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fg2D a free and open source 2D solution for Unity3D

Posted by (twitter: @PLiljecrantz)
Friday, March 23rd, 2012 3:39 am


I’ve been working for some time now on a 2D solution for my own games, and I though hey! why not let other people use it. I’m very tired of the constant secrets and NDAs in my professional life, so I strive to keep my hobby projects open source.
Anyhow, I’ve just released a series of free plugins on my website (www.farrokhgames.com), but fg2D is by far the most interesting one!

I think I must point out that I would not recommend fg2D over any of the fantastic 2D solutions on the AssetStore, but if you are like me, and want to keep your games open source (and participate in the Ludum Dare comp!), I think you will find it a satisfying alternative.

Here is what it can do:

  • Generate an atlas from a number of defined textures
  • Create sprites from the generated atlas
  • Scale Texts and Sprites to be Pixel Perfect
  • Animate sprites
  • Align sprites to the screen in real time
  • Color sprites
  • Generate a Text Mesh from a BMFont text-file & texture
  • Simple gradients as text colors
  • Sprites and Texts can act as buttons with Over and Down sprites and colors

Oh, and by using the atlasing technique, it will keep drawcalls low!

All my plugins are written in C# and are right now at version 0.2a, and I really consider them being alpha. But it would be interesting to hear what people though about them, and especially fg2D.

Download it now!

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