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I enjoy making and playing video games. I like working on games with other people, but haven't had many good chances to.


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I’m in!

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Tuesday, April 7th, 2015 2:09 pm

I skipped last months due to being too busy, but I’m back for a JAM this time around. My strong point is programming, so if anyone would like to join me who would like to work on either sound, art, or animation please let me know. I’ve always done this solo so it will be nice to work with others for once.

My tools:

  • Unity 5
  • GIMP
  • Some sound generator
  • C#
  • Garageband

Cry Baby Post-Compo version

Posted by
Monday, May 19th, 2014 6:45 pm

This Ludum Dare was a lot of fun! I played a lot of awesome games and I’m looking forward to LD 30! After seeing a lot of post compo versions of games, I was motivated to flesh Cry Baby out a little more. One of the main things I added were some sound effects. I’ll probably update this a bit more in the future, but for now I’m rather happy with it. You can check it out here: Cry Baby

Screenshot 2014-04-27 21.16.27Screenshot 2014-05-19 21.41.56

What was added:

-You can play as a boy or girl

-You can get hurt by getting hit by enemies

-Enemies can shoot lasers!

-SOUND EFFECTS (some thing are still silent though)

-Hidden pathways containing hidden items

-“Special” ending if all hidden items are collected

-Some bug fixes and tweaks here and there

Cry Baby Postmortem

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Monday, April 28th, 2014 8:57 pm

Hi everyone, this has been my second LD, and boy what fun did I have!

Please try out my game HERE, feedback is much appreciated.

Screenshot 2014-04-27 21.16.51

Last time I focused almost all my time on gameplay and spent nearly no time on graphics. This time I worked on the graphics first once I had an idea. After the overall look started coming together I began work on the gameplay. As a result, I wasn’t able to get all the gameplay elements finished.

Picking an idea for the theme was hard for me. I decided to go with a platformer because I really like them, and my last game (a puzzle platformer) had awful controls which I wanted to redeem myself from. The controls turned out bad still because of glitches, but I was later able to fix them luckily. When I added the idea for tears, I just went off with it to see where it would go. None of the gameplay mechanics besides jumping were preplanned.

I’ve been told by nearly everyone who has played my game that it is very hard. I guess I failed on that end, because my last game was also very hard and I had wanted to make this more approachable as a result. Oh well, I enjoy the current difficulty at least =]

Things that went right:

– Graphics and animations I am very proud of for my first time doing pixel art.

– Theme interpretation

– I was able to put together a simple menu system in the last hour that worked well.

– Almost a fully working game

– Turned out better than I thought.

– Second LD completed!

Things that went wrong:

– Players let me know of a game breaking glitch. It took me a while to find a solution, but gladly it was extremely simple when I got it fixed.

– The ending of the game was bugged and no one could complete it. It turned out this was simply a typo I easily fixed later.

– The crying mechanic is buggy, sometimes the girl cries when when she shouldn’t and doesn’t cry when she should.

– I wanted to add a few more ways of interaction with the robots but ran out of time

– Forgot to add a reset to the game. Added the player reset at the last second but forgot about reseting the robots.

– No time for sound =[

Finished my second Ludum Dare!

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Sunday, April 27th, 2014 7:12 pm

This is my second LD, and it was once again a lot of fun. I could only really spend 1 day on this unfortunately, but I’m happy with the results. Unlike last time, I actually ran out of time to finish everything for this game; sound, “win conditions”, and a few other things. Regardless, I’m happy with how it turned out. I get a kick out of the idea I came up with for this theme, I hope you do as well.

Please enjoy my game: “Cry Baby”

Screenshot 2014-04-27 21.16.27Screenshot 2014-04-27 21.23.31Screenshot 2014-04-27 21.16.51

First Day Progress

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Saturday, April 26th, 2014 9:54 pm

This is my second Ludum Dare, and I’m very excited to see how all the games turn out. For me, it took a while to get an idea for a game. Last time I spent all my time on gameplay elements and almost zero on graphics. This time I focused on graphics first for a change. I like the look, but now I’m a bit worried I won’t be able to make it fun in time, haha, oh dear. Tomorrow I shall gameplay-ify this game!

Screenshot 2014-04-26 21.12.32

Screenshot 2014-04-27 00.45.20

All set!

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Friday, April 25th, 2014 9:19 am

This will be my second Ludum Dare, and I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve learned a lot since the last one. It’s time to see if there is a difference in my work!


Here’s what I’m going to use:



various free sound generators

First Ludum Dare!

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Sunday, December 15th, 2013 4:19 pm

Hi everyone, this was my first time participating in this event. I’ve never made a full game in a single day before (had to cut it short), and I must say, it was a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to the next one.

A few things I learned while doing this:

  • Having such a small time limit really makes progress happen fast. No time to think of the “best” way to do something speeds things up A LOT.
  • What ever I coded, I used (if it worked). Besides I few exceptions, I didn’t have time to rework anything.
  • If something didn’t work, I tossed it. Not spending a day to figure why something wont work makes things more fun!
  • You can do a lot with a white circle and white square texture.
  • Making good character controls is hard!
  • The theme really made me think outside the box. I find being forced a theme to work with can produce some very interesting results. Or else I may gravitate to the “same old”
  • So many other people working at the same thing at the same time = TONS of energy and motivation to work hard.
  • Puzzles are hard to make in games without being too easy, (or maybe that’s just because I obviously know the solution), I hope my last level can trip some people up for at least their first try.
  • Animations make a game so much more lively, I should have cut out a level to add time for more animations.

Here is an image from the second level.

Screenshot 2013-12-15 00.56.16


Hope you enjoy the final result: http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-28/?action=preview&uid=23982

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