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Making of ‘Spinning Around’

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Sunday, January 3rd, 2016 1:33 pm


Aside from some shameless advertising for our LD34 game entry: Spinning Around, we will be describing some of the more interesting aspects of making this game.

For this jam, we focused on the ‘two-button-controls’ theme. We wanted to make a puzzle platformer where can only go left and right, but with a ‘twist’: You go around in circles.

Our first idea was to model and pre-bend all our assets in our modeling tool. It quickly became clear that this would make it very hard to align the models correctly in Unity and even harder to build levels.

Our solution was to create a script that automatically converts a flat 2D platformer level built in Unity to a circular, bent version. In short, the script moves and rotates all level components so that they map on the cylindrical level shape, and also ‘bends’ all meshes so that they correctly fit in a circle. This script took some precious jam time, but it made levelbuilding so easy and fun!

The bending, combined with some nice detail/variation textures on the props and some custom a composed groovy music track  really made the game world come alive!

Overall, we are very pleased with the result. If you haven’t played our entry yet, don’t hesitate and visit our entry page. We hope you enjoy the game as much as we did making the game over the weekend.

PS: if you get stuck, Little-Burrito made an awesome review of our entry on Youtube.


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