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Descent Into Planar Space – MiniLD #60

Posted by
Wednesday, July 1st, 2015 3:54 am

promotion picture for the game: descent into planar spaceAttempt of making a promotional poster for my mini ld #60 game: Descent Into Planar Space.

Please leave a comment, if you like the game! And be sure to test the other games aswell.

Help out a lazy taxi driver

Posted by
Saturday, September 13th, 2014 10:20 am
Taxi Space! a HTML5 Canvas game

Play Taxi Space! a HTML5 Canvas game

Serve funny passengers and drive from world to world to find out why so many people suddenly need space taxis.

“zzzZZZ” – Taxi driver

“Hey wake up, you got a passenger!” – Boss

Second Day

Posted by
Sunday, August 24th, 2014 2:05 pm

Almost done I guess… Drive some passengers with your space taxi in …

Taxi Space! a HTML5 Canvas game

Taxi Space! a HTML5 Canvas game

Day One Report

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Saturday, August 23rd, 2014 4:24 pm

So at first i had a hard time wrapping my head around connected worlds… Read more below about my inital thoughts :)

Although i guess a platformer or an RPG would have been simpler (because i tried that already once), i decided for a taxi sim. Lets see whether i change out the graphics tomorrow.


‘Taxi Space’ – Day one

  • a visual novel about a poor and a rich man, who both share the same negative character traits and their life is a mirror
  • a platformer where you can shift between worlds
  • a trading sim, where you click buttons and manage values
  • a chaotic game where you try to build static space eleveator between planets, that are moving and crashing into each other, so your space elevators get constantly broken :)
  • an RPG about a suddenly appeared magic portal to another world

Mini LD 50: Xeldas Saga

Posted by
Saturday, March 29th, 2014 10:19 am

This is my entry for Mini LD 50: Demakes inspired by The Legend of Zelda.

Xeldas Saga – Play now!
Xeldas Saga

Play as Rink and save Xelda by finding a magical artifact in forgotten ruins. Jump, Shield and Attack. It is a web game – a real web game: You can play it right now in your browser without any plugins!

Rink attacks an octoroc

What went right

  • The graphics and the music were very easy to create :) I use GIMP and beepbox.co.
    Actually the sprite of Rink was done quite some time ago and i finally wanted to make a game with it.
  • Thanks to Tiled i did not have to write my own Map-Editor, instead i googled for a way to load Tiled maps to JS and display them on a canvas and found a tutorial at: http://hashrocket.com/blog/posts/using-tiled-and-canvas-to-render-game-screens
  • I used circles as a collision detection which is very easy to code and still very accurate. You can see the collision system at work by pressing [ENTER] ingame.

What went wrong

  • I dont know if this qualifies as wrong, but it took me a little longer than 2 days, because i worked on the game during normal week days and not the weekend. I hope 3 week days equal 2 weekend days. Also working on the game reduced my preferred sleeping time by some hours, but that was already out of order and so i just slept as much as i did before the MiniLD.
  • The interaction mechanics are not introduced ingame, so you have to know from other Zelda games, that the electrically charged slimes should/can not be attacked, and you have to find out yourself, how to use the shield (Press down 😉 ).
  • I did not have enough time to create a challenging boss ai :(
  • The Game is short.
  • Google Drive seems to have a hidden download limit, so i had to delete and reupload the audio files multiple times. Maybe that was because i reloaded the page too often during debugging. Is Dropbox better? – AHRG! It happend again. And again…

Oh, look, someone wrote something about me :) I feel important
Mini LD50: Xeldas Saga demakes Nintendo’s famous action adventure series

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