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October Challenge – Emergency Landing Disaster

Posted by (twitter: @DMTSource)
Friday, November 29th, 2013 10:39 am

A big thank you to Ludum Dare and the October Challenge 2013. My hastily made game has shown me the feasibility of the freemium/ad model on mobile.

The goal of the challenge was to create a game within the month, release it, and make a $1. I had hardly managed that, but since the end of the contest I have seen $480.94(40,786 downloads) in ad revenue on Android, and $260.08(17,797 downloads) on IOS, which was only released a week ago.  Ios, so far, seems to be a more profitable platform for such a game. We will see as time goes on.  I currently use Admob and Chartboost to serve smartbanner and interstitial ads to monetize my games.

While improving the game is on my list of things to do, I believe its clear that increasing my Unity game portfolio will drastically increase my ability to generate ad revenue. I already have a second flight sim in the workings among other projects that I hope to bring to IOS, then Android, and then finally OUYA(no ads, in app purchase model only).

Entry Page

Play it Free on IOS

Play it Free on Android

Play it Free on Amazon


Emergency Landing Disaster FREE on Google Play

Posted by (twitter: @DMTSource)
Wednesday, November 6th, 2013 7:43 pm

Hey guys, check out my October Challenge submission page for Emergency Landing Disaster and download it free today on Google Play!

Mayday Mayday! Prepare for trouble in the turbulent skies of Emergency Landing Disaster. Featuring realistic flight simulation for mobile. Now with tilt and touch controls available!

Come rain or shine, these airliners are crashing. Hard. Can you land safely? No?! Well let’s see how many pieces you can get to the airport. I’m sure it will be fine!

Ok… So it wasn’t fine. But hey, with free missions and the biggest airplanes in the sky, who isn’t going to enjoy Emergency Landing Disaster? I would imagine the passengers. We forgot about them again.

* Flight simulator with realistic aerofoil and control surfaces. You wont believe the flight realism!
* Realistic flight models! A physics based flight simulator made by pilots for pilots.
* Both touch screen controls and tilt controls allow you to play the way you like.
* 4 free harrowing landing scenarios. More coming soon at NO COST!
* All content is FREE, no paid upgrades or in game purchases to slow you down.
* Intense 3D graphics and NVIDIA PhysX ready to put you into the skies! Powered by Unity Pro & UnityFS.


Emergency Landing Disaster

Need your help to finish

Posted by (twitter: @DMTSource)
Thursday, October 31st, 2013 7:32 am

Well on the last day of the October Challenge 2013 I have managed to complete the first iteration of my game and publish it to Google Play. There is still so much to do to finish the game that I wanted to make, but I have beaten the goals I set for myself and I am happy with this initial product.

But to finish the contest I need your help! Please go an give my game a try on Google Play today! Postmortem to come. Thanks for your help.



Emergency Landing Disaster

Posted by (twitter: @DMTSource)
Friday, October 18th, 2013 2:09 pm

Hey guys, I just wanted to mention my game which I have been working on for the October Challenge 2013. Two weeks ago I was working on a puzzle combat game for android, Tank Tank: The Tankening. The project was going well but it was taking allot of time to develop the large number of levels I needed. So in order to get a product out for the holiday season I decided to switch my focus to a new, smaller game.

Emergency Landing Disaster is my take on mobile flight simulation. Allot of the current flight games on Google Play feature little to no flight realism, and instead use clumsy physics and movement systems. After coming across a new Unity plugin called UnityFS, I was shocked to realize how easily it would be to bring realistic flight to mobile, and how much fun I would have doing it.

My plan is to create 10 crash scenarios and develop a fun and intriguing game for flight enthusiasts and action 3D gamers. It will be a free title, so my monetization method is Admob smartbanner ads which I never show during game-play. I also hope to add Unity Cloud with interstitial ads for the load-screen; whenever the service matures from private beta.

As usual this project is only possible thanks to Unity3D Pro and the Unity Asset Store with its many talented 3d artists. So far, here is what Emergency Landing Disaster looks like:


Screenshot_2013-10-17-10-38-50 2

Playing multiplayer 7drts entries alone

Posted by (twitter: @DMTSource)
Saturday, August 10th, 2013 7:38 am

Hey guys, I just came across this entry,Capture Effect, when browsing some of the 7drts with few reviews. Noone seems to have bothered playing it because it requires 2 people, so you get stuck connecting…well just play yourself in another browser tab! This is a easy way to check out the game and its mechanics, most of these entries lack an AI anyway so really its the same as single player with no ai. Im posting this because this entry is AMAZING and there have been other gems like it this contest which are ignored due to supposed “connection issues”.

Sometimes an entry may seem unplayable if noone exists to play with. But it is actually very easy to get around if youre in a local hosting setting or using a web player. Just open the game twice, and play yourself! Cant play the great entry, IKON_COLONIZE, because it requires 3 people? Well that’s ok you can still explore the game’s wonderful mechanics and graphics by opening 3 browser tabs!

Check out Capture Effect by Sergey Mohov here:

City Fall – DMT – 7dRTS

Posted by (twitter: @DMTSource)
Monday, July 29th, 2013 9:27 am

The city is under attack! Set out to save as many building as you can in this manic mess of a RTS. Check out the entry here and play it online!

Early this morning I submitted City Fall. It is really not where I would like it to be but after Unity deleted the game scene, I figured it was a good time to call it instead of going back to the backups. I will continue to work on a smoother, optimized version of my game this week.

This was my first Ludum Dare, first game jam, and my second week learning Unity3D. I thought RTS would be too complicated a game so I am happy that I was able to just submit.

I worked on this alone and used allot of third party resources, please see the credits below the web player.
The game was created over 7 days using Unity3d, Fireworks, Blender, Javascript, C#, and many great third party assets.

The game features basic RTS mechanics:

  • Target selection(Units, multiple units, enemy, building). Occluded/non occluded object selection availible.
  • Roaming AI with prioritized targeting(Path finding & collision are slow in the current version sorry)
  • Active and passive attacking of enemies.
  • Destructible building.
  • A handful sound effects and some ambient music.
  • Basic UI, selection, mini map, and HP bar GUI.

City Fall – DMT – 7dRTS

A preview of the death and destruction

Posted by (twitter: @DMTSource)
Saturday, July 27th, 2013 11:17 pm

Darn, it’s getting close to the deadline and there is still so much left to do.

Check out the web demo for a preview of the death and destruction. Still need to get the player units attacking and responding.

Units dieing, buildings blowing up... mech rampage!

Units dying, buildings blowing up… mech rampage!

Some new features

Posted by (twitter: @DMTSource)
Friday, July 26th, 2013 11:42 pm

Today’s new features:

  • Improved animation
  • Place units using UI
  • Select all units by type (~, 1,2)
  • New enemy mech unit. Like most of the models its thanks to OpenGameArt.org. Sits there and shows hp if clicked.
  • Some Audio but allot is hidden. Will be cooler when units are fighting, dieing or taking fire.

Hoping to have combat ai and building destruction done by this time tomorrow. As always the web demo is available and updated many times a day.



Way behind

Posted by (twitter: @DMTSource)
Friday, July 26th, 2013 9:28 am

Not too happy about loosing a day to sorting out third party models and animations. That said there is more of a level + characters now. However Im still WAY behind on implementing the rest of the AI and combat. That comes today.

The game seems to have a direction now, mechanics aside. You will control and build a small army to defend your city from being torn to bits(going to use a simple destruction script to tear the meshes appart into chunky explosions, lots of scripts like these online).

“City Fall”, as I call the prototype,  will be my version of the Kobayashi Maru. I am interested to see what, if anything, can be saved.

Still very little working here in the demo, hoping to really get at it today!


Even closer now

Posted by (twitter: @DMTSource)
Thursday, July 25th, 2013 2:12 am

Busy day improving the selection system, new features include:

  • Selection system working much better, tons of bugs fixed and tons to go!
  • Prevent selecting when occluded(like though terrain or other objects when drag-selecting multiple units). Really happy about this feature.
  • HP bars that would function if the enemies weren’t so lazy.
  • GUI though only the mini map is functioning.

Tomorrow I hope to fix the camera controls, AI auto attack, and finish the GUI. I am excited to be near done with these mechanics so I can start to really design a  game around them.

As always the web demo can be found here.


W,A,S,D – Move | Ctrl – toggle select all units | Space – change view angle
Mouse Left Button – Select units (click, drag, shift click) (sorry not shift + drag)
Mouse right click – set target for selected unit | Mouse middle button – change view angle | mouse scrool – change view height

Updated view of my RTS

Updated view of my RTS

Getting there

Posted by (twitter: @DMTSource)
Wednesday, July 24th, 2013 3:40 am

Second week learning Unity3D and I figured I would join the competition to get over the learning curve. This is my first Ludum Dare & first game jam. Really enjoying the challenges of trying to make a RTS game.

Features so far(All terrible and in progress):

Selection (Single, Shift Click, Drag & Select)
Camera (WASD,  space or middle mouse button + mouse , mouse wheel)
Unit Navigation (pathfinding & collisions)
MiniMap (Not much of one…)

Check out the web demo Here.

Super basic mechanics of my rts

basic mechanics of my rts

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