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Slam Jam Bakery – End of day 1

Posted by (twitter: @DragonXVI)
Saturday, April 18th, 2015 4:36 pm

Reasonable progress, but still a lot to go.  I’m gunning for at least 2 ‘levels’, might manage more depending on how tomorrow goes.

Highly corrosive jam it seems

Got the music done too, but not as far along as I’d like to be at the end of day.

Still to go are a few more enemies + obstacles, clogging up gears & mechanisms with jam to open doors/disable laser fields.  Reaching the airship core, jamming it up and fleeing quickly before the whole thing explodes.  Then various details + polish on top.

Slam Jam Bakery : Initial work

Posted by (twitter: @DragonXVI)
Saturday, April 18th, 2015 8:17 am

Soo… This time ’round I’m tackling a sort’ve platform shooter thing.  A huge invading airship from a rival bakery has turned up to destroy Slam Jam Bakery.  Professional pastry chef turned jam assassin Sìle Nemsi arms herself with the only weaponry available – A high pressure hose & a seemingly unending vat of raspberry jam.

That’s the plan anyway.  Current progress is getting basic movement and a first pass at the ‘Jam’.  The idea is you have to board these large airships:


*Hums angel island theme*


Dodging obstacles, jumping over stuff, destroying defenses and gumming up all the works with as much jam as it can take, causing it to crash to the ground before it reaches your bakery and destroys it.


Free Jam music

Posted by (twitter: @DragonXVI)
Wednesday, April 15th, 2015 12:43 pm

I’ll be taking part in the Compo this time again, having previously done Hot Diggity (28) and Good News Delivery (29), but thought I’d do a little warmup and make some jam-friendly assets for folk.  Particularly on the music side, just for anyone who needs it.

I’ll be updating this post with whatever I come up.  Basically they’re free to use, edit, mix, chop, whatever for any of yer jam entries.  They’re presented in .ogg format and designed to loop. Most audio software should be able to handle converting ’em to whatever you need.


Good News Delivery Co. EASIER VERSION released

Posted by (twitter: @DragonXVI)
Thursday, August 28th, 2014 12:45 pm

Aaaaand RELEASE! Damnit… Ok this one NOW! Damnit… Ok surely OH COME ON!

So Good News Delivery Co. has been very well received, but one fairly consistent bit of feedback is that it’s ridiculously difficult.

So with a few minor tweaks I’ve released a post-48hr compo version and released a web-only build version of it which you can find here (link also available in the original webplayer link).  The changes you can expect:

  • The Pirates have slept in and won’t bother you for a whole minute of gameplay.  After which expect them to warp in frequently as time goes on.
  • More good news is that in their hurry they haven’t managed to activate their shields so you can now destroy them by hitting them fast enough with something, be it your ship or your cargo.
  • I’ve also coated the ship in some experimental substance that makes it really bouncy, which should stop you getting stuck so easily when you hit a planet.
  • The galactic trading standard has lowered the fine for destroyed cargo from $100 down to $50.
  • Cargo should now be pulled in by gravity a bit better, making it easier to release cargo from orbit and have it land correctly.
  • Improved shipping regulations mean that cargo’s tougher than before.  It can now survive two shots of pirate laser fire before being destroyed.
  • Also cargo will now NEVER be destroyed if it hits its destination planet at any speed, so SLAM DUNK IT HOME.

Obviously when rating the game please judge the original version.  This one’s more for if you’ve played the original, but felt you couldn’t enjoy it properly due to the difficulty.  Hopefully this set of tweaks makes it a bit fairer and helps get the general scores people are getting higher than the average QI episode.

So yeah. Here’s the link again and Here’s the link to the original page.

Safe shipping everyone!

Good News Delivery Co. : How it was made + Retrospective

Posted by (twitter: @DragonXVI)
Monday, August 25th, 2014 11:03 am

48 Hours & lots of swearing later, Good News Delivery Co. was finished. This post’ll cover in vague details how it was made, the problems that nearly killed it, and thoughts going forward. Lots of in progress shots & code/art discussion inside!


The Theme

“Connected Worlds” wasn’t my favorite choice of the themes this time.  There were a few near ideas I had for others (one involved jam-based weaponry) but come Saturday Morning I was kinda left curious what to do.  The obvious choice was a dual world mechanic of some sort, or something where you warp between different worlds Stargate-style.  In the end, quickly decided on something involving Space.

The Art


DragonXVI’s noddy guide to basic planet graphics in Paint.net


All my spaceships look like they were designed by a 5 year old.

Luckily, Space is one of those popular settings in games where it’s fairly easy to generate something quite nice looking with minimal effort.  Above is my standard process for making simple planets.  A starfield can just be black + noise + contrast + clouds for nebula too.  The planets in GNDC actually split the lighting & atmosphere layers above so I can ‘dynamically’ light them so they’re lit from the sun.


First day early progress: Basic space graphics & ship movement

The Development


Good News Delivery Co. Completed!

Posted by (twitter: @DragonXVI)
Sunday, August 24th, 2014 12:21 pm

Thanks to a last minute COMPLETE AND TOTAL PHYSICS FAIL thanks to a Unity update, had to frantically run around crazy trying to fix the entire game.

But it’s done!


Playable in browser, for PC, Mac & Linux. Source included for anyone curious (God help you!)


Good News Delivery Co. – Almost there!

Posted by (twitter: @DragonXVI)
Sunday, August 24th, 2014 10:05 am

Putting the finishing touches on Good News Delivery Co. Added some Pirates to add a bit of difficulty (like it needed any more) but they might be a little aggressive just now! Good thing your ship’s invulnerable, but your cargo isn’t…

Added tonnes of effects, and a *lot* of visual notifications (note the sparkly teleport effect when you approach cargo to let you know you’re in range, and the green line indicating your direction because it can get tricky to see when zoomed out).

Music’s in (And lots of things sync to it because why not), sound’s in, Intro/Outro/Controls screens in.  Was going to add asteroids too but I think I’ll start finishing off the last few bugs and get ready for submission now.

Lookin’ forward to all the games!

Good News Delivery Company : Day 1 Progress

Posted by (twitter: @DragonXVI)
Saturday, August 23rd, 2014 12:52 pm

A few gifs of Day 1’s progress.

Pick up the thing

Drop of the thing

You shouldn't go to space today

Tomorrow: Music & Sound, proper scoring.  Enemies & Obstacles, Victory/Death, tweaks & polish.


Good News Everyone!

Posted by (twitter: @DragonXVI)
Saturday, August 23rd, 2014 8:08 am
GN, E!

GN, E!

Soo. Connected Worlds eh? Not my first choice, but let’s see what I can do this time.

As with my last entry (Hot Diggity), we’re visited the wonderful worlds of Vehicles vs Physics Engines, only this time we’re in the cold, dark eternity that is space.  It’s 4:00PM here so the first day is most of the way done, and thus far I’ve got a little solar system to fly about in, cargo to pick up, a couple of impossible to understand minimaps, and some silly randomly generated deliveries.

The goal will be to pick up cargo from planet A and deliver to planets B through Q as quickly as possible.  Bonuses for picking up lots of cargo (which all connects snake-like to the back of your ship and makes it a swervey, barely controllable mess) and dropping it off in a row quick enough – sort’ve Space Crazy Taxi.  After that basic bit’s done? Might have time to fit some PIRATES in and maybe some other fun stuff.  As always most of this is being made up as I go.

The Space thing was kinda obvious, but I was stuck in either “Space” or “Stargates between worlds RPG”, and I figure we’re going to have lots of both! Bonus points for anyone that pulls in live GPS data like tweets or summat as a game mechanic?

Anyways, back to the grind!

My Top 5

Posted by (twitter: @DragonXVI)
Tuesday, May 6th, 2014 5:17 am

Seen a few of these posts, good for any nifty ones that people might’ve missed!

Anyway, having played over 100 now, here’s some of the best I’ve played thus far!

5. Arctic Antics

Aww look at the cute little OrcaAAAARGH

If it’s not already obvious by the rest of these choices, I’m a sucker for lovely pixel art.  This simple game sees you skatin’ around collecting pages while a vicious killer whale noms away at the ice to get you.  Great example of the hard-to-control-em-up and generally adorable.

4. The Loudest Ballerina

Whatever was consumed when this was made, I’d quite like some

Your father’s given you some steel ballet shoes, and there’s a slumbering monster beneath the dance hall.  Can you balance the perfect performance with minimal noise?  Bonkers and original concept, simple gameplay and wonderfully presented.

3. Where Is My Bone?


Fantastic little adventure game with a dark twist.  Find the right scents to dig in the right spots and uncover the greatest mystery of all: Where is your bone?

3. Deep Blue Home


Nice little exploratory MetroidVania-esque game. Fish your way through a few puzzles ‘n obstacles, upgrading your abilities as you go.  A well contained little package, just the right length and lovingly presented too!

1. Beneath the City

Admittedly “Stealth” and “Roguelike” are enough to make my ears twitch…

Fantastic little Thief-esque Roguelike.  Guard movements and vision telegraphed expertly, controls simple, nice little bit of story on top.  Whole thing looks gorgeous too. (AND there’s no overlong animations of a window being opened.). Would gladly play a full game of this, with a bit of the ol’ lock-pickin’ and loot-stealin’ on top of it!




I’m still digging (*ahem*) through the (absurdly huge) list of games.  Loads of great work’s gone into ’em.  If you haven’t already, check out my game Hot Diggity

Solution? Use a laser. And if that don’t work, use more laser.

It’s a zany dig-ore-upgrade-self game but you’re piloting a barely controllable drilling machine that you gradually build-up as you go.  Lots of explosions, shiny ore and a great bit gaping death-maw thing chasing you.  My current record’s 1300m odd, but I think that’s been bested by a few people!


Hot Diggity: Dev Log & Postmortem

Posted by (twitter: @DragonXVI)
Tuesday, April 29th, 2014 11:21 am

So Hot Diggity was my first attempt at Ludum Dare.  Been meaning to actually enter this for years but always forget when it’s on.

For anyone interested, here’s a brief overview of the development process of Hot Diggity, followed by a little postmortem, some fun bugs I encountered while making it, and a few hints ‘n tips I’ve learned doin’ various 48hr jams!

Wanna see what this looked like 2 hours in? Read on!

So without further ado, here’s how it was made!



Posted by (twitter: @DragonXVI)
Sunday, April 27th, 2014 11:37 am

Hot Diggity is done!


See it here! (Web, Mac, PC)

Post-Mortem coming later… For now? Rest!

Posted by (twitter: @DragonXVI)
Sunday, April 27th, 2014 10:42 am

Pretty much done with “Hot Diggity”. Uploaded final version pending once I stop a bug that makes everything explode.

Managed to upload some shonky footage though of a few snaps of a playthrough!





Posted by (twitter: @DragonXVI)
Saturday, April 26th, 2014 2:29 pm

At the halfway point now, end of day one!



Your planet’s being devoured by some kind of Eldritch horror.  Can you dig through the whole planet to escape? Can you defeat it with ancient buried secrets? (Probably not!)

Few more obstacles & Overheating/Death to code tomorrow mornin’, bit of music & sound effects, then the home stretch!

‘Till tomorrow!

Hot Diggity Progress

Posted by (twitter: @DragonXVI)
Saturday, April 26th, 2014 11:35 am

So, good part of a day in, where’s everything at?

Well I figured there’s so many mining games out these days that they could do with a good speeding up!

Honestly I’ve no idea what this is.  Thus far it’s sort’ve Thrust-meets-Terraria with a gradually extendable vessel.  Still to add some kind of heat management to stop you exploding and something to force you further underground, balancing grabbing ore, heat management and getting as far down as you can.  Pondering a boss battle at a certain depth…


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