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Trouble in Werewolf Town

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Tuesday, August 25th, 2015 8:02 am

We(DIBASIS) are a Team of 6 people (Tom Croasdale, Callum Macmillan & Laurence Ure – Programmers, Adam Chard – Art, Akin Aina – Audio & Ben Sanby – Creative Aspects & Planner)

As many other people on here we decided to opt for a werewolf themed game, we had such high hopes for the game and great ideas, one of which being a singleplayer TTT(trouble in terrorist town)

Day 1: Ideas & Failures

We Used Visual Studio with the monogame plugin in order to make our game – Which caused problems from the beginning as one of the programmers had Visual Studio 2013 whilst the other two had Visual Studio 2015. The programmers also had a problem when setting up a Visual Studio Online project as we couldnt get it working. A Party the night before probably didnt help as one of the programmers left to go to sleep. The rest of us cracked on but by the time we fixed all of the problems 12 hours had passed since the theme was released, Time zone differences probably didnt help us either.

In the first day we had the movement controls, player and enemy classes, and a few Engines(Art & Entity), not to mention our werewolf sprite and music.


First Drawing of our werewolf sprite










Day 2: Work

Day 2 was much better and we finally knuckled down and got to work, we finished a lot more engines, enemy spawn generation, more textures however we needed to test our human sprite – which the artist hadnt drawn yet so I(Laurence) had to make a mockup one for us to use temporarily – clearly I should stick to the programming.

Human_Test HIRES

Rubbish Human Test sprite

Day 3: Finalization

After a rough night on the floor/sofas, we finalized all our engine, sounds, animations and improved the tile engine, added more features and finished a couple of hours before the deadline.


Bite Sound

Male scream

Our energy was drained and our minds exhausted, next Ludum dare in December we hope to be more prepared i.e have more engines already created.

It was our first game as a team and we ran into a few problems but hope next one turns out better.

If you haven’t played our game you can play it here

Please give us a rating it would be much appreciated and we will try to reply to comments and return the favour

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