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Well, I am doing. something.

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Saturday, April 22nd, 2017 9:39 am



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Sunday, December 11th, 2016 7:45 pm


That was a fun Ludum Dare for me.

Some stress but lot of fun!

You can be the Detective Noword here!

no code for now

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Saturday, December 10th, 2016 8:01 am

I join late, so I just start to draw something…screen1

logic puzzles

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Monday, August 29th, 2016 5:21 pm

In vacation, I hadn’t time or computer to participate to this LD.

But I had a train journey, and during this journey, I made some logic puzzles as I read in old magazines.

So here is my entry:

(sorry if my English isn’t good…)


One say to Roland: — Stop to make the fool, that’s not the good way for you to serve me.

Eustache burst out laughing and say to him: — Well, you imitate me perfectly!

From Roland, Eustache and Hugues, who is the king, who is the squire and who is the mountebank?


—Don’t you think he is misnomer for a simple sailor?

—Not if he wants to take your place, reply john.

From Achab, John and Abraham, who is the sailor, who is the captain and who is the harpooner?


—Hands up, give the bag, and no joke!

—Not so fast Johny! Finally I found you…

—Oh Everett, you have come at the right time, I have something for you…

From Billy, Everett and Johny, who is the bounty hunter, who is the outlaw and who is the postal worker?


The detective says: — So, miss Allister, you have seen miss Riversdale in the kitchen yesterday. Was it before or after the murder?

From miss Allister, miss Haskings and miss Riversdale, who is the paid companion, who is the stove and who was the hostess?


—I knew Sarah just after I left Abilene but before I became gold digger.

—I knew Emmy on tour at Chicago.

—Me, I never leave my city.

From Jane, Sarah and Emmy, one is danseuse cancan, one is gold digger and one is outlaw; and one is from Abilene, one is from Boston and one is from Chicago.

Do you know who do what and where is from?


—There are sometimes strange coincidences. We are in a tiny island but we are from the same country and we have almost the same name.

—Yes, and I have the shorter name as is the name of my city; but the name of my job isn’t…

—Me, the name of my city start with the same letters as the name of my job!

—How boring is that! Reply Léonard, annoyed at having nothing to say.

From Léonard, Léon and Léopold, one is lampiste*, one is stenographer, and one is poiçonneur*; one live in Lyon, one live in Marseille and one live in Strasbourg.

Do you know who do what and where he live?


*I keep french words because I didn’t found a translation. A lampiste was someone who was in charge of the gaz lights (in a train station for example); A poiçonneur was someone who punched the bus tickets.

Paint Of Persia

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Friday, June 24th, 2016 7:07 am




Last Ludum Dare, I made a game with a personnal rotoscoping pixel-art tool.

And last month, I worked a lot on this tool and finally release an alpha version…

It names Paint Of Persia !


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Sunday, April 17th, 2016 8:07 pm



Help the old lady to found the strange thief here!


(I made it for the compo, but there is rotoscoping stuff and I don’t know if it’s ok, so it’s a jam game in advance…)

english translation available!

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Friday, August 28th, 2015 8:28 am

Good news, the english translation of my game Profession: Chair de Poule is available!

It was sad to have a text-based game only in french, but now all non-french people can play!

have fun!

I made a text adventure game… in french

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Wednesday, August 26th, 2015 6:17 am

I only had few hours for this ludum dare (I was at a wedding) and I wasn’t in my house with my computer and my tools so I decided to make a text adventure game.

I tried to write it in english, but my english is too bad  and I am too slow with it.

But I really wanted to do this ludum dare and this game; the only solution I had was to write the game in my language…

So I apologize for that.

One of my friends will help me to translate all the game and I ask those who are not familiar with French a little patience. I hope we will not take too much time to do this….

The Grand Carpet Hotel, the film

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Sunday, May 10th, 2015 7:09 am



The Grand Carpet Hotel inspired (by anticipation) Warner Bros!

everybody knows where the let’s play is

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Friday, December 26th, 2014 11:42 pm

Just one thing I want to share with you: I discovered a let’s play on my previous LD game everybody knows where the godfather is.

It’s cool to see that a game made in 48h have a life after the ludum dare…

endless postmortem

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Monday, December 22nd, 2014 4:06 am

first, it’s about this game: endless rules.

second, I’m not english, sorry for the bad sentences.


No time.

It was my third and harder LD. After made a game with a team, and for the compo, this time I only had one day (working saturday, no-possible-cancelled party the evening, and on trip monday).


No time? no code?

My first plan was to made a simple text-based game. Friday I made an engine which would have allowed me to only make graphics and text and no programmation. Then I saw the theme…

For me, it’s a theme that involve to have a specific gameplay. So my plan was corrupt. I thinked about it all my day work and the night, and I have the idea of endless rules!


No time? Squares!

Endless rules is the exact opposite of my first idea: just make code and no graphics. A game with only squares.

It was inspire by a drinking game: le roi lapin (= the king rabbit) where each winner establish a new rule. The concept mix with the indie-popular concept of procedural generation, made endless rules, a game where rules changes each run!


What Went Right:

– I’m happy to success. I can say “I made a game in one day”

– The concept is cool, I think

– there is music! My first idea was squares and no music but after made enough rules, I decided to made a music and it’s really better with it.


What Went Wrong:

– graphics: just square and no gfx effects (no time) is really poor.

– not enough rules: more rules you have more fun and replayable is the game. I had enough rules to make the game fun but not enough to have the replayability of a procedural game.


I am really thinking about a post-compo (more than the other LDs)… with more rules, easy/hard mode (in easy mode, you can choose between three rules), and a multiplayer version!…

Thank for reading!


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Sunday, December 7th, 2014 5:42 pm


This was an hard LD, only one day free, so I made a game with squares (and music…).

it calls endless rules and I happy to have succeeded to make a little game…

Everybody knows where the Post mortem is

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Monday, September 1st, 2014 11:27 am

It was my second ludum dare, but my first alone.

I live in France, so the beginning of the competition was at 3 am. I woke up, see the theme and returned to sleep.

The morning (I woke up early) I had a super idea, perfect fit to the theme, make a space paperboy where papers were weapons too! (to see what is paperboy ) (amstrad version because I had an amstrad). After two hours, I had a revelation: I don’t know make cool space ship. I returned to bed.

After that I was sad. I decided to make a point n click and made some sketch. But new problem: I don’t know write in english (a friend was agree to correct some text, but a point n’ click is a lot of text…). Sad again.

But there was a sketch I liked: an inspector and a lot of suspects aligned (as in the poster of Usual suspects). And it was, finally, the good start…


What went right:

– the idea: it isn’t perfect, but I played with some friends and always had fun.

– good warm up: I use two things I had never used. phaser (because gre was used it) and sunVox (because jsmars was used it). I only had 3 days to warm up, but I don’t had problems with it.

– I had time: I finish the game early and take time to add some suspects. No stresse. Cool.

– animations: I have a lot of fun with animations: try to make different ways of walking was fun. And suspects are really differents.

– the music: it isn’t good, but it was my first try so I’m just happy to have try.

– it’s a two players game: I like two players game.


What went wrong:

– the theme: Connecting worlds made me think about the mafia: different people from differents “worlds” (I don’t know if it works in english, in french we can call social class “world”) but secretly connected. After that I stopped worrying about it. Finally, it wasn’t a good idea…

– focus problem: I try to correct a difficulty of the game (the focus of the inspector was changing too fast), and I made it more difficult (now it’s more hard to change it).

– rules: I don’t know write rules. The game is simple why my rule explanations are so long?

– settings menu: I had time, but I prefered make more characters than polish my game. So the settings menu is bad (nobody understood that we can choose the number of suspects…)

– it’s a two players game: it’s hard to have a friend near to you when you play at ludum dare games (and I already make the mistake in my previous LD with the copain team); I made an AI so you can play the inspector. But this isn’t the same (and the better (most stressful) is to play the Godfather)…


If I made a post-compo it will be:

– with more suspects!

– with a complice (simple idea to make the game harder for the inspector: a second character lies, but is idiot: he just say the opposite of what he should say)

– with a better focus system.

– with a better menu.

– with asking someone a good music.

play Everybody knows where the Godfather is.

(and sorry for the bad english…)


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Sunday, August 24th, 2014 3:55 pm


The staff of Everybody knows where the Godfather is wait you here.

What a cool ludum dare for me. I’m happy.

Who is the Godfather ?

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Saturday, August 23rd, 2014 3:04 pm

That is the question…


Need more suspects, I’m on it…

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