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Awarded by alvivar
on October 19, 2014

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Sunday, September 14th, 2014 12:04 am


Finally, post-mortem.
Been very busy lately. But better late than never, right?
I find Shift Keeper is quite decent. Seriously, I think this is my best entry with all past Ludums.
Hopefully the growth will continue. Especially I like my new tool, Unity. It is very cool, and I am more and more get control.
Soooooo, I am generally satisfied with the result, and here’s why.

• Finish. Made a playable version that runs and looks good about any monitor in full-screen. It’s good by itself to do something just complete somehow %)
• I managed to work out a general view of the characters and the styling of the two locations. In fact, it’s how to make two different games.
• I learned something, which did not know before. For example, several different cameras in one project. Also came up with a cool way to animate the shooting.
• Also, I am very pleased to play with particles. I understood their power as a tool for visualization. This smoke is in the second world made ​​only one source of particles. And the salute from the magic balls, and stuff that fall from the skeletons. Very nice tool, particles.

• My time management disappoint me. So, I do not have time to do animation and polish balance. I have devoted too much time scalability also. To make the game like “stretching” I spent all second night. This frazzle me out, and I did not have time to make a delicious pieces, such as animation, or skills.
• I did not prepare before Ludum. I should had stretch my brain and recall skills before Ludum.
• Also, on the eve before Ludum I did not hardly sleep at night. So I passed out right in the middle of the first day of LD.

• The last point. Do not drink before the night of programming! I allowed myself to have a couple of Long Island with my friends in honor of the victory on the local Ludum, and it was absolutely unnecessary. Everything just fall out of my head %) Only sober after-party before coding, really.

So that’s it. Hope you overcome this wall of words, and get something helpful.
Play Shift Keeper, and stay good game creators, my friends %)

Shift Keeper post#0

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Saturday, September 6th, 2014 3:40 am


Hello! I’m writing here in a first time, so just trying it out.

Post-mortem and pixel art tutorial are coming soon.
If you haven’t played yet, check out my game, Shift Keeper.


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