters to allow resizing panes, etc. The whole framework is available on Codeplex under the MIT license. Feel free to use it for your own projects!
  • Mostly importantly, I’ve been working on map editing support for the better part of the last two weeks, and I just made a new release available. See for yourself:

An alien space ship map

Since I’m now working full time as an indie, I’ve also started working on setting up a company, but it looks like it will take some more time.

I have looked at payment processing platforms too. I’d love to go with Stripe.com which has awesome developer support and, it seems, a great team behind it. Sadly they won’t be available in my country (France) by the end of the month. I could go with PayPal but I’ve read multiple indie horror stories with selling unfinished products (Minecraft and Project Zomboid, to name a couple). If anyone has advice on this, I’d love to hear it!

I’m in for the October Challenge!

Posted by (twitter: @elisee)
Friday, September 30th, 2011 3:18 am

So I thought I’d finally get involved with Ludum Dare on the next gamejam but this October Challenge is great and I’m working on my game/tool already so why not start now!

I’ll be working on a game tool named CraftStudio which someone called “the Minecraft of game engines“. It’s a multiplayer tool for making games, in real-time. Instead of just terraforming maps à la Minecraft, you can also build your own cubic 3d models collaboratively, paint them and (will be able to) setup your own behaviors, scripts and stuff. You could call it a “multiplayer low-end Unity” and you wouldn’t be far off! It’s for all of us people who like to craft games (& movies) just because we can, and I’m building it with newbies in mind! (you can tell I’m excited by the number of exclamation marks I’m putting in this post!!!)

A Super Meat Boy model built in CraftStudio!

Right now I’ve already pushed out a free pre-alpha build (that you can grab at http://craftstud.io/). The basics for modeling are in but it’s pretty limited. I’ll push (automatic) updates about once a week.

So, my self-devised goal for this October Challenge will be to get CraftStudio out of pre-alpha into alpha land, and start selling it at the same time!

You can follow me at @elisee (more general stuff) or at @craftstudiodev (exclusively CraftStudio-related!)

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