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Screendom – Quick Post Mortem

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Sunday, December 21st, 2014 6:08 pm


I have submitted my first compo alone on ludum 31, and I am pretty sure that the rating will not be good. Why? I just fall into the classic error most of the people do when they start strategy game in game jams… It is not clear what you have to do.

I was surprised at first when people started complaining about it, but when I had spare time, I asked some friend around to play it. And the click and drag mechanism required to create trade route never got out. When asked about it, my friend told me that it’s not a common mechanism in the game. So I think that a lot of people missed about 90% of the game.

How could have it been avoid? That’s pretty simple, some cursor or icon, or highlighting. This kind of things that makes you understand there is something you can interact with the game, and where. Even if it can seems completely logical, it is not that easy when you are deep into your development, alone. That’s one thing really different from the jam, because you receive feedback from the rest of your team, and it can help you understand what the people think.

Putting long text does not truly help as it is boring, and people rating games cannot afford to spend to much time on a game.

A part from this, I was really happy with the result that get out from the compo. All the expected mechanics of the game where implemented and functional, and once you have understood how to play, you can have fun with the game. I had a friend which played and enjoyed around 30 games once he understood how to deal with the UI.

In any case, as always it was really an interesting experience. Now that I am in holiday, I can go back to ratings :)

Here is the game if you want to try it :


If you are not understanding anything at all, I can suggest you to try the tutorial in the post compo, after rating of course.

Here is the difference between the compo and the post compo UI in more or less the same situation. In the compo version, the drag and click indicates nothing particular, and once you release the mouse click the menu changes. In the post compo, the concerned region become highlighted and a line is drawn between them, which is really helpful to understand what’s going on.

screendom postcompo screenshotscreendom compo screenshot

I just saw a ludum game in humble bundle

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Tuesday, June 25th, 2013 11:23 pm

Hi Guys.

This morning when I received a mail from humble bundle, I was like “Yeah, ok…”, so I read :

Hey there!

We just added three more games to Humble Bundle with Android 6! This bundle now includes McPixel (celebrating its first birthday with Humble Bundle-inspired levels!), Waking Mars, and NightSky HD!

… … …

What? McPixel is on HumbleBundle? This is ****ing good news! I didn’t buy it yet, And I remember it clearly from LD.

That’s how I ended up buying McPixel.


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