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“Every 10 Seconds…” Post-Mortem

Posted by (twitter: @dom2d)
Tuesday, August 27th, 2013 6:41 pm




I first talked to the programmer  on Every 10 seconds, a window washer falls to his Death when I just asked on Twitter if someone was interested in jamming with me. We chatted a little bit, then waited for the kick-off. We skyped about the theme for about an hour, discussing how we didn’t want to do something based around a 10 -second timer. We looked around for inspiration, and at some point I googled “Every 10 Seconds” and found a bunch of weird ideas (“A woman gives birth very 10 seconds, she must be very tired”). Among them was the idea of a game based around the Onion article Study: Every 10 seconds, a skyscraper window washer falls to his Death,
which we thought was HILARIOUS for some reason. So we doodled a bit and came up with a jetpack game about saving window washers.


What went right

No stress. We decided to do this for fun, not to compete, and we decided to something small and dumb that we knew was in our power to complete. We were okay with the possible failure but confident in our skills and our idea. We slept a whole lot, we took time to breathe and see the sun (at least I did!), and we laughed our way through the week-end. Our game was not going to be super innovative, but it turned out even greater than what we had in mind at first.

A playable version on Saturday. We aimed for a playable really early so we can test it out and see if the fun is there as soon as possible, then polish polish polish, which is exactly what we did! We spent half the week-end on polishing controls, balancing, and clarity of the mechanics. I spent a good deal of the last day on adding animations and fun stuff (limbs explosion!), while Fernando was adding menus and tweaking gameplay until it was to our liking.

What went semi-wrong

Tested late. We got a playable on saturday but only tested it out on Sunday afternoon. We realized one of our main mechanics, “rope healing” (flying over a rope to repair it), was not understood at all, or maybe it took a good 5-10 minutes to figure out. Once we had feedback from testers, it was a tad too late in the code and art process to do radical changes that might have been clearer and better. So next time, we’ll test our first playable out, it’ll give us time to get and try crazy ideas.

File size. Using MP3 music from the web (creative commons stuff) makes it hard to edit and have better file formats for games. Working with a composer would have made integration easier and the game lighter. But the music was so good! V_V

Thanks for playing our game and reading this!

Every 10 seconds…

Posted by (twitter: @dom2d)
Monday, August 26th, 2013 1:56 am

… A window washer falls to his death.

We’re almost done with our 72h game, and here’s a few choice bits of screenshots! We have some time left to experiment with scoring and end game, plus add some sounds and animations that are missing now. See you tomorrow for more!


Every 10 Seconds a Window Washer falls to his Death

Posted by (twitter: @dom2d)
Saturday, August 24th, 2013 9:02 pm
Work in Progress

Work in Progress


Hi jammers!

This is Dom2D, teamed up with Fernando Serboncini, and this week-end we’re working on a little game we like to call Every 10 Seconds a Window Washer falls to his Death! The idea spawned from this silly article on The Onion:

NEW YORK—A study released Monday by the Department of Labor found that every 10 seconds, on average, a window washer somewhere in the United States accidentally plummets to his or her death. “One would expect an occasional fatality in this occupation, but our research indicates that whether a rope snaps or a slip-and-trip situation occurs, more than 8,500 window washers are killed each day,” said statistician Carl Eberling […]

This gave us the really dumb idea to make a game in which this is actually true – a world where window washing is the most dangerous job ever. We thought it’d be cool to have the hero try to save these poor little dudes who are just trying to clean windows… And of course, our hero has a jetpack!

Fernando wrote something about coding magic, I don’t really know what that means?

On the technical side, it was written in Haxe3 with OpenFL/HaxePunk. We plan to release a Flash version (and maybe HTML5) for LD, with a later release on Native platforms.
Have a good Sunday, guys and gals! 😀


Posted by (twitter: @dom2d)
Sunday, December 16th, 2012 12:41 pm

Alphanauts WIP


We’re working on a weird little game we’re calling Alphanauts – it’s a game where you try to protect a bunch of characters from black holes that appear at random. You select a character by pressing its letter key on the keyboard and you move him with the arrow keys. You can, although it’s a little fidgety, control more than one character by holding a bunch of letter keys at once!

When a character dies, he explodes and leaves a bunch of black holes behind. The crazy thing we’re doing for the You Are the Villain theme, is that if you press the letter of a character that died, say, “G”, a skeleton comes out of the black hole where “G” died and starts running after you, so your characters become the villains when they die. It started out as something a little closer to the theme, but this is what we ended up with!

Right now, we’re working on polish and tutorials, hopefully the game will make sense to players!

This is being made by Dom2D, Technobeanie and Seventy-Sevian!

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