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Spacy adventure

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Monday, July 31st, 2017 1:30 am



Small shooter game written for Ludum Dare 39 in 48 hours.

About the game

You need to control your space ship and keep eye on the energy! Every shot cost’s you some, as you move forward, your battery discharges.

Avoid enemies, kill the boss and survive as long, as you can!


Arrows – move X – shoot C/Z – open shop

Where to find it

 Be sure to vote 😀

MF100 – Post-Mortem

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Tuesday, May 9th, 2017 3:07 am

If you are bored with gamedev or programming, game jams is a thing you need to try. In october 2016 I found my self bored with c++ madness. Suddenly, I found a blog post about great game jam, that will help you to re-think your skills.

Ludum dare is one of the worlds largest and longest running Game Jam events. Every 4 months, people make a game from scratch in a weekend.

Sounds neat right?

I though, I will have a try. My first LD (37), I wrote an RPG-kind of game:


It was my first experience of java game development, I was completely to game jams. Any way, I did a great job, and I was proud of my self, because I did compo first try. Things I noticed:

  • Ascii art is great, but doen’t fit game jams
  • My java framework was buggy
  • I did not have any clue, how to make music

But, what I enjoyed a lot, that I got new inspiration from the jam and the positive feedback from people. It was so lovely, to hear great words about your game!


Till the LD, there is always a few streamers, that stream their development. When I saw that on LD 37, I thought, that it would be nice to try this. I wrote a small plugin, witch can be found here. Not the best code ever, and the idea is taken from Drunk Devs on twitch.

The plugin it self is a twitch chat bot, that displays all of the users, that had typed something in the chat, on the screen. And every 7-10 minutes happens a random event, that users can vote for.


The truth

My stream got 0 viewers :) Strange, isn’t it? Also, my PC was not powerful enough. When the chat bot was active, my PC was lagging so much…

Another way to do this

Next LD (it will be in summer 2017), I will record a time lapse, and post it on youtube. Hope, that it will go better.

Wait, but what about LD 38?

Ah.. it was a complete fail.. First of all, in a few hours before jam, i found pico-8. I thought: “Well, I write a game-emulator, this can fit almost every theme..”. I created a prototype console, and got to bed.

When the theme was announced (it was Small World), I though, that this theme is great for writing an emulator.

The first day went alright. But on the second day, I just did not know, what to do.. I mean, I run out of ideas. My game was not playable enough. There was not enough time to start another game.

I just failed.

By the way, game is here: https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/38/mf100-hack-the-jam



Never start a brain storming before LD. Otherwise, you will fail.. Trust me. Next time, I will use lua + love2d for my game. And no ascii art!!


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Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017 12:37 pm




Big thanks to @vitogaming for his great help with this project

“You thought, you made a game, and end the LD? You are wrong. Now you are going to write a game for me and hack the ludum dare site! Muha ha ha!”

This is a emulator of old console, inspired by pico8. The game goal is to hack the ludum dare server, sitting in a small room, where you have only one tool – your very old pc.

By the way, did you know, that you can write a real game in this emulator?! Try it, that is insane! See the guide below.


To play the game, just type commands in the shell. If you are confused, you always can type help.

In the menu there are a few commands:

  • help prints help dialog
  • boot start the game
  • about print game info
  • shutdown exit the game

In-game commands

  • mkdir [dir name] creates a new directory with given name
  • dir prints all files in the working directory
  • rm [file or dir] deletes file or directory
  • woman manual
  • tig tig is not git
  • cd [dir] change working directory
  • pwd prints working directory
  • ping important :) ping-pongs a server
  • shutdown exit the game
  • clear clear terminal
  • run [lua script] runs lua script
  • edit [file] opens file for editing
  • gimp [png file] image editor



P.S. If you need your saves directory, it is at $(YOUR_HOME) .MF100

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