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First Ludum Dare – Here’s hoping I can make good mistakes

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Saturday, December 10th, 2016 1:21 am

Greetings .o/

This is my first Ludum Dare, and the practice for this has been a little outside of my usual comfort zone. Usually the programming I do is more scripting based, or doing neat graphics with JS for something designed to communicate with APIs, like stream overlays, basic web-toys or just various automation things. So making games is something I have some of the necessary skills in, but most of my discussion around games have more to do with concepts.

I’ve been streaming the past few days my practice leading up to Ludum Dare, and already I’ve been finding myself making mistakes I can learn from, like lack of planning my code resulting in bodged code later on that consists of single-letter variables, and several layers deep nested if statements and for loops. Which was good! I know going in that quick and dirty isn’t going to cut it, even with a 48/72 hour time limit.

So here’s hoping that I continue to make mistakes, because so far every mistake I have made has been one I’ve learned from. So the quicker I make mistakes, the better my first Dare should hopefully go!

I’m going to be using the following tools for my game…

IDE: Atom
Game Library: Phaser for HTML5
Graphics: Aseprite, Photoshop and After Effects
Music/Sound: FL Studio
Additional: Electron (incl. NodeJS) – Only if native functionality is required, otherwise web delivery will be included.

I’ll also be posting my source code regularly to github (https://github.com/VodBox/LD37), which currently has the base-code I will be using. I’ll also be streaming to my Twitch like I’ve been doing with my practice (https://twitch.tv/dillonea).

Here’s┬áhoping that diving into the deep-end with the Compo will make me a better programmer if nothing else!

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