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Day1 report: The pen is mightier than the sword…

Posted by (twitter: @dlan_fr)
Saturday, April 18th, 2015 7:26 pm


As always, this first day gone way too fast, and my TODO list didn’t go down as fast as I want :)

Anyway, I have settled on a simple concept where you use a pen to fight evil characters running amok on your test sheet.
The only problem is that your pen can’t really do anything apart writing words. The game concept revolve around the player using the keyboard keys to spawn letters on the screen, that will either protect you or attack your enemies.

For the moment, I have only two kind of behaviour for the allied characters, attacker and defender. I plan on having more variety for differents characters, and one of my goal is
to have a system where if you type a specific sequence of character, it will automatically form a word, resulting in some special effects. But that’s a different story for tomorrow :)


Ready for the compo

Posted by (twitter: @dlan_fr)
Friday, April 17th, 2015 12:52 pm

I haven’t participated in the compo since 2012, so I’m curious how much I improved since last time :)

I will use C + lua for the programming part with Emscripten to export the game to HTML5, GraphicsGale and gimp for graphics making and Bosca ceoil / sfxr for any kind of music / sound I could need.

My base code will be a custom made engine I already used in my previous Ludum dare JAM entry, with a generic game template :

Engine source code:

Game template pack:

Happy game making everyone!

MiniLD: Quest for LDJAM finished!

Posted by (twitter: @dlan_fr)
Sunday, November 30th, 2014 6:09 pm


Finished my MiniLD entry! Spent way too much time over technical details and got myself a nice segfault bug just before release, but I ended up being able to include the battle
mode and a proper level up system.

In this game, you have to confront blobs who’s got all your necessary items for a successful Ludum dare, but you don’t have any kind of weapon with you. Instead, you drop rocks in front of them so you can capture them to get back your items.



Play Quest for LDJAM

Now it’s time to get ready for the real deal :)

MiniLD#55: Quest for LDJAM

Posted by (twitter: @dlan_fr)
Saturday, November 29th, 2014 3:47 pm

So, in preparation of the upcoming Ludum Dare, I decided to work on a small RPG, and reuse some sprite I made long time ago for a failed gamejam entry :)

So far, I got basic character movements and collisions, and entering / exiting buildings as well as a simple battle mode. Still not sure about adding a story, depending on my progression I will try to give some context to the player.

“Fancy meeting with a sleeping blob”

“I wonder what kind of programming books they have here?”

Release of an october challenge 2013 survivor

Posted by (twitter: @dlan_fr)
Saturday, October 4th, 2014 10:40 am

I happen to release Reckpunk, which started as an october challenge 2013 game, it didn’t make the cut back then, but at least, I finished it before the end of the 2014 challenge :)

here the post I made one year ago about the game:

first screenshot of the game:

screenshot of the game 15 days in:


and screenshot of the game now:


Since then, the game have grown from 6 levels to 40 with a lot of levels being thrown away in the process, and I added a second character for even more creative way of dying!

here’s the website of the game:

a little gameplay trailer:

the game as well as a free demo are available on itch.io for Windows / Mac / Linux, consider giving it a try 😉

happy october challenge 2014 everyone!

Reckpunk : Half month report

Posted by (twitter: @dlan_fr)
Tuesday, October 15th, 2013 12:53 pm

Hi, I didn’t take the time to report about my progress here until now, so here I go!

The game is about destroying obstacles for a little character that you don’t control,
obviously, this little guy will take some detour, and give you a hard time :)


I aim for a joint release on android and windows / linux. Ah, the joy of cross platform coding!

For making the game, I use my own homebrew engine along with an editor for rapid level editing / testing,
the editor use winform / C# while the engine is coded in C and most of the game logic work through lua scripts.


So far, I have 6 levels, and most of the coding is done, now I have to work on providing more levels, adding sound and music and obviously add polish to the whole.

Chrono Switch afterwords

Posted by (twitter: @dlan_fr)
Wednesday, August 28th, 2013 8:44 am

We didn’t manage to make a post about our game while jamming, so here we go!

level 1

Chrono Switch is a game where you control a knight and a skeleton, one at a time, to clear a level. in addition to an inverted gravity, each character have specific actions, the knight can fight enemies and cut rope, the skeleton push button and pull chains.

second level

where the 10 seconds fit in all that, you ask? well, for each actions, you have 10 seconds to act, otherwise you lose one health point, each action allow the other character to progress further in the level, so switching is needed to see the end.

It have been my third LD, but it’s the first time I take part into the jam, working in team for the whole three day. It have been like a roller coaster ride 😉

The game idea was probably too ambitious to implement, even for the jam, so we had to cut corners to make it in time. Still, the game got this arcade feeling we wanted to have, and we manage to have some sound design in it (LabChirp is awesome for sound effect making, check it out!), which wasn’t granted at first , so it’s definitely a success for us.

[Play and rate here!]

Space Wire : Completed

Posted by (twitter: @dlan_fr)
Friday, May 31st, 2013 3:24 pm

Somehow, I completed this game. There isn’t enough levels, but it also need sounds, additional animations, mechanics, etc. which would take me out of the scope of this jam. Maybe next time !

Play Space Wire

Space wire

Posted by (twitter: @dlan_fr)
Sunday, May 26th, 2013 8:55 am


A game where you fix wire in your spaceship ! hurry up before the earth explode !


The game is pretty much done on the programming side. I haven’t much level design ideas for now, since it’s a miniLD, I will take some extra day to finish this :)

have fun everyone !

Kittens vs evolution post mortem

Posted by (twitter: @dlan_fr)
Tuesday, August 28th, 2012 1:54 pm

I didn’t take the time to make a postmortem on the previous ludum dare, so I have to write it now, or I will forget again :)

The game : My entry is about kitten shooting stuff and eventually beating out the evolution theme because it take the spotlight as the main theme of the compo, and as we all know, kittens should be popular everywhere on the interweb !

Here comes the kittens !

What went right :

  • Better time management : despite having less time than on the LD#23, I have been able to finish the game well before the deadline. The scale of the game was much smaller, but my knowledge of the creation pipeline also helped a lot. I also have been able to add a decent menu and end screen.
  • Content creation : I spend way less time making sprite and animation this time. The result is not better than before, but at least I didn’t struggled as much.
  • Code quality : I didn’t got much feedback for the moment, so I don’t know for sure that I haven’t some ugly bugs lurking in the shadows, but the final source code is cleaner and more bug free IHMO. I tried to keep things well separated, and it worked quite well.
  • What went wrong :

  • Theme usage, I feel ashamed when I see what people made with the theme. I made the mistake to decide my game type before the annoucement of the theme, and wasn’t able to change direction after I realized that I can’t make the theme work well with what I have imagined
  • The game again is too generic. there is not enough enemy type, or kittens action (like special attack and thing like that). I feel like I got the basic framework right, but I lacked time to implement the features that can make it stand out.
  • The map feel too tiny, I feel like the game concept is wasted with the map size I used.
  • Sound, I added some sfx this time, but having some music would have been way better.
  • Graphics, but that doesn’t count, I’m a programmer :) I would like to improve in this area, but relying on ludum dare for that is not the best option since you take the habits to cut corners :p
  • And using a laptop for a game which require level with scrolling :) I never missed my dual 21″ screen setup as much than this week-end.
  • Finally, here’s the link to see kittens in fierce battles : Kittens vs Evolution

LD #24 reporting in !

Posted by (twitter: @dlan_fr)
Thursday, August 23rd, 2012 10:32 am

I will take part to Ludum Dare for the second time, won’t have as much time than last compo, so making an RPG is out of the equation :)

I will reuse collision and utility code from my previous flash games available here : https://bitbucket.org/gantz

as for my game making stack it will be :

  • Language : AS3 with FlashDevelop as IDE
  • Libraries : Flixel with flixel power tools
  • Graphics : GraphicsGale and paint.net
  • Level design : Tile studio
  • Sounds / musics (maybe !) : sfxr and pxtone

Happy LD everyone !

Resolve : playing around with resolutions

Posted by (twitter: @dlan_fr)
Sunday, May 20th, 2012 6:37 am

Since it’s a miniLD, I decided to go with my own interpretation of the rules :) So I made a simple plateformer where you have to switch between 2 different viewport size (640 * 64 and 64 * 640), The game in itself is contained into a 640*640 box.

here’s the 2 different views of the game :
640 * 64


here’s the actual version, only two level available for now, I will use the remaining time to add some more tortuous levels.
Web version
(cursor keys to move / jump, space to change viewport size)

(almost) Finished

Posted by (twitter: @dlan_fr)
Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 6:46 pm

So I have been able to built a somehow complete version before the end of the compo.

Boss lair entrance

Final version here :
Direct dropbox link
Submitted version

Mixed feeling about it, I haven’t been able to put much polish on it, and a lot of tiny (!) things are missing. I might go back at it later, I’m just not sure if it worth it. Still, the essential of what make an RPG is there.

In the end, Happy to finish what have been my first Ludum Dare. Time to sleep :)

First day report

Posted by (twitter: @dlan_fr)
Saturday, April 21st, 2012 3:36 pm

After a full day at work, I can finally show something about my entry :)

I decided to go with a RPG, the game is about the living conditions of your screen pixels. you play the role of a pixel who decide to stop obeying to the orders sent to him. you will have to fight your way across armies of dead pixels, to finally reach the lair of the villainous graphic card and get back your freedom as a citizen of the pixel world !

here some pics :


left to do :

  • advanced battle system : spells, magic
  • AI
  • maps and events
  • sound
  • working inventory, leveling
  • the story obviously :)

last build

I’m in and ready for the 48h comp !

Posted by (twitter: @dlan_fr)
Tuesday, April 17th, 2012 1:13 pm

Hi to all fellow jamers !

This will be my first participation to ludum dare, and I decided to
take on the challenge of the 48 h compo.

Tools I will use :

Programming :

  • Language : AS3
  • Lib : Flixel with Power Tools plugins, MinimalComps Flash components and FlxInputText plugin
  • IDE : Flash develop
  • Custom code : My previous game with flixel as reference (not much code to reuse here)

Graphics :

  • Character sprites and animations : Graphicgale
  • Tiles and Level editor : Tile Studio along with this custom TSD file for exporting levels

Sound :

  • Sfxr

Release :

  • Dropbox

As a warmup, I will polish my poor sprite making skills :)

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