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Form of the Destructor (Post Mortem)

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Thursday, January 3rd, 2013 11:56 am


This was my first entry into Ludum Dare and I must say I enjoyed taking part. With Christmas fast approaching I didn’t have as much time as I would have liked to work on this project but I did feel I managed to make something which is fun (at least that’s what I’ve gathered from the comments).

What went right?

I spent the first few hours playing around with ideas in my head, what sort of villain I wanted. Eventually I came to wanting to make a game based on old sci-fi horror movies where a monster terrorises a city destroying everything in it’s path (like Godzilla). With this decided it then made it very easy to figure what style and assets I needed.

I knew I wouldn’t have much time so I started by using small block to create structures and the main characters. I knew that if there was time at the end I could improve them, the main thing I needed to get down was gameplay, so that’s what I aimed for.

I started constructing buildings for my city from a collection of tiles. This was quite time consuming and if I wanted to make a whole city it would take hours. I opted to go for a procedural algorithm which could generate the buildings for me. This was a great choice, not only did it speed up development time, it also meant that the game is slightly different on each play through and in theory (depending on how well you dodge the tank shells) could never end.

From here I added functionality to destroy the buildings by simply passing them, which became a bit addictive when testing it. Functionality for the tanks and civilians soon followed it was still a bit dull however. This is where the sound effects really made a difference. As soon as I added in the screams and building destruction sounds it became a completely different experience.

I then topped it off with a grain overlay, some mist and also had time to make a title screen.

If I had more time

If I had more time I would like to add a selection of monsters for the user to choose who to play as. I would also like to add more units to attack the monster, i.e. planes etc. Would allow the monster to be able to eat civilians to regain health. I would also make it more difficult to destroy the buildings in an attempt to add some skill in addition to the existing dodging to the game.


Overall I enjoyed creating my entry and plan to continue working on it. If you would like to checkout my entry the link is available below (requires XNA 4 to play).


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