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7 hour compo ?

Posted by (twitter: @DusteDdk)
Sunday, August 28th, 2016 9:50 am

Alias, screw it, I’m in. Seems I can only get my mode13 screen drawing to work at 30 fps (where it works fine) but not at 60 fps, I’m not experienced with DOS so I don’t know why, but I’ll accept it and work around it.

I even got an idea, so it might just work out!

Local time is 16:50, and I need to got to bed before 00:00.


I’m in again

Posted by (twitter: @DusteDdk)
Saturday, November 29th, 2014 3:47 pm



So, once again, I’ve decided that public humiliation beats inactivity, so I will join this #LD48.

My last game project was last time I participated in LD48.. I’ve mostly forgotten how my engine works, and I’ve not worked on it since then… It’s in a horrible state, but I think it compiles on both Linux and Windows. I might setup an empty skeleton project before LD starts.

I’m going to use my ExcessiveOverkill engine library, together with the editor for it, and I’ll be building it my custom CI-System called “Contigrator”.
Writing everything in C99.

I’m going to use Gimp, Blender and maybe J-WildFire for visuals, and audacity and maybe sfxr for sounds.
I’m going to write code in Eclipse.

Links to the custom software.

Contigrator CI: http://contigrator.wizznic.org/jobs/

Engine: https://github.com/DusteDdk/excessiveOverkill

Scene editor: https://github.com/DusteDdk/eoEdit

I hope to see more custom/homebrew/from-scratch engines and this time around, those are the ones I enjoy trying out the most. Let’s all have a fun time!

I’m in!

Posted by (twitter: @DusteDdk)
Saturday, April 19th, 2014 8:15 am

Once again, it is time to throw common sense out the window and make something, FAST! :)

As always, I don’t expect to make anything great, but to have a fun time hacking things together and trying a lot of strange games (if they run on Linux, Firefox or Wine).

GoatLove Done.

Posted by (twitter: @DusteDdk)
Sunday, December 15th, 2013 11:56 am

Once again, as last time, I was hit by surprise of exactly how unable to do anything I am at 03:00 in the morning (the time the theme was announced).
This time I teamed up with ViperMD who acted as creative partner and modeller/artist. So the entry had to be entered into the Jam, even though we did not spend anything near 72 hours (or even 24) on this, there had to be time for other important things too, like Babylon 5 and pizza 😉

The finished game is far from our original intention which was pretty interesting (we think): You’ve only got one look at the level before you have to program your spaceships navigation computer.

The idea was that we’d make some kind of simple obstacle course and present this to the player in some neat way, after this, the player would (on some interface I’ve not yet imagined) enter the movement-commands that fits with getting through the obstacle course.

Simple enough, but somehow the idea failed to materialize into code, 3D models also came into existence at an unanticipated rate. So in the end, we had not much to work with and I decided to abandon the idea and go for the “only one life” that everyone says everyone is doing 😛
I hit a dead end code-wise, and decided to simply hack something together.
But oh well, it was fun to do and a nice way to spend a weekend.
The result of our “hard”.. “work” is not even too boring to play either.. So check that out if you’ve got the time.

Compo Entry for GoatLove



What went right:

  • Got GitHub project and Contigrator setup beforehand so push to github results in automatic build, packing and webhosting of new release.
  • Had template projects in place, thought everything was done.
  • Lovely heart particles coming out the back of a goat.
  • Got more features into Excessive Overkille (for example model caching)
  • Found and fixed few bugs in EO.

What went wrong:

  • Hit by writers block, it’s easy to blame the theme, but truth is that many brilliant games came from it.
  • Not mentally prepared to write code, it resulted in a nasty mess.
  • Poject-management/teamwork skillz were a bit off, fun was had but productivity was low.
  • Original concept required technical angle I had not anticipated.
  • Original concept was not implemented because we failed to materialize how it should actually look.

What to do different next time:

  • Participate in a warmup-weekend and get psyched and motivated.
  • Practice teamwork/workflow to increase productivity (while preserving or increasing fun being had)
  • Create a Storyboard / Design on whiteboard or paper and work through everything before starting work.

Not going too fast

Posted by (twitter: @DusteDdk)
Saturday, December 14th, 2013 3:51 pm

We have goats.


But we have beer too, that makes it much better.


Been sleeping and stuff.

Posted by (twitter: @DusteDdk)
Saturday, December 14th, 2013 8:24 am

So, we started out with a build-server that was offline, and then continued to take ourselves offline for waaay too long, little chance now of getting it done, but I think we will continue the endeavour soon ?

Declaration of toolz

Posted by (twitter: @DusteDdk)
Tuesday, December 10th, 2013 11:26 am

My third LD. If all goes well, my friend VMD will join me for content-creation and we will enter the compo.

Language – C99
Eclipse – Coding.
Bash / GCC / Gnu Make – Building.
stdlib/SDL_*/OpenGL/MinGW – 3rd party libs.
Gimp/Photoshop – Graphics (Linux/Windows)
Blender/3DsMax – Graphics (Linux/Windows)
Audacity – Audio

Bringing with me:
excessiveOverkill – “Engine”
eoEdit – “Editor”
ld26 – more boilerplate

Builds will be released on http://contigrator.wizznic.org/jobs/

Thoughts on categories

Posted by (twitter: @DusteDdk)
Sunday, November 17th, 2013 8:39 am

We were discussing the difficulties in judging games without taking into account the premise on which they were build. It somehow does not seem completely fair to judge a game made ground-up in the same category as one that builds on top of an existing engine. Three categories may be in order, “Scratch” – For those crazies who start with a blank text-file, and make a game from there, no pre-existing engine or anything.. “BYOE” or “Bring Your Own Engine” for those who’re building their game on top of an engine of which they are the sole author, and “NIH” or “Not Invented Here”,for those who choose to focus their efforts on content creation.
None of these categories should be considered superior to another, however, comparing unity and assembler games is like comparing apples and oranges, no, more like comparing apples and hybrid-cars.

maximumCuriosity postmortem

Posted by (twitter: @DusteDdk)
Tuesday, April 30th, 2013 2:29 am

The LudumDare48 Entry

My second LudumDare48 ended, LD26, I once again participated in the 48 hour one-man-army compo. The minimalism theme was one I rooted for, and while at first excited about it, it soon became obvious that I did not have any idea at all what to do with it.

I don’t want to spoil the game by showing the ending.

Even if I am in many ways more pleased with the result than last time, I will first focus on what when wrong.

The megashort version:


  • No software design
  • No idea about what to do
  • Sleeping to much
  • Working too little
  • Silly crash bug (Related to first item on list)
  • No inventory (Related to first item on list)
  • Very little gameplay (It’s more like a shared experience than a game)
  • More fail-states (Only time running out can give you game over)


  • Neat little wireframe models fit the theme
  • Emptiness and strange music satisfies my idea of surrealistic minimalism
  • The game is completable and fully deterministic
  • If you only play it through one time, you won’t ever see that it is
  • Very little code written
  • Good use of engine-functions to generate content


Different next time

  • More clear idea what to do (Make a design spec of sorts)
  • Design the clientside framwork before creating gameplay
  • Add more gameplay


The long and ranting version

I have never played myst, and I’ve always been facinated with it, maybe more the idea of myst, I’m too adhd to get into games like that, but I think they allow the developer to focus much more on story and content creation, and the style of a point and click game lends itself well to the minimalism theme in my opinion.
I started with.. A ROOM! Knowing not what to do, I added some pictures to the wall, and started the program, I found that I had forgotten to turn on texturing for the pictures. An idea.. Clicking the pictures could do that! And that’s the  premise of maximumCuriosity.

While the theme should be considered quite forgiving, a lack of inspiration should not. Here in Denmark, the theme was announced at 04:00 Saturday morning after a hard week at work, so I was sweetly asleep when all that happened. Waking up and realizing that “my” theme had been chosen, I went back to bed, hoping a dream would bring to me the necessary inspiration, it did not. Waking up after oversleeping left me in a confused and unmotivated state, not exactly my expected state-of-mind, as I had been looking forward to participating the whole week! Nevertheless, Jenkins was prepared, and the skeleton code was waiting. The first (and quite obvious) thing I learned was that one should not rely on discrete states for complex progression behavior. I did not really know what to expect of the game, where it was going or what one should be able to do, so implementing some kind of state-machine never really came up.. There is no one state telling that the camera is now looking at this picture, or that to reach that state, other pictures need to be activated. Instead there is a mess of “If this picture has been clicked this many times while the room is blinking and the tree is spinning” sentences, NOT at all how one should do it..
And quite frustrating to debug too. This became harder when I decided to delete one of the pictures while the game was running. The next thing that went wrong was not really spending 3 hours learning to model the tree, it was that I did not continue to model more things, much more time could and should have been spent creating content, and the task of creating content for this type of project is a quite rewarding one, however again, a complete lack of direction did nothing to help me. Creating something you do not know what is is a frustrating and interesting experience. I though it could be a freeing experience because “hey, it will be whatever it becomes” but nothing comes out of truly nothing. The next thing to go wrong, where a series of strange and random crashes.. The first one I found was that I had forgotten to protect a (particle-system scope wide) variable containing the top datastructure of all particlesystems, this was an engine bug, I’ve called it psys, and much fun ensued when I created an array of structures called… psys in the game, this not-so-particle-related datastructure was overlaid ontop of the particle systems, but C, being the forgiving language it is, gladly did as it was told, and wrote particle-data into this memory-space, and all was good in the word, until ofcause, I took grab of one of the (game-scope) psys structures and wrote data into it, poof, particlecode crashed hard (who can blame it). Next up: Double-freeing data, this one was not really that difficult to find, I had removed a picture from the game-world at one point, then during the transition to the portal, I removed ALL pictures (including the one I already removed). Next up: random crash bug.. I’ve yet to find this, and not really sure what it is.. I did run the game through valgrind a few times, and apart from a few invalid reads (corrupting not-used uv maps during model loading), I did not found anything, and I also did not encounter the bug, I hate that kind of bugs.. However it seems less common with debugging symbols, so it’s probably overwriting internal data, not good, but well.. Can’t have it all, bugs are difficult to find when they don’t show up consistently. The engine is kind of crap, but that’s part of the fun! 😉 Next time I will definitely spend some time coding a basic framework for progression of gamestate. I may start building something into the engine to allow easy management of player inventory, atleast have the GUI support addition and removal of objects to a auto-resizing widget.

Not that much to say, I still believe that walking through the game is an interesting experience (the first time!).

Nothing yet

Posted by (twitter: @DusteDdk)
Saturday, April 27th, 2013 9:34 am

Overslept and uhm, have no idea what I’ll make :) Wireframes are minimalistic right?

This may become some kind of “escape the room” game, I’ve never done one of those..


Getting ready for my 2nd LD.

Posted by (twitter: @DusteDdk)
Sunday, April 21st, 2013 11:39 pm

I’ll use same strategy as last, no preperation, only my homegrown multiplatform game engine ( https://github.com/DusteDdk/excessiveOverkill ) that’s in a bit of a broken state from the last LD, so much time will be spent hacking the engine.I like it ruf. I’ll be using GiMP, Blender, Audacity, Microphone, SFXR and Kate for content creation. I’ll try Eclipse instead of Code::Blocks as IDE this time around.

LD25 – killCity postmortem

Posted by (twitter: @DusteDdk)
Sunday, December 16th, 2012 11:22 am
So, I just finished (gave up) my first LudumDare 48 hour compo run (create a game in 48 hours, solo).
I used my pre-made game-engine (called Excessive Overkill), but had to hack quite a lot on it in order to actually make a game (I’ve only ever used it for one game, more than a year ago).

The game and objective?

My game is a reverse missile-command, you’re trying to destroy the villages, because you are the villain!
You target your satellites by clicking on a satellite, then click on a village.
When all your satellites are aimed at a target, you FIRE FIRE FIRE!
yes.. the game sucks.

Download the entry

The game is packaged for Linux 32/64 bit and Windows.
http://static.blogchan.dk/ld25/killCity_b31.tar.bz2 Everyones favourite package format.
Show me the source, you surely did NOT make that in 48 hours!
Yeah, it’s 700 lines of C, I did, and those 700 lines are filthy.
Here’s the source for both:
What went right:
  • More or less functional game.
  • I found something that was kind of related to the theme.
  • I got it to build and run on Linux/Windows.
  • It’s not randomly crashing..
  • I learnt a lot of things during this
  • My game engine matured a bit


What went wrong:
  • The mechanics are lame, and not that fun, given more time, I might have been able to extrapolate my initial idea into something better.
  • I overslept and had a cold which took the edge off of my concentration, and I decided to just hack.


What to improve:
  •   Next time I’ll try and have the engine in better condition, that’s the main limit, but I do want to use my own engine, that’s half the fun.



The main menu – Advanced stuff..
Cannon shot one of players bombs


You try to destroy the villages


Using your deathly SPACE SATELLITES!!


Oh, and one more thing:
Something wonderful happens when you destroy all the villages, but I will leave that as an exercise for the reader.
I guess this is the +1 goat?? xD

evil laaazer-shootin SPACE satellites!

Posted by (twitter: @DusteDdk)
Saturday, December 15th, 2012 6:32 pm

Now them sats be pointing at targets the poor villages, thanks to the magical atan function, kindly provided by Ananace :)


Progress so far: http://jenkins.cyberstalker.dk/job/LudumDare25/ for linux and windows.

I wonder if I can finish in time, nothing moves yet.

Posted by (twitter: @DusteDdk)
Saturday, December 15th, 2012 1:29 pm

Evil satellites from SPACE?!


Getting ready for first LD

Posted by (twitter: @DusteDdk)
Tuesday, December 11th, 2012 9:59 am

I’m in, this will be my first LD, hopefully I can finish, or at least deliver an executable 😀
For my entry, I’ll be using this unfinished, hacked-together engine that I rolled some time ago, a minimal framework named excessiveOverkill, I’ve put it here on github, it’s full of bugs, have no architecture at all, completely undocumented and no sane person would use this horrible piece of filth 😉
It runs on Linux and Windows, based on SDL and OpenGL, any updates that I do to the engine will be pushed until the combo starts. I hope it’s okay to hack on it during the compo too.

Have fun everyone! :)

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