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Phobos-Deimos war veteran, former soldier in Quake Live and Shootmania Royal warzones. Also seen on Borderlands's Pandora and in the Armacham. Happy user of C++ and SDL, thinking of big projects, but no team is available.


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Worst. Setup. Ever.

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Saturday, August 27th, 2016 12:26 pm

This LD clearly didn’t started well for me. Evening before the LD I’ve been to pub with my neighbours who were moving away and since one of them is a soldier, we’ve got drunk… badly. Basically I’ve spend first 13 hours of the jam trying to beat quite┬áa hangover.

But now I am fine and I’ve managed to get the movement, scrolling and collision system working, so the whole thing might just end up just fine!


Keep being sober and jam on!

Fourteen hours later…

Posted by
Saturday, April 16th, 2016 7:19 pm


This game is seriously giving me headaches. Four hours spend on reworking math, debugging missing brackets and somehow unclosed handles in OpenAL. If I am aiming for the compo, I seriously has a little chance to finish everything I wanted. But still, my littlespace craft can navigate through a solar system, jump to a few others, ship’s AI is communicating and basically that’s that. If I wouldn’t have enough time to make a formidable enemy AI, I’ll put all my effort into better planets and exploration stuff as a whole.

Either way, here’s some screens from various versions. I also wanted to include some audio, but since WordPress doesn’t allow WAV, OGG or FLAC, I guess I’ll rather go get some sleep.


Starting right now…

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Saturday, April 16th, 2016 3:26 am

Since LD starts at 3AM for me, I rather got some sleep and I am starting now! Well, I started a bit earlier to think about the theme.

Speaking of theme…. many jobs are boring and shifts can get pretty much straightforward. But. What if your job happens to be an experimental spacepilot? What if your shifts include shaping outer space as you fly through, killing aliens, destroying asteroid fields and exploring planets?

And what if you’re a clone of a clone of a clone….

TL;DR: Finally, I will try to make a space exploration game, but in 2D and due to the time limitations only in 2D plane with 3D like view. Sounds crazy? Stay tuned for updates!

I am in!

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Saturday, April 9th, 2016 10:09 am

I am in for my second LD (excluding the one MiniLD I’ve also participated in).

This time with no team, with SFML and not so much time, so I rather be in for a Jam entry.

I hope that something with time manipulation, space travel or creative restriction (3 colors, 3 buttons) will win as the theme, because I am in mood for those ones ­čśë

GRAVCOMM – postmortem

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Monday, August 25th, 2014 4:08 pm

GRAVCOMM RC 25 2014-08-26 00-45-00-27Finally, I could sumbit the game of mine and my team (nothing official, just group of classmates and good friends). It’s our first ‘big’ LD entry.┬áWe’ll be glad if you will play the game .And I have some thoughts about the process and future reminds that I want to share with you.


What went right:

  • ┬áLots of sleep – I had read some postmortems here and I obeyed them in this point. Coding 8~10 hours a day deserves a proper rest.
  • ┬áNo fatal bugs – except one. My advice: when you have not much time, cheat while coding. Passing a globally defined object as a function parameter instead of pointer to it is bullshit unless your destructor is not destroying anything and I had to learn this the hard way. If your not sure, dont do crap like that and benefit from globally defined object and don’t pass them as parameters.
  • ┬áClear idea – before jam started I wanted to do something including gravitation as a training for some future physics engine. And while brainstorming, that idea grapped my teammates as well, so we came up with the concept quite fast.
  • ┬áLevel editor inside game itself – brave idea to mess code even more with implementing level editor and failsafes so nobody can access it without really knowing how to activate it. But it worked and saved alot time. And designer could test his level on the fly.
  • TODO listing – I dont have a clue how other teams deals with that one. Our team communicated only via Skype, so the tasking others to something could be lost forever in some fiery conversation. My solution came up a few days before the jam, when I coded simple tasking system in php and put it online. Anyone could submit tasks for himself or the others, mark them as completed or delete them. TODO lists are good, they motivate people and we really used that.

What went wrong:

  • ┬áLazyness – I don’t mean to offend anyone. I know my friends, they always wait for the last moment to do and submit their tasks. I just didn’t realize that the same it will be when making games. Textures, levels were made in last couple of hours before deadline. Music was created by accident when I discovered earslap.com (doplnit referenci) and sounds are only debug. Also some features like portals and pickable bonuses were not added before nobody told me, what it should really do and I wanted rather smaller but finished game.
  • ┬áHardcoding – after almost four years I code games (including harsh begginings with realtime snake in command line and turn based fps dungeon crawler also in CMD) I really cannot write code prepared to be later updated with some modules like start and end level messages. And the code, pretty and clean at the start, ends up in total mess of dirty patches allowing me to display something for 3 seconds before loading next level. And that really sucks.
  • ┬áDistraction – really don’t play any silly webgame like Shakes and Fidget simultaneosly with coding ­čśë

TL;DR Takeaway:

  • ┬áDO – Sleep alot; make TODO lists; implement developer tools like editor inside game itself.
  • ┬áDONT – Work with people you know they have problems with deadlines even if they are your friends; don’t do hardcoding patches and thing you’re not sure of


I don’t know if I still have morale to continue polishing and upgrading game after Jam. I have some ideas that need to be iterated first or how to rebuild the game completely but at this point even adding Options and Help in main menu would require to start from scratch and rewrite tons of patches. I need feedback and support from you guys. If you like the game and think it would be awesome to continue with development of it, tell me, I will highly apreciate it.

Finishing at last

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Monday, August 25th, 2014 1:28 pm

Levels are almost done, a few modifications will take place maybe, some minor bugs are fixed and the only thing I am still waiting for are many graphics still undone by my artist.
Hope he will do it in time.
And also help and options section of the main menu will be unavailable in jam release. I simply don’t have morale to bother with it now.

Quick update

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Saturday, August 23rd, 2014 1:57 pm

Well, the game core is finally finished alongside with basic level editor, so I can post first screenshot of the game. Unfortunately, there’s only prototype textures, because graphic designer is ‘suprisingly’ unable to provide me with any textures at all. And still, a long road awaits me and my comrades – I have to do menus, multiple level logic, music implementation and some special features still in thought state.


So at the dawn of the first day of Jam and in the half of Compo, good luck everyone!

Morning, meeting and a new idea

Posted by
Saturday, August 23rd, 2014 3:57 am

LD30 here starts at 0300 AM, unfortunately, so I decided to get lots of sleep and make a conference with my team at 0900am. Meeting started at 10 but we had decided quite quickly about the game and now I am finally coding!
The game will be a gravitation puzzle, where two planets are connected only by a small shuttle. The way from one planet to another is affected by gravitation of other planets, anomalies and stuff, so the player have to find out best possible lauch angle and power to get to another planet. I am really excited about that. Some powerups and auxiliary features will be added to differenciate the game from similar titles (like Orbitalis), so wait for further updates!

Dungeon Generator tool for you!

Posted by
Wednesday, August 13th, 2014 9:12 am

Recently, I stubled across the video on youtube about generating a dungeon and it was really exciting. I decided to make something like that and when I did I decided to share it with you guys. The result is quite nice and complex, just look at the picture:



I’m in, for the first regular LD

Posted by
Friday, August 8th, 2014 1:53 am

Well, after experience with the latest miniLD I simply have to participate in this big one.

But now, I am going in with the team of people so I hope that we will do something much better than a Spaceship Arkanoid ­čśÇ


Development tools:

Editor: Notepad++/Visual Studio C++ 2010
Sounds: Bfxr
Music: abundant-music or whatever team comes up withGraphics: Adobe Photoshop
Libraries: SDL 1.2 (alongside with extensions), OpenGL, DGM (some basic functions to operate SDL and OpenGL easier and quicker, one day I’ll finish documentation and publish it)


Right now I am working on a simple level editor with collider edit functions. If it will be done in time, I am gonna publish it here for some coders like me with the proper algorithms to use it.

Best luck to everyone in upcoming LD!

MiniLD 53: Block breaker gets invaded!

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Saturday, July 19th, 2014 1:53 pm

So, thats my very first LD and I am gonna to make something easier for the first time.
For some time I wanted to modify classic block breaker in some unusual way like magnetic walls or something, but now I got a brand new idea. What if you had no pad to bounce ball back to bricks? What if you had only a spaceship which prevents ball from falling out of screen with it’s laser beams?
At the moment I already have basic logic and levels finished, but gameplay needs some improvement and so do sounds, music, scores and stuff.


If anyone cares, the work is done in C++ with combo SDL+OpenGL and my own crafted libraries for easier setup, loading and blitting. And it works only under Windows (I have no linux installed so even I actually can compile it for linux, there’s no way to test it).
Signing off, so best luck to everybuddy!

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