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Did you say fun with cubes?

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Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017 1:08 pm

I thought you did. If so, try out my cube-laden abstract finance game, Tycoon. Your feedback is welcome, and I’ll review you back if you review and let me know here.




Tycoon LD39 Page

Play Tycoon in browser (WebGL Unity)

My top seven so far

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Friday, December 23rd, 2016 11:26 am

I’ve judged 61 entries so far. Here are some of the ones I like the best. No rank order here, just seven good games.

Dethroned – simple but very fun. Took me a bit to realize I was meant to lose early on until leveling up. I spent 45 minutes on this one.

General Room – very creative and clever wargame. Great visual style.

Disk – tremendously visually impressive, as Jam games sometimes are. Gameplay is not that complex, but so beautiful.

Space Junk – The making-of video posted earlier shows how much work went into it.  Very fun and polished, with great lighting and model animation.

Fracture – I didn’t fully understand the story, but what I did was cool. Just a really neat visual experience. Not exactly one room.

Obelisk – trippy and weird, with limited but fun gameplay and a cool 8-bit art style

Death Dash – charming, gory, and fun, although I couldn’t complete it.

Don’t Stop Me – Simple but fun, visual style is great, SUPER hard, but I finally figured out a winning strategy. Very cool use of theme.


If you’d like to check my game out, please feel free – I’d love feedback:



Got it done

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Sunday, December 11th, 2016 11:00 pm

Well, I got something in.  And the player spends the entire game in a room, interacting only with its walls. And it has tanks.

My first shot with Unity for an LD, and it went pretty well. The entry is up here: Domain

My wife had major surgery on Thursday, so a lot of the week was worrying about that (she’s doing well). So, my 48 hours was more like 13 total time to work on it as she recovered and we got her home from the hospital. So, not as deep or polished as some of my other entries, but better looking than some and better music than any, I think.

Some production screenshots, if anyone’s interested. Game screenshots at the link above.

Music    Bonus dev 1hr dev 2hr dev 5hr dev 7hr dev 8hr Dev 9hr Dev 10hr Dev 11.5 hr Dev 11hr Dev 12hr

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