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The game I didn’t make!

Posted by
Monday, April 23rd, 2012 4:37 pm

Saturday was a write-off due to visitors, then I had a reasonable idea (similar to some others, I’ve learned). I started some basic code in Flash to render and subdivide hexagons, but then my mind drifted off to other things and I couldn’t bring myself to add gameplay components during Sunday. Was hoping for a jam entry, but after refining the concept on Monday I still didn’t really feel the spark needed to sit down and make it work. Too bad.

I think it might work out as a fun abstract game though, but probably needs a lot of reactionary tweaking after the initial playable builds start popping out, to adjust balance and add interesting challenges. Pacing might also be a problem, making it fast enough to be entertaining but not too fast for comfort. I imagined having mouse controls of a slightly unusual nature where you move to aim and are able to do limited backwards movement while still aiming and firing.

Feast on these conceptual mockups while I try to find the brain fuel for a post-compo implementation.

mockup images

Congratulations to all the participants with far greater discipline than me! Getting a game completed and submitted isn’t a small thing at all. I look forward to browsing the results, as always. Next time I will have to do some warmups to iron out my gremlins before it gets serious.


Controls ok for now, day 1 over

Posted by
Saturday, April 30th, 2011 3:09 pm

I shouldn’t noodle with this anymore right now, better to get the rest of the game together and see if anyone can actually play it. It’s a pretty simple design, so hopefully I can have that done in a few hours tomorrow. I doubt it will be polished beyond these simplistic graphics, especially since I’m starting to like how they look already :)

Getting a bit more complicated…

Posted by
Saturday, April 30th, 2011 12:43 pm

I keep confusing myself regarding the flight direction and world orientation… adding landmarks for reference, but it might be hard to get this playable without dropping into chase cam. Maybe there’s a chance for some novel control switch-ups though. I’m thinking point-the-mouse steering rather than keys for roll and tilt of the vehicle. That would add a global sense of overview for the player, without keeping track of exactly how the plane is turned. Not sure it would be flexible enough for what I want though. I’ll try something else first. It’s not actually supposed to be an airplane, so screen-space directional input might work out as more intuitive, if the camera follows along to some degree.

I made a flight simulator!

Posted by
Saturday, April 30th, 2011 11:37 am

Finally settling down to start coding the actual game. Did a bit of preparation work earlier today, but mostly distractions. I’ve had the whole design fleshed out in my head since I got out of bed though, and it has given me a sort of fake feeling of comfort all day. Like I don’t actually have to write the code… Well, good news is that it should be possible to create and test the basic mechanics/rules with very little code or content, then if it does end up working properly I can dress it up fancy tomorrow.

So right now I have a crude flight simulator where you guide this here airliner in 3D with the arrow keys. Works surprisingly well, and I’m enjoying it. Might get complicated and confusing once I introduce the restricted airspace I had in mind though, but we’ll see. That’s next.

kohina.com for soundtrack

Kanbran, done

Posted by
Sunday, August 22nd, 2010 3:36 pm

Gameplay is done, and I now choose sleep instead of fancy redrawn graphics. Decided to do primarily game design this time around, rather than technical experimentation or flashy content. Kind of happy with how that turned out.


Download for those who want to play right now. Win32 exe, control with arrow keys. Let me know if it seems broken and I might rush to fix it before I go to bed.

Game idea 2

Posted by
Sunday, April 25th, 2010 3:30 pm

Imagine a similar top-down island+water view as in my previous sketch. I’m too lazy to make another.

This game is more of a resource management affair, with few action elements. All the islands are fairly small and circular in shape. You start out on one of them with a small land vehicle which you can move around. From this vehicle, you can send a probing ray aimed at the mouse cursor, used to measure range. The intended purpose is for you to drive near the edge of the island and measure how far away the next coastline is, and if it would be viable to build a bridge over there. You have a supply of resources for this purpose, like fuel, metal, and wood. There could be different kinds of bridges to suit different situations of resource supply, like wood/metal/concrete bridges.

Anyhoo, if the range checks out, you would start bridge building, which would be automatic and animated in some fashion. When the bridge is complete, you can cross it to visit the other island and harvest its native resources. One alternative system for resource handling would be that you had a swarm of builder agents that would scurry between the bridge being built, and back to connected islands with resource supplies. They would gather material and bring it back to the build site. This way there would be no global material reserve, but it seems like it could turn out kind of complex and tedious to have build time and efficiency depend on the network of bridges, possibly having the drones move all across the map to get things done.

For deciding where you want to build the next bridge, you could detach a helicopter module from the main vehicle and fly over to other islands to survey their contents. Small icons and proportional numbers (like “5 Oil” and “3 Rock”) would pop up when you get near them, or when you land. The helicopter would consume fuel, and have a limited tank capacity. That could mean you end up stranded on an island, and you would have to build bridges to reach and salvage it before it can be used again.

I’m not really sure what the overall goal would be, and if the game should either be win/lose or just sandboxy. Sandbox would probably be the best option, with some tweaking to make it apparent that you’re doing well or not, depending on how you play. One idea that could shake things up (pun!) is to have islands randomly rumble and crash into the sea, taking connected bridges with them. This would mean that you’d have to build new and longer bridges to reach some areas in case a key island was lost.

It might be possible to layer a different and primary mechanic on top of all this, where you perhaps shuttle creatures or other artifacts between islands in some way, so there’s something to aim for and always something to do (they want to go from one island to another, then back again or move on somewhere else). In that case, bridge building would become secondary but still the main important task you perform while playing.

That’s all there is, and you can’t play it. I would probably have started prorotyping one or both of these if I hadn’t made the questionable decision to spend my weekend doing really boring Sculptris code. I didn’t feel like I could relax and start on something else before that was done though, and in hindsight I’m glad that I have the boring stuff taken care of so I won’t have to do it tomorrow.

As always, good luck to those of you making games, and I look forward to browsing the entry masses later. One perk of not participating is that there’s no pressure to vote, for once :)

Game idea 1

Posted by
Sunday, April 25th, 2010 2:39 pm

I won’t be entering any code, but I had two interesting ideas that I considered making something of. Here’s a rough sketch of the first one.


The core mechanic has you driving a boat/car hybrid through a kind of archipelago landscape. There’s a jump button, and with each jump you transform between boat and car. It would probably be allowed to switch again in mid-air if you find that you will end up landing on the wrong kind of terrain. Landing inappropriately would lead to explosion and restart/respawn. The transformation would occur as an animated flip/roll along the length axis of the vehicle, so in theory it could actually be built as a car with a boat “on its back”.

Hopefully driving this contraption would pretty much be enough fun to entertain for a while. There would be some nice skidding physics, with the boat having less grip than the car. A bit like my old netboats game.

For added gameplay though, I figured maybe you could be fishing with a trailing line, gathering fish from schools/swarms that roam the waters and casually try to avoid you. You could add any number of fish to the line, but it would also add mass that would make it harder to control movement, and it would also attract sharks that want to eat the fish and/or you.

As an extra twist, to incorporate the land areas and encourage you to actually drive from time to time, I had a weird idea that you could get on land and drag the fish around as bait to lure tigers from the shrubbery, and catch those on the line as well. In the end, you would head back home to a meat market (X) where you score based on the catch/combo.

Not exactly sure how the various elements would play out in the end, but it seemed like it could be a bit of oldschool arcade fun. The playfield would be much larger than indicated on the sketch, with some areas of alternating land/water/land which would be tricky to navigate without losing a lot of speed or crashing. Perhaps seagulls could be chasing you as an incentive to keep moving quickly.

Done. I will sleep now.

Posted by
Sunday, December 13th, 2009 5:48 pm

The end result isn’t too bad really, considering everything went horribly wrong all the time. I did not have fun :)

EDIT (after sleeping): Well, of course I had fun at one point, particularly while animating the character, but after that I started to mess up everything and got increasingly tired and hangry.

I learned some stuff though, and it would be interesting to attempt a similar 3D platformer thing with less rush and more polish. Maybe next LD. Remind me to start before half-time break.

I guess a download link is in order: Get it –here– or at the final entry post.


I wouldn’t call this an entry

Posted by
Sunday, May 24th, 2009 1:18 pm

I mainly felt like goofing around this weekend, so I did. Had a vague idea for a game where you’d fly around in a cave-like world generated from audio data, but I “needed” implicit surface rendering for that, so I set out to experiment with the tech. I wasn’t too surprised to find that I didn’t have any desire to make game code after the rendering was working… I just played with different visual effects instead.

Here’s a collage of notable screenshots produced:

The first raw version ran at an abysmal 1 fps or so at 640×480, but after adding some biliearly filtered variable resolution rendering based on image-space local contrast and threading it to use dual cores, I managed to kick it up to some 20-25 fps for “friendly” scenes (meaning not too much visible edge detail).

Most of the screenshots are from “bruteforce” renders though, showing no optimization artifacts. The optimized version has a mild muddy/compressed look. Putting all of this in a shader would result in much simpler code and greater performance with no visual degradation… I might have to try it some day.

You can download the (messy) source and a few builds here: drpetter-minild-ds.zip

I also made a quick tune based on one of the drumloops given: destroyloop.mp3

Overall it was a fun weekend. Sorry for not producing a game…

Advance 2 – Aftermath!

Posted by
Sunday, April 19th, 2009 7:03 pm

It’s done. Well… yeah.

Download: DrPetter_LD14_Advance2.zip

Play online: http://www.cyd.liu.se/~tompe573/ld14/


Posted by
Saturday, April 18th, 2009 1:14 pm

Well, this looks weird.


Posted by
Saturday, April 18th, 2009 1:38 am

On my own two feet here. Disregard the Eee, it’s just there to match all the other deskphotos. I’m not going to use it… The little black box beneath the keyboard is my high-tech entropy supervisor, which monitors heat flux in the immediate vicinity of particular computational elements. Calling it a common household thermometer would be a blatant lie!

soltcras post-compo

Posted by
Monday, December 22nd, 2008 8:16 am

Thanks for all the nice comments. My best time is 13.78, so those of you stuck around 17 seconds will have to put in some more effort 😉

I’ve added some stuff to the game, mainly the option to generate random tracks (and save/load them). Also I added mouse controls for one player, in case keyboard sharing gets uncomfortable. Furthermore, there’s a fullscreen mode and slightly different track graphics.

The game still starts up with the same default track, and the gameplay code/simulation hasn’t changed.

Download here: soltcras.zip


Posted by
Sunday, December 7th, 2008 8:00 pm

Yay, I’m entering! Spent about three hours on this, although I went most of this day thinking about the idea (which was initially a lot more ambitious). It turned out kind of cute though, and I’m happy with it. You might be able to have a few minutes of fun if you’ve got an opponent available, or even just putting down a few solo laps.

Win32 package: drpetter_ld13_soltcras.zip

(might be portable, for those who feel like compiling… get portaudio and glfw)

(edited 28 minutes after deadline adding a simple framerate limiter to make it playable if vsync doesn’t work)

original, packaged before deadline: drpetter_ld13_soltcras_old.zip

Quick and weak entry from me this time

Posted by
Sunday, August 10th, 2008 4:15 pm

Started at local midnight, two hours ago. I had grand plans of making a generic scriptable text adventure engine when the compo started, but couldn’t find the inspiration and energy needed to get on with it. Instead I stalled and waited for the very last moment to get something half-assed out the door. It ended up completely hard-coded and very simple, but at least I got to write a text adventure. Last one I did was probably in AmigaBASIC twelve years ago.

Download and poke around a bit. You might have a minute or two of frustration fun: drpetter_ld12.zip

Crazy **** sketch entry

Posted by
Wednesday, May 21st, 2008 2:30 pm


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