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Post-mortem:You can’t Touch the Devil

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Friday, August 28th, 2015 3:36 pm

The Idea.

The idea of the game was for me simple. I thought” why not a tower defense game”,
but instead seeing from the ground over a map why not going vertically to an devil.
And use the 7 deadly sins to defeat your enemys.
And on second day of the jam i came up of an extra idea to use devil Power.if the game gets hard for people.
And also i got the idea to make people choose there own goal to win game.

And this is the result of it.

game 3

So what went good.

-Well create the game form your head to the screen.
-I get a lot of feedback that was one of my personal goals.
-Players like the game. So the basic idea works.

What could be better.

-Balancing. Yhea this is harderst part of making a game. Balancing is finding the middel of easy and hard.

so the game get some Reducing in spawns and type of enemys that spawn after the manny round.Because most people found that the enemy completely overwhelm them.
-Feedback from screen. Nobody knows where the enemys came from(meaning left or eight or both.)
some people say after find it out the game is easy to understand to them.
-bugs that I still cannot find. there is a bug with the buttons on the menu screen.sombocy tells me yesterday but after testing the game for the 20 time notting has been found.
And the game works really really good. An other bug that i fixed but was the amount of souls you where paying. the sin reed cost 7 souls instead of 5 but that is fixed now. And will be see in the new update.

What i am going to do.
fixing bugs if founded.
balancing the game.
make better player feedback.
more sounds.


-make more levels.
-set more goals.
-Put it on my developers protfolio.As well on game-jolt.
If you have some more suggestion let me know it.

If you still haven’t played the game yet. feel free to it.


Have a good weekend everybody.

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