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One Passage Room

Posted by (twitter: @http://twitter.com/_dyn)
Wednesday, December 14th, 2016 8:21 pm

Have you ever wondered how mythic creatures travel between worlds? There is a special room, where doors of different worlds make a crossroad.
Have you ever wondered how much of an effort does it take to make those creatures not to argue to each other? It takes special skills!
Have you ever wondered who skillfully copes with the task?!…

This is One Passage Room game post-mortem. We wanted to make something simple yet dynamic with voxel graphics at the start. Hopefully we managed to do it!

So we created an arcade with an unusual idea of creatures that pass the room from one door to another. At first it seems very easy, but the fact that creatures have relationships between eachother makes it more complicated. And if the creature leaves in a bad mood – you will loose some money… In such a scenario, it becomes clear that it is necessary to give them greenlight in some sequence, not just open every available door.


Dyn – gamedesign, coding
Alice – 3d artist, animation


First of all we started with boxes

Pathfinding gave us a lot of fun moments

First day was finished with some sort of prototype

We also wanted to make some small story at menu screen.

But after decided to cut it off and make funny dance)

What went right

  • Timing. Probably it’s my first time when almost everything was on time. It is amazing! Prototype was ready for the 1st day, the game – for the 2nd. We added extra content, improvements and sound on 3rd.
  • Coding. It is strange, but this time we hadn’t have almost no difficulties with the programming.
  • Voxel graphics. It is very very cool. Not hard to create and looks beautifull.
  • People making games at D3C0D3 bar – Other interesting works motivate to work better and better. Thanks you guys! You’re all awesome!


  • I got sick right before LD. It was very difficult to take pills, think a lot and sleep less
  • Insert and configure all artwork by the programmer. Manually. Always remember that it is necessary to immediately make the infrastructure. Even in LD
  • By the third day we were very relaxed. Everything seemed to be going well. So we barely had time to assemble the game to the deadline. Conclusion – no relax on LD! Keep focused!


This is one of my best works on LD.
What do you think? Do you have time to play it? If no – go and play! I will be very pleased. ^_^ Or at least watch gameplay video and give some feedback)

Thanks for reading all this bunch of text. ^_^


Almost Robot: Walkthrough

Posted by (twitter: @http://twitter.com/_dyn)
Wednesday, April 20th, 2016 5:50 am

We made a walkthrough for our game Almost Robot.


Feel free to watch, play and leave comments.

Work in progress

Posted by (twitter: @http://twitter.com/_dyn)
Saturday, April 16th, 2016 7:59 am

Started working on the game. Here is current concept arts:


Evilator: Post-compo v0.2

Posted by (twitter: @http://twitter.com/_dyn)
Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015 5:22 pm

Have received a lot of positive comments and decided to continue work.
So I’ve already done some after compo in the game.


  • new visitors: womens (scares of dead bodies) and hungry dogs (eats meat)
  • ability to hide bodies on the basement (from 4 level)
  • particles for reputation, structure and exp points
  • camera shake on receiving damage to elevator
  • notifications of peoples waiting on other floors
  • people stay randomly in elevator
  • combo kills (try to kill 3 at once!)
  • tutorial windows
  • tips on game over
  • random objects on floors
  • elevator going up faster on start
  • smooth acceleration
  • new bubbles for messages from people
  • other fixes and balance changes

Some of ideas I received from comments.
And I will be happy if you play Evilator and leave some feedback.


Play Evilator!

Know issue:
Lag after few seconds of playing in WebGL. Will find it soon.


  • Level colors (for queue notifications)
  • Peoples queues on floors
  • Implement fear state
  • Build for mobiles
  • New art for the game
  • Icons for upgrades
  • More content

Evilator – Postmortem

Posted by (twitter: @http://twitter.com/_dyn)
Tuesday, December 15th, 2015 3:06 pm

Have you ever wondered what it means to be a lift?!

People always want to bring them to different floors, but don’t give you nothing in return.
One autumn evening you accidentally slammed the door so that men that comes inside received a blow to the head and died.
From that moment, your new story starts…

  • Kill people (as much as possible) to gain experience and improve yourself
  • Bring people where they want to receive reputation points
  • Ensure that reputation did not fall to zero

Is it easy and fun to be a lift? You will learn in the game



What went right

  • The idea of ​​the game and two themes. This time I spent a lot of time trying to find a concept that will match two themes. As a result, managed to find an excellent and original idea that I like now.
  • Enthusiasm. The idea of the game is so infected me, that almost did not have to think about what and how to implement – almost all added to the TODO on the fly. Saved a lot of time.
  • Music. Created it rather quickly with www.beepbox.co. In the opinion it is a great complement to the idea of ​​the game, which should not appear overly serious.
  • Engine. Working with a new Unity 5.3 was fine. No technical problems.
  • Location and atmosphere. I created the game in the bar D3C0D3 (St. Petersburg, Russia). We gathered there to participate in the LD. The atmosphere and the opportunity to brainstorm allowed to find a cool concept.

What went wrong

  • Art. Viewers like art by comments, but I know that all actually give a discount on what the game made by one person. It seems to me that art isn’t bad, but could have been done much better.
  • Time management. The bar was held opening this Friday and I took part in it. So I started 8 hours later and could not find a concept that suits me in about 4 hours. In addition, I had to go by bus to Helsinki early on Monday. So I had to finish 3 hours earlier. More than 1/4 part of time to Ludum Dare was lost.
  • Attention to detail polishing. I do not give enough attention to the large number of small features (such as font text). They would make the game more juicy. Some of them corrected in post-LD version.


I was very glad what I did and hope you also will like. Play Evilator, rate and let me know what do you think about my game. Thanks.

p.s. Also a lot of other great games in this LD. Very happy to be in one line with them.

I’m in, and you?

Posted by (twitter: @http://twitter.com/_dyn)
Friday, December 5th, 2014 4:46 pm

Little time left before the theme will be announced.
I’m a little drunk after a meeting with friends from the local gamedev

What I wanted to say?
I’m in!

Exactly one year ago passed since my last participation and I’ll do my best.
I will try to stream but now I’m going to sleep a little bit)
Good luck to everyone!

Tools: Unity, Blender, FL

Backwater rider – Postmortem

Posted by (twitter: @http://twitter.com/_dyn)
Thursday, December 19th, 2013 11:04 am


Backwater rider tells about the captain stuck in the distant corner of the universe. To leave this outskirts, he is looking for parts of the new ship on the nearest planets. His only assistant and best friend in this not so easy journey is his on-board computer GO-1.


  • Explore space and fly from one system to another seeking adventures.
  • Interact with the planets and learn interesting details.
  • Communicate , share and trade with the locals.
  • Run droids in mysterious labyrinth to get so valuable part of the ship or other bonuses


  • Alexander “Dyn” Pavlov – coding, gamedesign
  • Eugenia “Jenni4ka” Protsenko – gamedesign, texts
  • Dmitry “Celt” Danov – music


And now to blamestorming. :)


– Tools
Unity + plugins. Greatly help to make the game from scratch. Especially when have some experience with these tools.
NGUI, for example, greatly operates gui at different resolutions.

– Gameplay
We have implemented almost everything that planned and this game is the most completed of all we did for gamejams.

– Recreation
Prior to the contest, we managed to relax a bit. Reflected well on the number of hours of productive creativity.

– Theme
We wanted to do something similar in spirit to the FTL or Elite. Unhurried and thoughtful as space. And sometimes funny. I think we succeeded. Last but not least thanks to the music written by Celt.



– No artist
Again without the artist. The previous time the artist fell off at the last moment. This time we not really bother with this. But this leads to the fact that the game look duller, we have to seek out some time on art tasks (textures for planets). In some places we have not inserted the desired graphics (icons for dialogs). Overall, it’s not a problem, but it would help make the game look better

– Theme
It was in good part, but will be in the bad too.
Despite the fact that stylistically we managed to do what we wanted, we missed one point. The gameplay certainly has a lot of “you-have-only-one-choice”, but the original idea was deeper. The main character has a unique ability. Sort of special inner voice. And after making important decisions a player would found out what happened in the other case. Kind of awareness of permanent losses because life always gives only one choice. Well, and anguish because of this, of course…
I think we will add it later. The main is already done.

– Time
Time. Time never changes… It’s never enough.
Lack of time affected us less than in previous times. We had completed almost everything we wanted. What we did not manage to finish in time and was added to post-LD version:

  • Fixed shop (oh…)
  • Special offers on planets (like large and cheap fuel tank)
  • Saving (just forgot to add)
  • Various textures for planets
  • More user-friendly interface (a little)
  • Fixed bugs (a lot)



Still a few bugs in the maze route. Will fix it later.



Thanks for reading. Thanks for the event.
Feel free to comment and vote for our game.

Backwater rider is here

Posted by (twitter: @http://twitter.com/_dyn)
Monday, December 16th, 2013 7:28 pm

Wow. We finally finished the game. And almost all of what we wanted is in it.

This is my 3rd LD and 2nd in team. I didn’t write here before but should I start sometime? :) It’s a deep night here in Kyiv and other teammates is already sleeping (what-a-hell!).

So, this game is about the captain stuck in a distant galaxy. He is looking for parts for the new ship on the nearest planets.

He’s only one assistant and the best friend is his board computer GO-1.


Take a look. It’s not so fast or casual. Well, it’s hard despite the fact that it does not require fast reflexes. But it worth time I promise. :)

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