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Last chance voting!!!

Posted by
Saturday, May 9th, 2015 8:54 am

Our last voting days are upon us and your last chance checking out my game. Hope you like it!


Screenshot 2015-04-20 04.22.27Screenshot 2015-04-20 04.22.52 Screenshot 2015-04-19 13.35.21Screenshot 2015-04-20 04.22.18


You can play the game HERE


Matter of the void – Post mortem

Posted by
Tuesday, May 5th, 2015 11:45 am

I’ve entered compo twice before and never did a post mortem, so I thought now its time to write one! =D


Screenshot 2015-04-20 04.22.18


What went right?


At first I was thinking about using LibGDX, kinda used to it and made 2 Ludum Dare games with it. But last minute I decided to go with Unity instead. The reason being is that I wanted to use 3d models for my game which was easier for me to produce than 2d sprites. Strangely enough it worked out pretty well since I didn’t touch Unity in months.


Screenshot 2015-04-20 04.22.52



I needed a different strategy for my development, like my last two games, it was kind of intense and focused too much on one part of the game like graphics and kept tweaking till I liked it. So I made a list of things I needed for my game. On this list like everyone else’s; gameplay, graphics, controls, sound, begin and an end and perhaps a story as extra. I think I started too ambitious with physics based gameplay. After the first day I didn’t came even close to what I’ve intended to make for LD. Unfortunate I had to make some sacrifices in some of the basic game key elements. It was a wise decision and I made the game simpler and it was easier for me to build. Instead of using massive flocks of particles as offense and defense, pretty much your unconventional weapon I made a single black hole you had to feed in order to survive.


Screenshot 2015-04-20 04.22.27



My strength is programming and modeling, everything else was on low priority and didn’t want to spend too much time how to deal with it. Although I wanted to add music to the game, my previous games had no sound at all, well… simple shooting sounds and that’s basically it. So I’ve spend some time on making music and it was really fun to work on and strangely enough it fits the game very well.


Screenshot 2015-04-19 13.35.21



My previous enters were kind of hectic, no sleep, bad food, and lived like a zombie for a week afterwards. This time I wanted to have fun and be more productive in fewer hours and getting better results. I slept very well, took my time to think about the game of how it should look like etc. Doing some other stuff during the day to keep my mind from programming and did some relaxing modeling or watching Motor GP :P.


Screenshot 2015-04-19 13.35.19



This is my first enter where I added music to the game and the result was pretty badass, and I got many positive feedback from other people as it added atmospheric vibe to the game.



What went wrong?

Well not a lot of things went wrong to be honest; perhaps the last minute choice to use Unity took away some fast productivity and the usage of particles in combination with physics. Spend a lot of time on the physics and world generation part. Most of the world you won’t even see as the game spends a lot in its center as the gameplay forces you to.


What will I do in the future?

Enter the next Ludum Dare ofc! Perhaps entering as a jam with friends, who knows 😉


You can play the game here!



Background music (ambient)

Posted by
Sunday, April 19th, 2015 1:51 pm

I made an ambient track, normally I don’t do any sound for my games or just really simple ones. I think this sound fits my game very well… atmospheric! =D


Day 1

Posted by
Sunday, April 19th, 2015 6:40 am

Ive been working on controls, visuals and level generation… most of my work was getting nice feeling control of the particles which are your weapons or shields against your enemies. Next will be introducing different kind of particles, adding weight, special abilities, enemies and perhaps a base station where you can upgrade.


Screenshot 2015-04-19 13.35.21

Getting there, first day of work done ;)

Posted by
Saturday, December 14th, 2013 5:33 pm


Testing out

Box2D physics, collisions, sound, lights done. Gotta do some AI work now! ^^
You can test it on http://soulofevil.com/ludum

wasd – movement
left mouse – shooting
middle mouse – adding lights (for testing purposes)

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