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The Launch – Post Compo version on Kongregate

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Monday, January 21st, 2013 2:47 am

We have finalised a post-compo version of The Launch, fixing a few bugs and reducing the resolution to a more laptop friendly 1280×720.
The How to Play guide has also been improved.

Aside from that, the game is mostly unchanged but it should be alot more accessible now as its possible to read the instructions.

Please play and rate it here:

The Launch: Post Mortem

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Sunday, December 30th, 2012 4:54 pm

We have published a port mortem for our jam entry, “The Launch” on our Dev blog.
Read it here
Includes unseen screenshots of the intended UI.

Additionally, we are working on a post-compo version.

Text from the How-To Guide

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Monday, December 17th, 2012 11:07 pm

Below is the text from the “How To Play” menu of our game, in case people are having trouble reading it with the lower resolution.
The intention was to make a nice pretty graphic that explained each trap in detail, but time was short so we made a wall of text instead.

Check Out the game here: http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-25/?action=preview&uid=18600

Unfortunately the doesn’t really address “how” to  use the interface, so I’ll briefly describe it now:
Clicking a room in the isometric view will select it, and the options on the interface will be for that room.
So selecting a trap will place a trap of that type in the room, spawning minions will spawn minions to the room etc.
Once an trap or minion is placed, it is removed from the available pool, and cannot be moved again, meaning minions will stand in whatever room they are spawned into, and engage the Hero if he enters that room.
The different traps behave differently, with some allowing you to activate them after they have been placed.
For example, the Damsel can be activated to “cry”, alerting the hero to her presence if he is in an adjacent room, which may make him decide to go and rescue her.
The Henchman is a unique case, as he can move from room to room and change function as desired (eg: The Henchman taunt is nearly identical to the Damsel’s cry, and will lure the hero toward him.)

Try experimenting with combinations, for example:Lure the Hero through a Blast Door with a Girl-bomb’s cry. Just after the Hero starts working on the door, activate the Girl-bomb’s Time-Bomb function (Button labelled: Dam-bot Time Bomb when the room with the Girl-bomb inside is selected). This will result in the bomb going off just as the hero attempts to disarm it, “killing” him and getting you ever closer to victory

How To Play:

In order to win, you must attempt to stop the hero from reaching the centre missile room before the counter reaches zero and the missile launches.
The hero will move around the map looking for the 3 randomly placed objective rooms (Library, Armoury and Server Room)
Once he has completed all 3 objectives, he will head straight for the Missile room in the centre of the map and stop the launch.

The heroes progress can be tracked by seeing which rooms he has cleared, as the light goes out in cleared rooms.
Minions and traps cannot be placed in cleared rooms, and the hero will avoid going through them again if he has a choice.

Additionally, the hero’s First Person View can be seen in the top right hand corner.

The hero cannot be stopped. There are several ways to “kill” the hero, but these just result in him reloading tinto the previous room, which costs him valuable time.

The different Difficulty levels change the amount of traps you have, as well as the time on the countdown clock.

In order to stop the hero, you have access to the following:

Time Bomb – Can be placed in a room, and later activated. A few seconds after activation, the bomb will go off, destroying everything in the room and forcing the hero to “reload” at the previous room he was in.
The hero will attempt to disarm the bomb, so if poorly timed it will be wasted.

Damsel Trap – If the hero encounters her, he will take the time to free the poor lady. She can also be activated to emit a cry, and increase the chance of the hero coming from an adjacent room.

Fake Damsel Trap – A combination of the Time bomb and Damsel trap. Can be activated to emit a cry to attract the hero, and a timer can also be activated to behave like the Time Bomb. Also like the Time Bomb, the hero will attempt to disarm the trap before it goes off.

Snake and Spider Trap – The hero is notoriously afraid of Snakes and Spiders. This trap will cause the hero to flee the room as soon as he enters it, and resist going back into the room if he can avoid it.

Room Alarm Trap – This will “lock” the room, forcing the hero to disarm the trap before continuing.

Teleport Trap – When choosing the Teleport Trap, you must also place a destination pad. If the hero comes across a Teleport trap without a destination, or a destination pad on its own, he will disarm the trap.
Teleport traps are destroyed after they are triggered.

Death Ray – The death Ray will destroy everything in the room, killing all minions and forcing the hero to reload.

Minions – Up to 5 can be placed in any non-objective room. Will slow the hero down as he kills them. Cannot be moved once they have been spawned.

Blast Doors – Doors can be upgraded to blast doors, which will take longer for the hero to break down. The hero will prefer regular doors to blast doors where possible, but this can be overridden by the presence of an objective, or the cry of a Damsel/Girl-bomb.

The Henchman – The Henchman is a powerful unit, and the only one that can be moved around the map.
The Henchman can be set to act in several different ways, but only has limited power.
Once his power is expended, he can no lnger be used.

Henchman Powers:

Fight (Cost: 1) – This is the default behaviour if no other power is selected. The Henchman and the hero will get into a gun battle if the hero enters the same room as The Henchman.
Taunt (No Cost) – The Henchman will attmept to taunt the hero. Similar to the Damsel/Girl-bomb cry, the hero will come to investigate. This is a risky maneuver, as the taunt cannot be disabled once activated, unless the Hero enters the room (at which point the two will Fight)
Teleport (Cost: 1) – When selected, you must also assign an adjacent room as the target. If the hero enters the room the Henchman is in, the Hero will be teleported to the chosen room.
Kill (Cost: 2) – If the hero enters the room, the Henchman will kill him outright, forcing a reload at the previous room.

Update number 2

Posted by
Sunday, December 16th, 2012 3:02 am

Almost halfway through now and the game is really starting to take shape.

View a longer write-up and description at our dev blog


First Video is Up

Posted by
Saturday, December 15th, 2012 6:53 am

First video of our game is up, showing the hero moving around the lair.

Currently he has no one to impede him, but that will change soon….yes, sooon!!! *cackles*

Prototype Build


A more detailed post will be appearing on our Dev Blog sometime over the course of the Jam.

LD 25

Posted by
Saturday, December 15th, 2012 1:44 am


Prototype is beginning to take shape about halfway through the first day.
Our idea takes some cues from Evil Genius, with the player attempting to stop the hero from foiling his (or her) dastardly plans

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