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Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014 9:29 pm


I am an avid game designer who recently moved from GameMaker to C++. Hopefully I won’t be switching back due to laziness. I intend for this LD (which is my first) to be foremost a learning experience, but I will attempt to win something. Maybe.

Anyhow, my weapons of choice are:

  • Code
    • C++
    • Sublime Text 3
    • GNU Compiler Collection (MinGW)
    • SFML
    • My personal game engine
  • Graphics
    • GIMP
    • Inkscape
  • Audio
    • SFXR (or one of it’s many derivatives)
    • Logic Pro X

I’ll probably be making a time-lapse of my progress during the competition.

Best of luck to you all.

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