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The Emo Robot Award for Best Procedurally Generated Music
Awarded by Frimkron
on August 31, 2009

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Sunday, August 22nd, 2010 5:37 pm

Alas, it was not to be. With 1 hour and 23 minutes remaining I see no chance to turn this into something playable.

LD18 failure

Perhaps if I had spent more time implementing gameplay instead of thinking about it…

Oh, and it’s hard to see in the screenshot, but there’s an accompanying laser sound made with SFXR. To everyone still working: “Use it. Now.”

For the community

Posted by
Saturday, August 21st, 2010 3:44 am

I think that settles that…

Oh right, I still need to design and make a game 😉


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Thursday, August 19th, 2010 6:30 am

Were I to dare, I’d bring these with me:


Graphics Gale

Audio and Music
The ever glorious SFXR.
The Bennu mod_notes module?
A sound recorder, even?

For this LD I intend to actually submit something. And then finish it over the course of 48 weeks. Oh, and my LD15 entry is coming along nicely.

Throwing my ring into the towel.

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Sunday, August 30th, 2009 3:07 pm

I don’t think I could go on for another 4.5 hours, nor would it matter much. Consider my feeble attempt at a Roguelike buried under tons of rock. That isn’t to say it won’t be completed eventually, just not today.

Next time, though…

Oh dear.

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Saturday, August 29th, 2009 8:51 am

Not sure if I’m going to finish anything playable at this rate.
LD15 screen 2
Eventually there will be creatures in the caves.

Point of unlikely return.

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Thursday, August 27th, 2009 1:06 pm

There’s a substantial risk that I will participate in LD15. In case this happens, a list of the tools used can be found below…

Language: Bennu/Fenix

IDE : Context

Graphics (if any): Graphics Gale

I expect to write everything from scratch. This doesn’t mean every line of code written is a masterpiece of original creativity. As I understand it, one is allowed to use experience and memory. Will definitely require those.

That is all.

P.S. I hope I’m uploading this post in the correct manner.

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