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I’m in // food // concept “Under sea, see stars…”

Posted by (twitter: @ebezolli)
Saturday, April 26th, 2014 10:01 am

Hello world !

Well, i’m in since the beginning but as usual i waited to have some pics and at least a basic concept for my first post here. :)

And as usual, i’m in Jam mode, using Javascript/Canvas on notepad++/firefox/firebug and old’ Paint shop pro 5 for the graphisms. And Filezilla. And La Boite à Couleurs. And perhaps PixiTracker if i find the time to make the sounds, but i doubt that.

Here is my future food, some lentils and chickpeas soaking in water before cooking. I found it’s fitted a lot with the “Beneath the Surface” theme. :3 I often let them sprout a little bit like that, it’s fun to see and tasty.



About the concept : everywhere is sea. Our civilisation has been entirely engulfed, only sparing sea life, birds, and some rare tribes gathered on rafts.

And one day, someone very special came back to earth. That’s you. You were sent in space a long time ago, to find some habitable new home. Indeed everybody already knew that earth was doomed : first, by men, and second, by our aging sun. Many have been sent, but you seems to have been the only one to return. And you know for sure where to find our new home in the big, deep space. But what to do with that, no spacial facility exist anymore. …No, wait… There still are. Beneath the surface.



Now you’re the only one to possess the special ability to fly, thanks to your shuttle, and gather all the tribes. You will have to rally them, to find all the needed underwater stuff to build a new spacial factory platform. Desperate project.

Here come the gameplay : Try to convince people to follow you; send your tribes on special locations where underwater usable stuff may be founds, or to protect them from hostile beings; manage the few mountain’s or skyscraper’s peak’s cities to reintroduce at least some basic engineering sciences amongst people, trade things on the market, foresee the political alliances …and build a new world for a future.

Five gameplay ideas, with the third one which i selected and explained above.


Now, for me too, there is a lot of things to do ! :3

LD28 Post Compo – Goblyrinth V2

Posted by (twitter: @ebezolli)
Thursday, March 6th, 2014 2:32 am

I’ve just finished my little LD28 entry post compo ! \o/

You can play it here (english/french : green button on the top bar).
For the comparison, the old LD entry is here.

Core game remains the same : It’s a mini labyrinth exploration game, where you only have one matchstick. But you’re no longer a team of goblins lost in the maze who try to find the exit. For this new version the background is a bit darker : you play the shaman’s goblins, sending your fellows in dungeons to fetch the treasures for you.
You’re following ’em with your astral vision, giving your orders. They explore alone, in the dark.. But if you use their matchstick, only once and for a limited time, their path will be revealed on the map. If they die, the next goblin will pursue the quest. Of course, you will have to find the treasure before running out of goblins.

Where there were an unique maze, now you’ve got 15 levels with generated corridors and rooms, still the bunch of traps but also a monster, and 10 special abilities for your goblins : each one have one and you can choose the next of them to send. I remade all the graphics, refined looooots of details in the gameplay, added a tutoriel, some medals to earn, an endgame, and well – it took me two months. Not plain time, but still, that was quite a long project for me. :)

Now i think the game is correct. It’s not a brilliant and shiny game, but people seems to enjoy it. I’ve began to learn programming (JS/canvas) in january last year and that’s my 5th game, so i’m happy with it. For the next time, i want to learn about particles effects and.. the main objective is to make multiplayers games, so i will have to learn a lot.

Hope you enjoy the little game (all feedbacks would be very welcomed),
and thanks for all LudumDare & LD people ! ♥

Time to submit !

Posted by (twitter: @ebezolli)
Monday, December 16th, 2013 7:00 pm

Yay, i’ve made it ! You can play Goblyrinth on the web and view the sources here. \o/


The version has more or less been completed in time, i’m happy with it. It lack a better labyrinth, i think i will make it later in another non-ludum version. :)

Oh, and sorry for the english, i know it’s awfull. I’ve wrote the thing really late. :3

A better labyrinth

The game have been made in the Nesblog nest with these cool guys :
Angry Nelson by Gollunk, Shoaz & Bandouch
Duel of cowboys by Dcandle, Shoaz, Bandouch & Psykedelius

I’m in ! :)

Posted by (twitter: @ebezolli)
Saturday, December 14th, 2013 9:56 am

Okay so here in the Nesblog nest we are four little teams for this new LD28 ! I’ve got the seat right next to the firecamp, it probably inspired my little idea.

Nesblog Station

I will try to make a mini labyrinth exploration game, where you only get one matchstick. You play as a team of goblins lost here and the shaman has a brilliant idea : send one goblin at a time. Using his astral vision, the shaman will follow his scout’s progression.

LD28 idea

You play the scout. If you play in the dark, you will only hear your path – “i’m going left. Right. Forward. BLONK-outch! Groooarrrr… aaaaah!!“. If you use the matchstick, only once and for a limited time, your path will be traced by the shaman on the map.

If you die, the next goblin will know the map and will have his own matchstick in order to pursue the escape. You will have to find the exit before running out of goblins. =)

I’m in Jam mode, using Javascript/Canvas on notepad++/firefox/firebug and old’ Paint shop pro 5 for the graphisms. And Filezilla. And La Boite à Couleurs.

Time to submit ! :)

Posted by (twitter: @ebezolli)
Monday, August 26th, 2013 3:14 pm

The game is playable and it has some minimal graphisms, it would be better with the two last features – creatures saying fun things when they meet and “The Great Absurd Fun and Nice Book Of Life” – but i won’t make them before the deadline so i save that for the week, with the graphisms of the cute creatures! Can’t wait. :)

So, I submit now!
I wanna see the fluffy creatures !

The rules of the game

This is my third Ludum Dare game, but it’s my first submission! Do do di da dooo! \o/

It’s alive !

Posted by (twitter: @ebezolli)
Sunday, August 25th, 2013 2:35 pm

The gameplay works. :) It’s nice to see the little creatures born and live and create nests and make childrens and follow my clics. There is no graphisms yet and i don’t know if it will be finished for tomorrow, but i’m happy happy. \o/

You can try it here online, but you will need the explanations below to understand the feedbacks, for i have to implement tutoriels and all the stuff.

We will play with little creatures who only have ten seconds lifespan (the green aura let you see the time left). You have to help them fulfil the great wish and goal of their life (like meet another one (the blue ones), reproduce themselve (the pinks), or construct a nest (the greens)) by guiding them in the right place to achieve it.

The nests (black and white spots) are necessary for reproduction; to construct one the nest-goal creatures have to go to a random specific point (their green areas), that moves away the creatures and thus you will have to move them for the encounters. The nests and creatures have to grow before being usable.

One can make born a maximum of 15 creatures, when all of them have been born or if you forgot to make reproduce them and there is no new generations, you get a total of creatures having been happy or unhappy (not done yet).

Bonus : when they meet, creatures says something cute or fun or poetical, and it is wrote in The Great Book Of Life. Perhaps.

Well, i’m in !

Posted by (twitter: @ebezolli)
Sunday, August 25th, 2013 2:40 am

And in fact i was since the begining. I’ve choose my game idea within the hour and started to code it yesterday midday. But i’ve been super-reluctant to announce it because i soon realised that i have forgotten all the damn things i knew about code in just a month !!§*ù, and it is so fraking slow and painfull to do something in this state thus i wasn’t sure to be able to make anything at all.

Now my head is still full of hatred for my absolute non-skill, for my 10second-memory, for frrrr-shhhh-javascript, for the injustice of all the evil things in the world, but i haven’t killed anybody yet and the project seems to slowly take shape. I’m not sure to be able to submit it for monday, but for i’m trying anyway – and hell, since i poor little thing am suffering a lot in that goal !! – here am i.
• Tools : So, i’m a non coder thrown in the hard and cruel world of javascript & canvas. I also use flashdevelop, the old old old Paint shop pro 7, and my own previous code from my two early projects. I use no libs, however i pick some pieces of code in tutorials and advices from programmers friends. And i speak english bad. Sorry!

• About the game idea :

We will play with little creatures who only have ten seconds lifespan. You have to help them fulfil the great wish and goal of their life (like meet anotherone, reproduce themselve, or construct a nest) by guiding them in the right place to achieve it.

The nests are necessary for reproduction; to construct one the nest-goal creatures have to go to a random specific point, that moves away the creatures and thus you will have to move them for the encounters. One can make born a maximum of X creatures, when all of them have been born or if you forgot to make reproduce them and there is no new generations, you get a total of creatures having been happy or unhappy.

Bonus : when they meet, creatures says something cute or fun or poetical, and it is wrote in The Great Book Of Life. Perhaps.

• Inspiration : I realised the similarity with a game i adored from the last Ludum Dare where you had to help people meet their significant ones. It was really simple and poetic. Felt a little bit odd when i noticed it, but well, it’s okay. It also seems to be a remembrance of “flOw” from Thatgamecompagny, that i loved a lot.

Here is my post-LD non-game. :p

Posted by (twitter: @ebezolli)
Friday, May 3rd, 2013 7:44 pm

Well, it may be a bit late (again? Yup.). But since this isn’t really a game, more a kind of linear history, I didn’t intend to submit it so I took my time. I think you ‘ve got to test enough games right now to not add something that doesn’t fit the rules. :p

English version of Evocation – web

French version of Evocation – web

Sources (javascript/canvas)

But I wanted to show it here because :

  •  It’s my first program, and my first javascript/canvas program, something moves on the screen, and I’m happy so I wanted to share that ’cause it’s for some part thanks to Ludum Dare. :)
  • I have been sustained a lot by kind people to DO SOMETHING for this LD, so I did. They are the others (great and moving) part of my motivation. I felt I have to  finish here what I have been encouraged for.
  • I’ts not a game, but I tried to do something elegant that fits the Minimalist Theme, It contain potato, some references I was pleased to use, and it have been nicely received in it’s first french version. So maybe you could like it.
  • Since my english is still awfull, I’ve been helped for the translation. Seems better to honour this work by publishing it here. ^^



Post mortem – Premices :

Well… Honnestly I wasn’t really inspired by the theme. I searched on saturday morning about Minimalism in it primary meaning, in it’s artistic current, about it’s context and consequences, about artists themselves.. I’ve learned a lot. But I wasn’t inspired. And a little bit ill too.

I like Mies van der Rohe -which is a minimalist architect- since many years, when i visited his Spanish pavillon in Barcelona. I love the elegance, simplicity, lightness of this construction. The use of water and space. I thought I could perhaps not make a game, but try to reveal that.

It would only use some moving rectangles, I didn’t knew if i could only do that but it would be the occasion to try. I didn’t saw this like an animation, but like a path the user should take moving forward with the up button. It would have a little story with a potato (…well…) talking along the path (hum…), that could react if the user choose to go back instead of move.

That wasn’t the only idea, but I didn’t enjoyed the others. This one had at least a nostalgic touch. But I couldn’t figure how to make it funny. That was not a gameplay. I spent the day and the night thinking about it without give it a try. I thought about not submit anything for this LD and go back to work.

But I had announced my participation here and there and people had been very supportive. So I told them that I didn’t know what to do for this LD. I felt bad. I felt sorry that they had wasted their time and encouragements because of me. And their responses were so cool.. “Come on, you can do it !”. Okay, I couldn’t NOT do nothing.


Newbie discovers about powers of code :

That was on sunday evening. So. Lets try. Up Button, moving rectangles. I had a tuto about games on canvas made by a friend. Took the game loop and the up button parts. Well, this works. Never tried to programm anything in JS before, only theorical exercices with boucles and operators. In the console. This was the first day in my life where i had something on the screen !

I don’t clearly remember how and why, but I switched from the Mies van der rohe evocation idea to moving rectangular islands. More or less like in the SNES “mode 7”. For Mies van der rohe I needed perspective illusion when the player goes back or forth. So make a rectangle grow in the screen when button up is pushed was the first move.

Well, I had got some problems. To figure how to use the coordinates – at begining my islands often flipped themselves, and expanded seemingly randomly. I had to remove the down button, cause if false-perspective eventually became good forward, backward was still pretty messy. Fortunately, I’ve been helped. I did my code myself, but I had the chance to have people reviewing my code and explaining me where or why it couldn’t work.

Added and removed an inertia system – It worked, but messed again with my island generation. Don’t know why. Often forgot how exactly functionned pieces of code i had writed myself. Even only two hours before. Even commented. Had hard times with the animation of the “signal” announcing new messages – and I’m still not proud of it. But I was pretty impressed by the things which worked quite easily when I tried to make them.


Choices and challenges :

I had no libraries. Nor jQuery. I wished to work from scratch if possible, and with no graphisms too (the up button representation is the only picture). Just with code. I usually do the graphics, so it was my personnal challenge. When I decided to not submit the “thing”, I took some code I have made for the last LD, for the footer part of the website.

I didn’t worked on monday and wednesday days. So I’m pretty happy with the time spent in the project, I’ve lost some hours on the issues mentionned before, but I’m surprised that it were finished so soon. I used two days on the story and timing, reviewed all of it hundreds of time. One day again for translation – to realize that it was awfull and be helped. I’m fond of Ray Bradbury for his english mastery, and his language’s massacre by myself was really a shame to me.

I had to make a choice for the history. I had an idea more contemplative in mind – You’re a bird, a voice asks you to rescue her. You finds and takes it, it’s a potato (humhum), she share her thoughts with you during the flight. You let her go on the continent, she thanks you. (“You were so kind to rescue and let me speak, you know, you’re a good guy !”). And this story about Chell and Keats (from Portal, Hyperion, Mush, and others refs too :3). I asked people to choose what they would enjoy better.

I was not sure about the linearity. I could easily make alternative choices in the dialogs but it wouldn’t have a real impact on the island below (not a significative and visible one, island remains islands..). And I also have already made a novel game with real and efficient choices on my last LD entry. I don’t wanted to seems to be ‘the girl which make novel games’, since that’s not even my cup of tea…


That’s freaking cool !

I wish it will be as smooth for the next projects. Which will hopely be real games ! The story of Evocation will continue in it, this story is a prequel of a project I have in mind since long time. I’m currently learning to program to be able to make it some day. For my formation, I plan several mini projects in this perspective.

Thanks again, Ludum dare and Ludum dare people !! :)



Posted by (twitter: @ebezolli)
Saturday, April 27th, 2013 5:04 am

I got some ideas but not a single I would find pleasant to make. So I’m still trying to find something more appealing (Mies van der Rohe ? Flatland ? Game of life ?). Meanwhile, I ate my ♥-potato in revenge. NAHAHAHAHAH.


PS: I forgot to put the link to the post mortem of our last submission, by Mokona. It’s here. :)

I’m in ! :)

Posted by (twitter: @ebezolli)
Friday, April 26th, 2013 6:50 pm

Well …probably. :)

I’m currently learning about Javascript/Canvas but I have only few basics. So I will try to do something, or at least just a little concept and graphs that I would be able to finish later. And, oh, my english is as approximative as always, sorry about that. :p

PS : I saw this munificent “heart-potato” while doing my food shopping yesterday. It’s destiny ! yum yum yum miss potato you will be a delicious dish HA HA HA !


By the way, this is my desk. For the tools, I will use HTML/CSS/JS and perhaps jQuery on Flashdevelop; and Paint shop pro for the graphics, with MyPaint and Krita if I have to paint. The two later are great cool free and open source tools. :)


Take care and have fun everybody ! :)

Finally.. We made it !!! :)

Posted by (twitter: @ebezolli)
Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013 11:54 am

Finally ! I can show you the little ‘novel game’ we made for Ludum Dare 25 !

The english translation had been made collaboratively by folks who followed the project -and it was really really cool to see that. But we made a lot of modifications later in the french version that couldn’t have been accounted. So, sorry, please consider the content as a demo. :)



Well, I know we have a month late. :3 But we had some little problems and first of all : we lost the programer, late of LD’s weekend. So we had to find somebody who would be eager to retake the project, and it took some time.

And at last : Mokona undertook to make it, but due to his job he only could work on it late on the day, some days. Mokona says that he tracked the time he passed on the project and happily, that could have fit on a Jam.

I cannot say as much : the graphics could have been made in time but I exploded the schedule with the css-html integration part. I’m not experimented on that, so it took me longer than it should had. :)

But well, thanks to the LD, we have our first own game for 2013 ! That’s really cool. We showed it to french players yesterday and despite the fact that it’s a text-based game, they seems to mostly have liked it (on a sondage, 138 people said they liked it or would have like a next chapter and 33 only didn’t liked it). Or perhaps they are too gentle with us. :p


This is pretty encouraging. 2013 is the year where I will try to learn programming, do games, and …hopefully : in 2014 perhaps, live with video game’s revenues. And I will do looooots of mini-jams by myself to fulfill this goal. :)

I wish all of you a really wonderfull new year, with lots of cool projects ! :)

GoldKeeper – some items

Posted by (twitter: @ebezolli)
Monday, December 17th, 2012 5:04 pm

So the game won’t be finished tonight, but we are still standing to fight for a release – hopefully this week. :)

Here is the shop, where you can see the result of your selling with the adventurers.
Currently I’m drawing some objects – rusted sword, devilish goat, Perfume of Deadly Cheese…

Congrats to all the fine people who submitted their game, and some love for the ones who tried ! :p



GoldKeeper – I’ve lost my programmer

Posted by (twitter: @ebezolli)
Sunday, December 16th, 2012 9:35 pm

Well, we probably won’t make it since the project lost it’s programmer. I’ve spent some hours to find someone who would try to take the project and at least, three people have begun ..on their own. Surely neither of them will be able to finish it for the Jam deadline, but perhaps we will have a game.

I give my best to finish the graphs and HUD. The polyphasic sleeping helps a lot. :)
Here is the end screen game, with awards and three endings to achieve.

1goat  Oh, and we have a goat. One of a kind… ^^
(sorry for my poor english, I’m really not fluent… :)).

GoldKeeper - Miniawards

GoldKeeper – Story and encounters

Posted by (twitter: @ebezolli)
Sunday, December 16th, 2012 8:55 am

I said in my last entry that we had issues with the english translation of the game. So we opened a Titanpad doc and fortunately, really nice people helped us ! Thanks to them, I’m able to give you a sneak peak about the story. :)

Dungeon Master: YOU, flunky!!!
Flunky: Yessss Masssster..?
– You will serve my evil schemes!
– Please, I wanna liiiiiiive… T_T
– You will be in charge of the Dungeon Adventurers’ Shop!
– …But… Is it really to our advantage to equip them ??
– Well yes! Let me explain…
Firstly, the money they’ll spend there will help if they eventually get to the treasure room.
Secondly… We’ll get rid of all the junk left by all the dead adventurers who came in our wonderful dungeon…
More importantly, QUITE A FEW TIMES. Hahah! You will give them the worst possible equipment, and don’t be shy on the hidden flaws!
And then, the really sneaky detail. You’ll get a glimpse of their gear, and will tell me everything about it, so that we can welcome them… Warmly…


CLANG KLONK BLANG… Someone’s coming… It’s awful, they’ll never believe it, I’ll die here… Aaaargh! IT’S THE END!
HELLO WELCOME TO THE DUNGEON SH- .. Wait, no, just an average adventurer, just wandering there, like you, and selling a few things. Care to take a look, without killing me?


I’ve spent all the night, writing stories of encounters between the main character and random adventurers. I’m quite happy because if players enjoy the game, they will be able to write some encounters themselves for the enhanced version. So we may have a community game. =)

You can hear heavy steps, really heavy ones, in the corridor…
Troubled by the arrival of a Barbarian, you didn’t see the Thief already stealing your wares…
Barbarian: We take everything.
Flunky: Ohh? Wonderful! … It’ll be ten thousand gold c..
Thief: No, you didn’t get it, little man. He said: WE TAKE EVERYTHING.

Elf: Kyaaaaaa, this invisibility cloak is sooooo cute! I need it, I need it! Don’t you think it suits me well? You’re quite the cutie too, you know… Oh, but I’m afraid I don’t have enough gold… Can I get a discount? Can you give it to me? As a gift!
Flunky: I… Erm… Glblbl…

Ranger: … So, I sell you 37 rat tails, 18 magic chicken bones, 72 giant coachroaches’ wings, 7 rusty swords, 22 bat wings… Oh, you’re out of money. Well, I guess that’s all.
Flunky: …Okay… So, what does tickle your fancy here, maybe a shiny sword? Maybe some magic potions?
Ranger: Me? I don’t buy anything… I got everything I want in the wilderness, you see. It’s goodbye then!
Dungeon Master : Let’s recap. You gave ALL my gold to this guy in exchange for bits of MY creatures corpses?


I’ve got the last few hours today to make the graphs of the HUD and integrate them in CSS/html. Tomorrow, I will make the items icons and add some more stories if I have some time left.

Oh, here is a picture of my desk and lunch. With a polyphasic sleeping schème : I’m right in the adaptation period, and it’s an amazing experience. :)

Mlle Eole meal

We join the Jam ! :)

Posted by (twitter: @ebezolli)
Saturday, December 15th, 2012 1:57 pm

LD25 GoldKeeper

We join the Jam ! :)

Not sure to submit anything however, because it’s a novel game and my english is …really… awful.

So I’m writing it in french and we will see if we have got the time or some help to make an english version. =^-^=


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