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First Time! Q: Free, Public Domain Audio Samples?

Posted by (twitter: @drewvancamp)
Thursday, August 21st, 2014 9:41 am

Hi there.

I’m new to LD.  #30 will be my first LD, first game jam, and first video game competition ever!  Just started officially making games back in April 2014.

I’d like a little help understanding the content creation rules:  can I use free, public domain audio samples?

  • “All game code and content must be created within the 48 hours.”  — Got it!  Every audio/visual element is cooked up fresh!  I always fit my audio to the game.
  • “Photos and recordings you make of people or things are acceptable content, just you must acquire them during the competition.”  — No problem.  I don’t think this one will apply to me, but I can use a mic for sounds and a camera for photos or videos if I for some reason needed something like that.
  • “Fonts, drum loops, drum samples, and sampled instruments are allowed IF you have the legal right to use them.” — This one sounds like it should answer my question, but seems to speak to text and music without being pointedly inclusive of sound effects.  Typically, my sounds are based on pre-existing samples of either instruments or real world noises that I then process until it’s more exactly what I’m wanting for the game.

My hope is that I can use freely available, public domain audio samples and that customizing those sounds further will only make the practice even more acceptable.  But I’d really love to know before I begin that I’m working within the scope of the rules.

Looking forward to joining everyone this weekend!

– Drew

Drew Van Camp
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