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Thursday, December 13th, 2012 5:24 pm


15 min Post-Mortem “Paprika Blue”

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Friday, August 31st, 2012 4:03 pm

Eating my bagel sandwich on break at the cafe I wash dishes at.  Got 15 mins.

Preparation:  Prior to ludum dare I was working on a project Grand Law, where I learned several useful animation techniques which definitely became useful during LD.  Eugene and I planned several games before LD, it was high energy as we anticipated the weekend, none of those games got off the ground but we had channel our excitement somehow of working together again I suppose.  I remembered last LD, it took me 48 hrs to settle on a visual style, so I decided to try to pin one down before the compo, a visual style that hopefully would help set us apart.  Finding that visual style didn’t really happen, but I know I wanted to try something different with graphics, something that wouldn’t be tiled based like many games I’ve tried to make, and the first thing that came to mind was Aquaria.  We looked at the editor, and decided to make one of our own and design for Entropy was born.

Day 1:

I had my head against the wall still frustrated mulling over the design, was it going to pixel art or hi-res, nothing came out right except our initial painted background seen in the game.  I didn’t have the editor to play around with the whole day.  I felt fairly unproductive, knowing the rest of my team was working hard on their own stuff, music and the editor/engine.

Day 2:

Finally somewhere:

I think the tree was the initial asset to come out, and set the rest of the visual style down for the project.  The editor was available at this point, I gawked for an hour really happy about it, it wasn’t finished, but I could rotate and place images anywhere within it to get a feel for what I was going for.

Just some unused assets for the fox, eventually settling on the last one seen in the game.  Our initial idea for the story was a creature shunned by his peers, he evolved much slower, constantly being rejected, eventually surpassing them and winning their favor yadee dada.  never made it in the game.  You could say that our graphics were constantly evolving (???) that wasn’t really intention so however you want to quantify it.  I don’t think we really aimed to match the theme but to make the best possible game we could in 3 days, I don’t even know if we realistically aimed for the 72 hours.  I certainly didn’t.

Day 3

The big day, we were all tired, and in the last hour, honestly it was tired yip yip yay, not the same excitement as the last LD.  We made 4 levels in the span of 20 minutes before submitting.  We cut out 3 of the levels that we weren’t happy with.  I think part of the reason we weren’t so exubherant this time, was because we knew we had a lot more work to do.

And that’s where we are now, we’ve been constantly at work, recovering from the weekend, and pouring everything into building this game up.  We’re not quite there in seeing the complete picture, but it’s coming.  Eugene’s been adding some awesome features to the editor, like zooming, scaling, color/alpha effects.  I’ve been sitting in the backseat thinking mostly of design and drawing a few more assets haha design’s important okay!  Without the restriction of the weekend we can take this project any which way and I think its precisely that, that I’m struggling with this.

You can play Paprika Blue here:


Thanks for Plaaaaaayyyyiinnnng


#ld24 Jam “Enthropy”

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Tuesday, August 28th, 2012 7:56 am


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Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012 9:53 pm

We’re back (formerly ekunkeo) but now we’re 3.

Joined by Bashmonet (Ben) on sound/design.

Ekun (Eugene) on code/design.

Minnow (Keo) on art/design.

Last time was such a blast!

Good luck to everyone! Gambate!

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